Best Budget Laptop 2020 In Pakistan – Latest Features

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Best Budget Laptop 2020 In Pakistan – Latest Features


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 21 Mar 20

Which laptop should a person purchase is not a problem with a straightforward, obvious response. There are many factors which help in deciding which option is the best suitable one for you.

These factors involve:

  • Size of the laptop
  • Its screen quality
  • The quality of its keyboard
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Laptop’s storage capacity
  • Its Battery life
  • USB ports
  • Build quality, and many other such things.

When a person is fully satisfied that a certain laptop is meeting the desired criteria of all of the above-mentioned fields, only then should they purchase it otherwise wasting money on anything that is not worth it will surely lead them to disappointment.

Best Laptop For College Students

This article talks about some of the best budget laptop 2020 in Pakistan while talking about its latest features and also if it is the best laptop for college students or not.

With the enormous number of options available in the market, college students sometimes become very picky in choosing the best gadget because a lot of people have already given them advice and the variety also confuses them at the same time.

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To let go of all the doubts and confusion, let’s see in what ways this article can help the students.

Hewlett Packard Laptop

One of the best names in the world of technology and innovation is HP laptops which provide a pretty good balance between the cost of a product and its performance.

Due to its value of money, this product has been on the top list until the year 2020. Some of the Hewlett Packard laptops that everyone should definitely check are mentioned below.

hp laptop pakistan

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HP Elite Dragonfly

Having an:

  • Outstanding battery life, and
  • Flawless design

This laptop is a bit on the pricier side. Best for the traveling professional, HP Elite dragonfly has grabbed their attention because the laptop is both:

  • Compact, as well as
  • Efficient

Not exclusively is it among travelers' favorite laptops it's likewise the top HP PC trending in Pakistani markets at the present time. But not only is the Elite Dragonfly flying efficiently, but the laptop is also:

  • Sleek,
  • Lightweight and
  • Stylish too

Anything more of this beauty? Yes! It flaunts a phenomenal battery life and a

  • Beautiful noteworthy keyboard.

hp elite laptop in pakistan

HP Chromebook 14

As soon as someone hears the name of this classy laptop, the first thing that should come in their minds is

  • A vibrant
  • Clean screen

Which gives an amazing cinema-like experience while watching movies on Netflix. This laptop has a

  • Remarkable keyboard, and
  • An outstanding trackpad

However, the laptop comes with an average battery life which is a sad thing but its other two qualities have made it sure that this beauty secures a well-deserved position among few of the top-notch Hewlett Packard laptops.

HP Omen X

We all know that students love to play games and relax their minds, especially boys! And that is why HP Omen X is indeed a gift for all the crazy gamers out there!

What makes it special is its:

  • Smart overclock design, and
  • High-end gaming features

And at the same time, its reduced battery life can be its negative point.


Hidden among Asus' massive lineup of laptops are some of the amazing Asus laptops that anyone can buy and not every one of them will be a massive hit.

The brand stayed strong in the fight between some of the best and worst laptop brands in the market, and it's not difficult to see why.

  • Remarkable advances by Asus, and
  • Fairly priced notebooks

Hold them high with respect to the tech industry. A list of some of the best Asus laptop that is making its way in Pakistani markets is as follows:

  • Asus Zenbook 13
  • Chromebook Flip by Asus
  • Zenbook 14 by Asus
  • Zenbook Pro Duo, and
  • Zenbook Flip 14 by Asus

asus laptop in pakistan


Yet another name which is ranking quite high in the world of classy laptops is Lenovo. The brand has maintained its name for quite a long time in Pakistani markets and it can be said quite conveniently that the brand definitely has to offer something for different kinds of users.

From impressive

  • Thinkpad laptops
  • To stylish Lenovo notebooks and
  • Inexpensive Ideapad laptops

Lenovo makes sure that every customer is satisfied in terms of the design and efficient working of a laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad 300

A jazzy and incredible notebook introduced as the successor to the very popular Lenovo G5080, the style and form is the main attractions for the Lenovo Ideapad 300.

Some of its key features include:

  • An ergonomic style keyboard that makes a user feel very comfortable and relaxed
  • Unique design and colours
  • Amazing screen and graphics, and
  • Windows 8.1 already installed


Dell is a company that has a wide range of laptops, from incredible gaming PC’s that know how to handle AAA games to one of the absolute best Ultrabooks available in markets of Pakistan, so whatever someone is searching for, will surely discover something amazing from Dell.

And that is why the company has been reaching the new heights of popularity in recent years and is still trending on top when it comes to the best budget laptop 2020 in Pakistan.

dell laptop in pakistan

Dell Xps 13

Among the other efficient Dell laptops line, this model has gained some huge popularity because of its amazing specs and features.

There's a ton to cherish here about this model because the best got better in the recent past and has thus been an absolute favorite of many Dell fans ever since!

While the,

  • Webcam positioning problem persisted,

The Dell XPS 13 has addressed that in a very efficient way.  It's likewise now bragging the new

  • Intel Whiskey Lake processors,

Which implies it's quicker in terms of performing various functions. The other things in which this laptop has improved is:

  • Longer battery life boost, and
  • New frost colour choice


Since the last year 2019, the company has been top-notch and entered 2020 with some incredible new laptops and best offerings that can be enjoyed by almost everyone in Pakistan at the most reasonable prices and especially by those who are crazy about smart innovations and the latest trends in modified machinery.

acer laptop in pakistan

Acer Predator Helios 700

Two words can very well define this laptop.

  • Bold and
  • Big

This laptop gives a superb gaming-laptop performance with a revolutionary sliding keyboard that enhances the experience of a user.

Although Acer Predator Helios 700 gives everything to the customer when it comes to

  • Portability and
  • Battery life,

Many customers start having second thoughts! So, in order to invest money on a laptop, since it is a huge one-time investment, it is always better to double-check all the questions that are popping in mind.

Acer Aspire 5

The model has been on the top list of the Acer budget laptop lineup for very long. The feature that makes it a reliable option for many people is:

  • Good value for money
  • Have a smooth silver exterior body
  • Slender and light in weight
  • Fantastic battery life, and
  • Reader which access fingerprints

It is for sure a very smart investment for the people who love to travel to long distances and for students who attend universities with their laptops since Acer Aspire 5 is a travel-friendly laptop and surprisingly it is available at very cheap price rates in Pakistan.


The name suits perfectly on the laptops which this company brings in front of the world. As sassy and sharp as their body is, the laptops are amazing in terms of productivity as well.

Razer Blade 15

This laptop is currently being the talk of the town and its long battery life is the reason behind its constant gossips.

It falls perfectly in the category of amazing

  • Design
  • Ports
  • Working of touchpad and keyboard
  • Two display options
  • Graphics, and
  • Various audio levels

To cut it short, The Razer Blade 15 is without any doubt one of the most desirable gaming laptops but since it is more towards the pricier side, it would not be reasonable for many students when it comes to price.

Alienware laptop

The laptops which have always been considered to be pretty brutal are none other than Alienware laptops. While they're hugely ground-breaking, the laptops have consistently been on the enormous side of some excellent designs while having a little bit of heft to them.

With the latest products that have not changed much from the outside, yet what's inside certainly has.

Alienware 15 is indeed one of the remarkable laptops in the market, and it would be quite a mistake if someone would not invest their money on it.

So, Who To Choose?

Now comes the tough question, because its high time to make a final decision. Being on a strict budget does not mean a person should lose heart. In the industry full of modern and updated laptops, a person can easily find a laptop that will give adequate efficiency at the most affordable price available.

Some of the bests are already mentioned above and will surely help tech lovers in making up their minds.





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