10 Baby Food Brands In Pakistan You Must Know About To Feed Your Baby A Healthy And Safe Diet

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10 Baby Food Brands In Pakistan You Must Know About To Feed Your Baby A Healthy And Safe Diet


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 19 Mar 20

Taking care of a baby is never easy, a lot goes in to make sure that your baby is getting the best of everything.

When it comes to taking care of a baby, the first question that pops up is how to provide them with a healthy diet to maintain all the nutrients?

 Bodies of children at different ages have very different food requirements and now, as science has progressed so much, many brands have worked on several different formulas to make sure that your baby is getting a safe and healthy diet.

 But choosing amongst so many brands can be a challenge, so we have listed below 10 baby food brands in Pakistan that you should consider for your baby’s healthy and safe diet.


Similac is an international brand for baby milk formulas. Their milk formulas are composed after detailed research by scientists for over 15 years. Similac has a different line of products specifically for infants, toddlers and also for expecting women. Infants have sensitive stomachs and they can't digest everything so it is very important that the formula you use is close to breast milk. Similac proadvance formula for infants has added 2’-FL HMO prebiotic for baby’s immune system, this prebiotic is found abundantly in breast milk.

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This formula is light on the baby’s stomach and very easy for the baby to digest. It reduces gassiness, fussiness and crying.  Further, this product contains DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E for baby's complete development, especially baby's eyes and brain.

This product is safe to use for all infants and contains no added growth hormones.

Similac also has a separate range for toddlers, their go and the growth-sensitive formula is specially manufactured for toddlers with lactose intolerance. This formula contains all the vital nutrients essential for the child’s growth.

similac in pakistan

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Pediasure is also one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to baby milk formulas.

They have a wide range of milk formulas designed specifically for children with all sorts of needs and nutritional requirements. Pediasure is for kids in their growing stages, not for infants.

They have a large variety of ready-made and also powdered milk formulas. Pedia sure grow and gain products contains all the vital vitamins, fats and biotin. The product is available in many delicious flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana and berry. The product contains no added growth hormones; it is gluten-free and also halal. Pediasure products are easily available all across Pakistan.

Happy Baby

Happy baby is an organic baby formula brand that is manufactured to substitute breast milk.

It contains all the nutrients present in breast milk, organic lactose, carbohydrates, vital minerals vitamins.

They have a wide variety of products that you can choose from, keeping in mind your baby's body requirements and taste preferences.

happy baby in pakistan


Enfamil is one of the most trusted baby food brands in the world. Enfamil has the largest range for children of different age groups, from newborns to infants and toddlers.

They also have milk formulas suitable for premature babies. Some of their best products include Enfamil neuro pro best for newborn baby’s brain development. For infants Enfamil infants, Enfamil sensitive and Enfamil gentlease are the best products and in the end, for toddlers, Enfamil premium and Enfamil next step are the best selling products by the brand.

Enfamil products are all clinically tested and contain all the vital nutrients. Enfamil products might not be easily available in Pakistan. 


Cerelac is instant baby food made from all the natural ingredients specially designed for infants in their developing stages.

They have specific products for children in different stages of their development. Cerelac contains Bifidus BL which is a great prebiotic and also immune nutrients for a baby's better and stronger immune system.

Cerelac is one of the most selling baby food brands in Pakistan. Cerelac is easy for the baby to digest and it is available in yummy and delicious flavours.

Cerelac is a very economical option for mothers and cerelac is easily available all over Pakistan.

cerelac in pakistan

Plum Organics

Plum organic is an international brand and the brands main objective is to provide healthy and safe food for infants, toddlers and kids.

Plum organic products might not be easily available in Pakistan and might be a little expensive but they never compromise on the quality of their products. All the ingredients used in plum organic products are organic and safe.

Stage 1 is for infants babies more than 4 months old and it is designed especially for budding eaters.

They have a large variety of flavours including sweet potato, mango, prunes and peaches. For toddlers, they have purees of organic fruits and grains, essential for your child's complete development and growth.

Earth’s Best Organic Formula

If you want your baby to have organic food, earth’s best organics is a great option for you.

 Earth’s best organic formula is based on real cow’s milk. The cows are fed with all-natural food and organic grains.

 The formulas are available in dairy, gentle and sensitive to cater to all the children with different food requirements. The formula contains prebiotic fiber for the baby's immune system and lutein for eyes.

 It further contains Omega-3 DHA for the development of the infant's brain. This is an international brand and might not be available everywhere in Pakistan.

earth best organic formula in pakistan

Gerber Graduates

Feeding toddlers is never an easy task. With their developing taste buds, it can prove to be a challenge feeding them the right diet. Gerber graduates have a wide variety of absolutely delicious and full of nutrition, little meals for toddlers made from the best quality ingredients, including fruits, grains, meat and vegetables.

The texture of the products depends on the age group of the child. If the child cannot chew properly, then the cereal puffs are perfect, as they have an easy to dissolve formula and can be swallowed by the baby easily.

Their products are available in many delicious flavours. They make sure that your child is getting all the vital nutrients required for the complete development of their minds and bodies.

Gerber graduates' products might be a little more expensive than the rest of the baby food brands available in Pakistan.

Lactomil Baby Formula

Lactomil is also a great option when it comes to formula milk. This product is chosen widely by mothers in Pakistan as it is easily available and also a very economical product.

Lactomil is designed for toddlers to help them grow and develop to their fullest. It is easy to digest and very light on the stomach.

baby formula in pakistan

Prep Up Baby Cereal

Prep up baby cereal is for babies more than 6 months old. All of their products are clinically tested and contains all the forties vitamins, DHA, iron and calcium.

 The prep up baby cereal is easy to make and it is available in many delicious flavours. It helps to develop the baby’s immune system to help the baby fight from germs and diseases.

 It is easy for the baby to digest and contains no harmful ingredients. Prep up baby cereal is widely available all over Pakistan.



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