Top Air Freshener Brands In Pakistan

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Top Air Freshener Brands In Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 15 Mar 20

Here are the best air freshener products you can find in Pakistan

Air fresheners have become essential for every home these days. People are more willing to buy air freshener because it gives more home or a room more beautiful. Good smelling room or home always attracts others and that is why air fresheners are there for you. Today we will be talking about different air fresheners brands that can make your place a better place.

Why Use Air Freshener?

There are many reasons to use an air freshener. Most people in Pakistan and all over the world use air fresheners to refresh the atmosphere of the room and to add odor to the surroundings as well. According to the survey, 50% of people use air fresheners to eliminate the bad smell, 33% use them to freshen up the air, and almost 18% uses them as home decorative purpose.

Top 10 Brands Of Air Fresheners in Pakistan

Air Wick Air Freshener

Airwick is an international brand. It is basically an American brand and also is owned by a British company. It was first launched in the USA and now sold worldwide.

Air wick has a variety of fragrances as well; they are all of a different kind. Airwick manufactures air freshener multi-layered fragrances, air freshener dispensers auto spray machine with refill fragrances, Airwick automatic sprays, car refreshers, and normal room sprays, and simple air fresheners.

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Airwick has a wide variety of affordable range which includes different fragrances of natural as well as artificial products. Natural fragrances include flowers and fruits, as well as wood odor. If we see its availability in Pakistan, Airwick is easily available in all top stores of Pakistan and is also available online on the websites. It prices vary from product to product.

Air wick air freshener in pakistan

Arabic Air Fresheners

Now a day, Arabian fragrances are in demand. Different brands, local and international, have manufactured Arabian fragrances and are sold worldwide. These fragrances are equally liked in Arab as well as Asia and other parts of the world.

Different flavors of Arabic air fresheners include oud and other fragrances, including sandals. Many local and international brands are manufacturing Arabic fragrance air fresheners which vary in prices. Anyhow, the international brand Bakhoor is a little bit expensive but it has a huge variety in car humidifiers, automatic room fresheners, and decorative purposes as well.

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Roomi Air Freshener

Roomi is also one of the most famous international brands that are easily available in Pakistan as well as worldwide. It has a huge variety in toilet accessories including manual sprays. It is easily affordable and comes in different sizes. It is cheap in prices and could be afforded easily. It has a different variety of aromas of different flowers including jasmine, rose and so on.

Roomi air freshener can last up to hours and can eliminate bad odor within seconds and make your room a luxury room.

Roomi air freshener in pakistan

Lotion Admire

This product is UK based. It is manufactured by Bay international. It is a state of the art production that is easily available around the world. It is likely to be used excessively in Pakistan and all around the world due to its low prices and no doubt having extreme sweet aroma.

Currently, it is available in more than six unique flavors. Its scent collection includes Paris, English rose, coconut vanilla, jasmine, fresh flora, and the list goes on. Recently they have manufactured “Bakhoor” the Arabic scent.

They are specially designed with sensational odors to freshen up the surroundings.

Black Cobra

It is one of the oldest air freshener manufacturing companies. It is also one of the best international air freshener having a huge variety of home and car accessories.  Black Cobra Air Freshener is designed according to the customer needs and has many flavors of scent including Barcelona, Geneva, Paris, Rome, and floral aromas.

If we go through there availability, it is easily available in the stores of Pakistan as well as online. It is easily affordable due to its low rates and love due to its unique and strong fragrances.

Renuzit Air Freshener

AF Forever Raspberry 2X Odor Neutralizer by Renuzit company is one of the finest air fresheners and can be considered to be best in town. It has got a tartly sweet fragrance. Moreover, Renuzit Air Freshener also smells like a burst of berries like raspberries. It can last for at least 30 days. It can make your room smell incredible and it is best for small places.

Talking about its price, it is quite reasonable and it is affordable. It is also available online and you can also buy it from supermarkets.

Air Pure Air Freshener

Airpure Air o Matic refill sparkling berry has got very premium fragrance and it also eliminates bad odor. It can change the environment within seconds, and it can last up to 1 hour. It comes in 250 ml quantity. Its fragrance is inspired by essential oils.

You can buy this air freshener from supermarkets and from local markets as well. It is a little bit expensive as compared to other air fresheners.

Air pure air freshener in pakistan

Charm Air Freshener

Charm air fresheners come from the company Italia. Its most famous air freshener comes with the fragrance of jasmine. It can last for hours and you can apply it on curtains and corners of the room. It comes with a quantity of 300 ml.

It is available in the local market and in supermarkets as well. You can also buy it through the online market place. Talking about its price, it is very cheap and reasonable.

Topic Air freshener

Topic air fresheners come with a wide range of fragrances. The most selling fragrances are Raat ki rani, marjaan, bouquet, jasmine, sandal, boss, night in Sydney, morning in London. It has got premium quality packaging and it is also a certified product. When you apply it in your room, it can last up to many hours.

Topic air fresheners are very famous and are easily available everywhere in Pakistan. These air fresheners are reasonable and their prices are comparatively lesser than other air fresheners.

Topic Air freshener in pakistan

Febreze air freshener

Febreze air freshener cotton fresh has got very soothing fragrance. It can last up to hours and can completely eliminate bad smell within seconds. It can be useful for big size rooms and halls. It comes in 300 ML quantity.

If you are willing to buy it, you can order it online or you can also buy it from supermarkets. The price of this air freshener is comparatively higher than the normal air freshener.


Air fresheners can really add up to your home environment and can be really effective. Most of the time, people do not know much about the different types of fragrances. It all depends on what sort of fragrance you are willing to buy.

People should buy it because it can make your home a luxury place and it can eliminate bad smell and fresh up your whole environment. Overall, these are the air fresheners that are considered to be best right now in the market and these are the most selling air fresheners.

The air fresheners mentioned in the articles are the most famous and are highly recommended.

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