Best cooking oil in Pakistan, Healthy for your Family

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Best cooking oil in Pakistan, Healthy for your Family



time published 06 Jan 20

Pakistan's top leading brands of Cooking Oil, nutrients values, Health Benefits and their availability in Pakistan

It is very important for every individual to take care of his health and a good and healthy lifestyle needs efforts from a good sleeping schedule, exercising to healthy eating choices.

In these modern times, every day modern and more dangerous than ever diseases are prevailing and it has become crucial more than ever to be alert about you might be eating.

Oily foods lead to problems

Oily food can cause lots of diseases and can lead to dangerous circumstances like an upset stomach greasy food slows the process of digestion and causes problems like constipation and diarrhea.

Eating oily food can also lead to coronary heart disease and strokes and it can also be the cause for hypertension and obesity.

Choose the best one

So, choosing the right oil for yourself and your family is very necessary as it is vital for the making of almost every dish. The right oil can keep the food fresh and prevent any cholesterol and other problems.

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Different Types of Oils

Eating carefully is very beneficial, know your calories and try to eat at home. There are many different types of oils people use for cooking such as olive oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, corn oil, and vegetable oils.

Various brands in the market offer all sorts of different cooking oils but the oil should be chosen through some research on the product and prioritize your family's health instead of the price before making the decision. Some of the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan are

Dalda cooking oil

Dalda is the most trustworthy cooking oil brand in Pakistan. Dalda has always promised the best quality and authenticness to its customers and that is why they are one of the largest oils selling brands in Pakistan.

dalda cooking oil in pakistan

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The technology used by Dalda is the most advanced and innovative technology that preserves the natural richness of the oil.

Healthiest Oil

Dalda cooking oils are from cholesterols which means it the healthiest choice for the entire family and it protects the hearts from any stokes. Dalda’s fortified range is enriched with nature’s goodness and it is extracted from the purest sources and full with essential vitamins the range includes:

Dalda canola oil

Dalda canola oil which is a vegetable oil derived from rapeseeds it is enriched with omega-3 and omega 6 and contains vitamin E and vitamin K. it has zero cholesterol and is one of the best oils for cooking, it is also good for skin and helps reduce acne and aging signs like wrinkles and spots. 

Dalda sunflower oil

Dalda sunflower oil is expertly extracted from sunflower seeds, it contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Sunflower oil is great for improving the immune system and helps the body to fight against the diseases.

They have the best quality and it is best for health. Affordable prices of Dalda cooking oil across Pakistan attract the consumer easily.

Kashmir Cooking Oil

Kashmir cooking oil is one of the largest and the most rapidly growing cooking oil brands in Pakistan. The brand's commitment to all of its products is quite commendable.

kashmir cooking oil in pakistan

Family Choice

It is tested to be one of the best and the healthiest cooking oil in the market. Now you can fry your food and try new tasty dishes every day without having to worry about the calories because Kashmir cooking oil is cholesterol-free and is a healthy choice for the entire family. 

Kashmir premium gold cooking oil

Kashmir cooking oil has a wide range including Kashmir premium gold cooking oil is the finest cooking oil. It is an exquisite combination of soya bean, sunflower, and canola oil, it is probably the lightest effective cooking oil for the family, keeping you active and fit.

It has the power of meta boost (vitamin A and D3) which boosts your system and provides your body the energy it requires to get through the day.

Kashmir canola oil

Kashmir canola oil is one of the purest canola oils in the market. Extracted and packed with the utmost care and responsibility Kashmir canola oil guarantees the wellbeing of all of your family's hearts and canola oil also lowers the acidity levels and helps indigestion. 

Kashmir Banaspati ghee

Kashmir Banaspati ghee delivers the old traditional flavors and the true ethnic cuisines with its richness, it is also one of the most famous products of the company.

Kashmir cooking oil is widely available in Pakistan at every general store at an affordable price.

Eva cooking oil

Eva cooking oil has won the hearts of many since it has been launched, the brand has a large consumer base due to the light and natural taste of it and numerous health benefits.

eva cooking oil

Eva cooking oil is extracted with the help of the latest technology and it is carefully preserved in its natural form after it has been refined.

Lowest Fatty Acids

Eva cooking oil fulfills all the nutritional requirements of the body and lets the natural aroma and taste of the food shine through the dish. It contains the lowest amount of saturated fatty acids; these fatty acids are very harmful to the health it causes bad cholesterol and heart diseases.

Authentic cooking oil

Eva cooking oil is one of the most authentic cooking oil in the market treated at UHT (ultra-high temperature) for the optimum purification from all sorts of impurities. It is completely odorless and does not overpower the dish's aroma. It does not tend to freeze even at zero degrees. 

Eva canola oil

Eva canola oil only contains 7% saturated fatty acids and it is probably the best oil for your heart, Eva canola oil is a major no fish source of the omega 3 fatty acids.

Eva sunflower oil

Eva sunflower oil is an all-natural source of vitamin E, that functions as an antioxidant which boosts the immune system of the body and strengthens the defense mechanism of the human body. 


Eva cooking oil price range is available online, all over Pakistan in different packaging sizes and convenient cans and bottles perfect for everyday use. The price range of Eva Cooking Oil is very reasonable.

Kisan cooking oil

Kisan cooking oil is also one of the most high-quality cooking oils in Pakistan. Kisan as a brand believes in the perfection of its products and delivers love and purity to its customers through its products. 

kissan cooking oil in pakistan

Beneficial for health

Kisan cooking oil is beneficial for the health of the entire family, it uplifts the natural taste of food and provides all the essential nutrients to the body. Kisan has offered a wide range of various edible oils and ghees to choose from according to the requirement of your family.

Kisan vegetable ghee

Kisan vegetable ghee contains vitamin A and D which is very essential for strong bones, the ghee itself melts at human body temperature and has a very light taste to it and delivers the best of health.

Kisan sunflower oil

Kisan sunflower oil contains linolenic acids that help maintain the blood pressure and prevents heart diseases, it also contains vitamin E and very less saturated fatty acids. 

Kisan regular cooking oil contains vitamin A and D, it is a blend of three different essential oils including soybean, sunflower, and canola. It is the very best choice for everyday use and is perfect for all the family.

Kisan cooking oil is very rapidly gaining recognition and is growing as a brand every day due to their commitment and deliverance of quality. Kisan cooking oil in Pakistan at moderate prices is available in online stores.

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