Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in Pakistan 2020

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Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in Pakistan 2020


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 23 May 20

Summers have already approached in Pakistan. People are looking for ways to stay cool, even when the temperature is high. To beat the heat of summers, one most important product which can be used are the Air Conditioners.

A large number of Air Conditioners are sold each year, and it is estimated that around 10% of the family's income goes to the utility bill of these cooling appliances including Air Conditioner.

However, with the advancement in technology in past years and with the introduction of new brands and features in Air Conditioners, buyers get confused which Air Conditioner would be the most suitable and will fulfil their requirements and needs. They face problems in deciding which Air Conditioner would be perfect and would last for a longer time.

An Air Conditioner is now seen as a need rather than just a luxury appliance.

This article will help you in deciding which AC will be the best to cater to your needs.

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The Top Air Conditioner Brands of Pakistan are listed below

  • Haier AC
  • Kenwood AC
  • Gree AC
  • Mitsubishi AC
  • Dawlance AC
  • Acson AC
  • Daikin AC
  • Changhong Ruba AC
  • PEL AC
  • Orient AC


Haier AC

Haier is one of the top brands for Air Conditioners. It has a vast range of air conditioners, inverters and solar panels. It also has a voltage stabilizing specification that offers its customers a plus point.

Its features include:

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  • Saving 50% of power
  • Cool and warm
  • Automatic adjustment of the airflow
  • Hot condition operating at 50 Degrees

Their price ranges from low to moderate. Haier AC in pakistan

Kenwood AC

In 2019, Kenwood AC introduced various models of AC which includes air conditioners with Inverter and without Inverter. Kenwood is also one of the first manufacturers to launch various EER models, when nobody in Pakistan knew anything related to EER, SEER, and Full Direct Current Inverter Air Conditioner.

It looks like Kenwood is surely going to give a tough time to its Air Conditioner competitors due to its excellent working, best quality, technology and equipment used.

It is highly efficient, least-cost consuming, R410A gas is used which is environment friendly, long installation pipes etc.

Kenwood ACs are the most reliable and trusted AC Brand in Pakistan.

Prices of Kenwood ACs are not high.

Gree AC

Gree is a Chinese Home Appliance and the World’s biggest Air Conditioner manufacturer. Gree is the most popular and brands for air conditioners and inverters. It has brought the energy-saving feature to the next level. Its features are:

  • Prepared with the most recent innovation to control the speed of compressor engines
  • Controlled Power Consumption according to the alternating temperature
  • Saves more than half of the electricity consumption
  • Sleek & Compact design
  • Ability to cool and warm the room rapidly
  • 5 years-a long time regular compressor
  • 1-year warranty for parts substitution




This DC Inverter AC has a moderate price Gree AC image

Mitsubishi AC

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners give a higher performance. Optimal power is divided in all heating/cooling ranges thus providing maximum relaxation with the minimum use of energy. Fast, comfortable operation and incredibly low running cost are the promises of Mitsubishi's Electrical Appliances.

Features include:

  • Stylish Flat Panel front model
  • Economic working
  • Quiet functioning
  • Big Pipe length
  • Has an Operating Range

They are costly Air Conditioners.

Dawlance AC

Dawlance is Pakistan’s leading home appliance famous for its durability and reliability. Its features include:

  • Most Comfortable DC Inverter AC
  • Saves around 60% of energy
  • Equipped with the newest technology
  • Maintains the cooling temperature of the room
  • Save 60% on your electricity bill.
  • Available in elegant white and electric blue colours

Price of this DC Inverter AC is quite high. Dawlance AC in Pakistan

Acson AC

Acson is a top brand for Air Conditioners in Pakistan.

It general specs include:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Energy efficient
  • Inverter technology
  • Efficient cooling performance
  • Low noise level
  • Filters to purify the air
  • Copper condenser

Prices of Acson ACs are high in Pakistan.

Daikin AC

Daikin Air Conditioner is one of the best Air Conditioners of Pakistan. It is, in fact, the pioneers of the Air conditioners in the country. Due to the introduction of 5DC Full Inverter Air Conditioner, 25% of the total energy is saved compared to a traditional AC. Recently, Daikin presented R-32 in their Inverter AC which makes a difference in transmission of the warm well and can raise savings to 10% compared to R22 refrigerant. Further, R-32 refrigerant has exceptionally less potential for global warming and carbon footprint compared to the refrigerants broadly being used nowadays in Pakistan, including R-22 and R-410A.

Features of Daikin AC include:

  • 5 DC Full Air Conditioner Inverter
  • Bluefin condenser
  • Compressor is T3
  • Accessible in R32 Refrigerant

However, the drawbacks of Daikin Air Conditioner are that it has Stock Unavailability Issues and it is very costly too.

Changhong Ruba

Changhong Ruba is the most efficient and cost-effective Air Conditioners. In Pakistan, they have a wide range of inverters and split ACs ranging from 1 ton to 2 ton. They reduce a huge amount of our electricity bills due to their high energy-saving feature. It uses an eco-system friendly gas R410A that does not cause much harm to the atmosphere. It also has 3 in 1 filter that keeps our homes, offices clean and dust-free. This also helps one not to feel they are in a stuffy room. Also, it cools the room quickly. These AC last for a longer time. Produces the least noise while functioning and much more. Changhong Ruba has air conditioners in a variety of colours that helps the consumers to select the AC in their desired colour. Some models can be controlled through mobile phones too. Changhong Ruba is a multitasking air conditioner that Pakistan has. Changhong Ruba AC Series

If you talk about the market prices, this brand is included in budget orientated ACs.

PEL Air Conditioners

PEL, Gree, and Dawlance are quite alike in terms of features and price. But PEL AC is above them all due to its smart technology and equipment. It has a powerful A+++ that makes it a top Air Conditioner Brand.

Features of PEL are:

  • Heat and cool
  • Compressor warranty of 10 years
  • Has 3.1 power efficiency ratio
  • Complete watts cooling
  • Cleans the Air

This DC Inverter AC is sold at quite high prices in the market.

Orient AC

Orient provides a wide variety of Air Conditioners, Inverters, Split ACs, and DC Inverters. It is environment friendly. Its sophisticated designs are finest in quality and according to the customers' satisfaction.

Its further features include:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Saves Money
  • Energy Efficient
  • Soundless operation
  • Long-Lasting
  • Faster Cooling/Heating
  • Smart Capabilities

These Air Conditioners have comparatively higher prices in the market.

What is an Inverter AC?

An inverter AC is a device that converts frequency. The system is used in home appliances. It controls the voltage, frequency, and current. Inverter AC varies its heating/cooling efficiency by changing its compressor's power supply frequency.

The compressor functions speedily all the time to continuously control the temperature as required, thus consuming less power and electricity. An inverter Air Conditioner is the best if you are looking to save energy. It is energy efficient.

Several Air Conditioners in Pakistan are claiming to save up to 75% of the electricity consumption which they do not. Their energy efficiency is not up to the mark.

Inverter Air Conditioner works better for a comparatively longer time than a non-inverter Air Conditioner. They do not create noise while operating. They function quietly.

Also, AC with Inverter is Eco-friendly, saves a lot of money, and has fewer break downs. It heats/cools your room faster than an Air Conditioner without an inverter.

An inverter Air Conditioner might be a little costly than regular Air Conditioners but is equilibrated by the less electricity bills.

Top Brand for an Inverter Air Conditioner in Pakistan?

Kenwood Inverter ACs are the best considered in summers due to efficient service.

Kenwood eSmart Inverter AC

Thanks to the fabulous EER, high reliability, power efficiency and adaptability at extraordinary temperatures up to 63 degrees, the smart series is among the most renowned and popular Kenwood Air Conditioner Inverter in Pakistan. Also, Kenwood eSmart Inverter Air Conditioner uses the slightest current for functioning as compared to the other Air Conditioners with Inverter.

Kenwood can be controlled through smartphones too

Also, 7 Star system is fitted in this model with intelligent technology allowing users to run AC from their smartphones. Also, it is a 5D Full DC Inverter AC that is capable of saving around 20 per cent more power in comparison to the other traditional ACs with Inverter.

Kenwood eSmart is additionally one of the best alternatives to value money, particularly when compared with other big brands, including Daikin.

It is presently available in two capacities, Kenwood KES-1220S and Kenwood KES-1820S; both are 1 ton. These Kenwood Inverter AC models have the least issue rates in Pakistan as compared to other Inverter AC Brands.

Kenwood Smart AC


  • Saves up to 75% of total energy
  • Warm & Cool
  • 7-Star Highest Energy device
  • Has an EER 4.0 Performance ratio (only for 1 and 1.5 tons)
  • Comfortable installation and easy to maintain
  • Japanese interior décor with a polish design
  • Tropical compressor (Functions effectively at 63°C too)
  • Larger indoor and open-air unit
  • Refrigerant Gas R410a
  • Environment-friendly gas
  • The distance of Air-flow is long
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • Very quiet
  • Installation kit (100% Copper)
  • Long installation pipe
  • Turbo Cool function


Talking about the price of Kenwood Inverter AC, it is reasonable and within reach of an individual. Prices of Kenwood AC models are not high.

Kenwood Air Conditioners are recommended.

What is DC Inverter AC?

The first question that comes to our mind is what a DC Inverter AC is and how the AC inverter functions. Inverter technology (DC) is the latest advancement in technology recently. An inverter can be used to control the compressor motor speed while the temperature can still be controlled.

The DC Inverter devices are fitted with a drive of variable frequency that has a flexible electrical inverter to adjust the electrical motor speed so that both compressor and the cooling-heating output can be controlled.

The inverter air conditioning systems have improved contraction performance of old classic air conditioners, extended parts life and removal of sharp load fluctuations. This makes them more effective and has fewer break downs too.

The payback period for Best DC Inverter Ac in Pakistan is determined by use and maintenance for approximately two years.


Leading Brand for DC Inverter Air Conditioner in Pakistan?

The answer to this is Changhong Ruba. Changhong Ruba comes with an air conditioner that will provide you with the greatest comfort of your life. Changhong Ruba is one of the leading brands in the fields of air conditioner manufacturing, retaining the standards of the name. Ruba introduces its classic cool DC inverter air conditioners which have become the need of every household in the present time.

DC Inverter Air Conditioners helps in controlling your electricity bills.

Not only they are DC Inverter air conditioners effective air conditioning devices, but they are also energy efficient to help you keep your electricity bill in check.

Changhong Ruba CSDC-18BAH (a DC Inverter AC – 1.5 Ton)

This 1.5-ton air-conditioner has a powerful 18,000 BTU cooling capacity covering a big area of up to 700-1000 square feet. It is appropriate for halls, bedrooms, dining rooms, lounge, offices and other working places.

The refrigerant gas used is R410a. It can be controlled through remote too and can take up to 220V-240V. It can also be auto-powered off. It is available in white colour.

Compressor Warranty

It has a 3-year compressor warranty too.


Changhong Ruba CSDC-18BAH AC Inverter price is affordable. It is low as compared to other DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan.

Do you know what Changhong Ruba’s best feature is? 

Changhong Ruba’s capability to multitask is what makes it the BEST DC Inverter AC in Pakistan. It can be used as a heater and as an AC manual which can be changed according to the temperature around. In short, Changhong Ruba Air Conditioners are the perfect option for you and your loved ones in the house. You can buy Changhong Ruba DC Inverter AC online too. It will ease your lives.

Difference between an Inverter AC and a Split AC

An Inverter AC uses a compressor whereas, in Split AC, the compressor runs at a steady pace. An inverter AC cools the room faster than a Split AC.

Which brand’s Split AC is the finest in Pakistan?

Gree Split ACs are the best. Gree is the largest Air Conditioner manufacturers and is the leading domestic home appliance these days. As per commercial ads, Gree claims to consume 60 percent less energy from these inverter air conditioners. It has both the features of heating and cooling. Also, it is supported by nature.

Gree Viola Series

Gree lately introduced the powerful Viola series of Air Conditioners than ever.

Features of Gree Viola Series

  • Exquisite look in White Glossy
  • Regulation of Ultra-low frequency torque
  • DSP Chip runs speedily
  • R410A is an environment-friendly gas
  • Has a technology to correct Power Factor
  • Very quiet functioning
  • Managing Computer Simulation
  • High frequency can be controlled
  • Dual Installation (Options on both sides)
  • Auto Restart, Self-Diagnosis
  • PCB High-Temperature Resistance
  • Four-Way Air Outlet
  • 3 Curves in sleep
  • Double Layer Condenser



Prices of 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton Gree Viola series are not much high. They are reasonable.

Gree Viola Series is recommended.

Solar Air Conditioners

Solar Air Conditioner uses the latest technology for Inverter, and it can regulate its heat transfer rate continuously by adjusting the compressor speed in response to the cooling demand.

Since we know that Solar Air Conditioners are relatively new in the market, you may not be able to find them in large size. Only 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2-ton solar AC are available in Pakistan right now.

Solar Air Conditioners are the next big thing in the air conditioners market. We all know that solar panels are becoming cheaper, and solar power is growing. Since the days of evaporation coolers and window units, solar air conditioners have advanced a great deal.

Newest models are becoming highly popular among customers, including the Solar Split AC and the Solar Inverter AC. Their success plus the demand for low electricity-consuming air conditioners has provided a breakthrough in the air conditioning industry.

Well, the price of the Solar Air Conditioning System in Pakistan is decreasing day by day due to its high demand and increased production. This directly benefits customers because they don't need to purchase a costly solar air conditioner, rather they can easily buy a cheap solar air conditioner in Pakistan.

Which is the best Solar Air Conditioner here?

Haier Solar Air Conditioners are the best in Pakistan. Their price ranges from low to moderate.

You’ll be surprised to know that the Haier UPS Inverter AC series is the first AC series to run on UPS worldwide. In March 2018 Haier released its 2 edition. The new Haier UPS inverter AC series is connected by a built-in UPS kit to both the main live electricity and UPS power. The UPS inverter ACs are automatically transferred to UPS power when the main electricity is cut off.

Moreover, when operating on UPS, the UPS inverter AC Pre-configured the power to 2 A max (440 watts). In addition, the UPS allowed inverter series packed with one more latest Smart Eye Inverter technology; with this feature, AC automatically detects the human body with intelligent air throw in a controlled, temperate room power.

Best Brand for Portable AC?

Haier ACs are the most portable in Pakistan. Haier Portable ACs are recent close comfort Air Conditioners in the market. They are very affordable and durable, which makes them better than other brands. They provide superb cooling with the least energy use and saves a lot of money. They can be anywhere and can work everywhere. They can serve at any temperature.

These portable air conditioners are easy to handle and cheap in market.

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