Baby Products in Pakistan you must buy to welcome your newborn

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Baby Products in Pakistan you must buy to welcome your newborn


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 13 Jan 20

Being fully prepared before welcoming the baby in the world is very important especially for the people who might be having their first child and baby shopping can be very stressful as well. Last moment planning and preparations are usually very rushed and can result in panic attacks.

There are many things that are necessary for the baby that must be prepared before its arrival so that once the baby is born you would be prepared to face any sudden situations.

Requirements of a baby

The requirements of a baby is more than that of an adult from the best quality full of nutrition food to clothes of all the different sizes as babies tend to grow really fast, some emergency medical first aid box must be prepared to contain stomach ache relief medications, laxatives, anti-allergy medicines, and rash creams all suitable for the baby.

Fun Stuff

Then obviously some fun stuff for the baby to keep the baby engaged including stuff toys, an activity mat, and unbreakable mirrors and rattles.

And obviously an addition to the family will require space and equipment of its own, so a good quality and safe crib is very important, baby carriers and a car seat for safety measures also proves to be very helpful before the baby arrives.

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Some of the main things that must be prepared are described below

Baby diapers, pants and wipes

As long as the baby does not get potty trained, hygiene must be looked after and that a good quality diaper is very important.

Diapers in Pakistan

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Babies are sensitive to diseases

Babies are sensitive and not very immune to diseases so diapers must be changed frequently. If the baby is not kept clean at all times the skin can get damaged and the baby stays irritated at all times.

Baby Wipes to wipe off waste

Baby wipes are also very important as they are soft and easily wipes off the waste from the skin of the baby, it is gentle on the skin and the wetness of the wipes does not make the skin dry.

There are many diapers, pants and wipes brands in Pakistan that are very well trusted by the mothers and such brands include pampers.


Pampers is an international brand that excels in all the products for infants.


They have a wide range of diapers to choose from some babies are born with tissue-like sensitive skin for those babies pampers have launched special diapers pampers Swaddlers, it is gentle, hypoallergenic and extremely soft to prevent the baby from any irritation.

Helpful for mothers

It also has a color-changing indicator to remind and inform the mothers to change the diaper. This can be really useful for all mothers. They also have pampers sensitive wipes that contain no perfume or alcohol for the prevention of an allergic reaction on the skin. The cloth itself is soft as cotton for an extremely gentle feel on the skin.

Absorption duration

The pampers baby diapers can absorb efficiently for almost 12 hours and gives the ultimate protection, no leakage, and no mess.

Brands and Availability

Some other brands include canbebe, bona papa, huggies, molfix and leo diapers. All of these brands are widely available in Pakistan in sizes perfect for the newly born and the price ranges vary from brand to brand.

Baby cribs and travel cots

As the baby comes into this world it requires its own space and safety measures for traveling.

Baby Cribs for peaceful Sleep

Parents must buy a baby crib before the baby comes into this world and the crib must be safe for the baby with high bars and no sharp edges and the bedding must also be very comforting so that the baby sleeps peacefully and the parents can take some time off the baby duty too for resting.


There are brands like Mothercare where a high-quality crib can be easily available but other than that cribs are also locally manufactured in Pakistan, according to the design and requirements provided by the customers, these cribs are very affordable too.

Cribs are also designed to match the baby’s room for uplifting the ambiance even more.

Traveling of a baby

While traveling carrying the baby and driving at the same time is not possible so baby car seats are also very important it might be riding back from the hospital or a short trip to the grocery store the baby must be properly secured in the car seat to prevent any accident.

Secured Car Seats

The car seats are fixed in the car and the baby is secured with safety belts in case of any jumps and the head of the baby is also secured in place.

Portable Travelling Cots

The traveling cots are portable cribs that can also be folded to make it convenient for the parents to carry their infants around, they also move to and fro which makes it easy to put their babies to sleep.

Baby Protection

All of these products must be bought after some research and only the products must be bought because they ensure the baby’s protection and comfort.

All the products mentioned are very conveniently available in Pakistan and the prices vary depending upon the brand name, quality, and warranty of the product itself.

Medications and first aid

Babies tend to have a weak immune system and can easily get sick just as they are born. So, some important measures must be taken in case the baby gets a stomach ache in the middle of the night or any other unexpected times, you would not like to be running around for solutions at times like these.

Medications and Aid for baby

Consultation with Doctor

Babies cannot obviously bear any high dosage of medicines so a doctor must be consulted for all the required and important information before giving the baby any medicine.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is also very trusted by the mothers for improving the baby’s digestion, it is a liquid supplement of herbs that include cardamom, licorice, cinnamon, ginger, and fennel.

Rash Creams

Rash creams are also very important as the diapers can sometimes affect the skin of the baby which can cause severe rashes and for that good rash creams must be available for instant relief and comfort.

Baby oils, shampoo and lotions

Babies have very delicate skin and it can easily go dry, so it is very important for parents to prepare some vital products such as baby powder, oils, shampoo, and lotions.

All of these products are specially designed for babies with natural ingredients and the pH level of chemicals is kept very low so that the baby’s skin gets proper hydration without gets any reactions.

Baby Oil, Shampoo and Lotions in Pakistan

Baby Shampoos

Baby shampoos are sulphate free and cause no irritation to the eyes and are perfect for baby’s sensitive scalp. People buy these shampoos either from the market or online.

Baby Oils

Baby oils are used for massaging the baby and they are also prepared with safe ingredients and a mixture of essential oils that help the baby relax, baby oils have a unique formula they absorb quickly and non-greasy and also has no artificial perfumes. Mothers must read the ingredients before buying the product to ensure that the product is hypoallergenic or not.

Baby Powders

Baby powders are also available to make the baby’s skin even more soft and smooth and it also makes the baby smell good all the time.


There are many famous brands that offer these products including Johnsons and Johnsons, Mothercare and dove baby range. These products are available all over Pakistan and all of the products have different price ranges.

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