Best Room Air Cooler in Pakistan to choose in summer 2020

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Best Room Air Cooler in Pakistan to choose in summer 2020



time published 06 Jan 20

Air Room cooler including Ice cooler of different brands you can buy in Pakistan in summer 2020. Here's the detailed comparison of size, design, body and usage.

 In a country like Pakistan where summer season lasts most of the year, the need for cooling systems such as air coolers are a necessity. The summers in Pakistan start from the end of March and lasts till late September and during that time the demand in air coolers skyrockets. 

Air conditioners are costly

The air conditioners in Pakistan have proven to be extremely costly and many middle-class people cannot afford an ac and also in some recent years Pakistan has faced severe energy crises so considering all of the given conditions air coolers have proven to be highly efficient.

Air coolers are efficient and cheap

Air coolers consume less energy than air conditioners and hence result in lower electricity bills. Many brands are coming up with new and innovative ideas to improve the working of air coolers and to make them even more efficient.


Air coolers work on the phenomenon of evaporation as the water evaporates due to the air from the fan it gives a cooling effect, the air coolers these days have been made to easy to carry and they can be fixed anywhere in the house for cool air.


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Many local industries manufacture the best air coolers and they are sold at a very reasonable price and it is a great way of income for the locals. Some of the more recognized brands that manufacture air coolers include boss home appliances. Super Asia and canon home appliances.

Boss air cooler:

Boss is a Pakistan based company that produces home and electronic appliances so, the product they introduce in the market is always according to the needs and demands of Pakistani people.

Boss air cooler is an example of that, as Pakistan is facing energy crisis AC's comparatively require more power for startup whereas air cooler consumes way less energy. 

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They are highly demanded these days as they provide coolness in the hot and humid weather of Pakistan that too on a small budget, it is highly economical and efficient at the same time.


It consumes voltage up to (220V/50hz) 220-240, which is very low in comparison to AC's. it has a propeller fan installed for faster cooling and airflow and the cooling medium used is a very effective honeycomb.


Boss air coolers come in different sizes some are heavy-duty air coolers that are efficient for bigger spaces and some are portable sized room coolers effective in cooling a normal-sized room.


It has a water tank installed that can be filled with water for the cooling effect as the air cooler works on the phenomenon of evaporation. There is also an alarm installed that informs the user when the water tank gets empty.



The air coolers have a plastic body that is unbreakable and is designed to be made soundproof. This product is truly an innovation providing users with convenience and comfort at an affordable rate.

Cooling Effect

They have a 3-sided high-efficiency cooling pads for a 3-dimensional cooling effect.


They have gained a high demand in Pakistan as the product meets all the criteria for today's time. It is a high performance, soundless, energy-efficient, portable, safe and affordable. 


Boss air coolers price in Pakistan depends on their size and efficiency. The company promises high quality and reliability of the product and gives a 1-year guarantee on all of its products.


Super Asia ECM-1300 air cooler:

Super Asia is also one of the leading brands in Pakistan that manufacture air coolers and their products are trusted by the masses as they have been in the business for quite some time now and the brand has been consistent with the quality of their products.

All of their home appliances are very efficient, budget-friendly and also power-saving.



The brand has recently launched its new air cooler, Super Asia ECM-1300 air cooler. It can cool down a room in no time and the cooling lasts long.


Their size is ideal, it can easily be moved from one room to another and it doesn't occupy much space as well.


It has a plastic body that is made from strong, unbreakable plastic and it is completely rustproof as well. The plastic body is also highly rustproof which makes it safe to be placed around.


The plastic body cannot pass eddy currents so it makes it very easy to operate while it is working, this means that the new plastic air cooler can be moved around easily or can be operated while working.


So, it is much safer to stay around than its previous counterpart that was made of steel. It is used in house offices and also factories and it provides a cool breeze even in the hot weather. 


Find the low-priced Super Asia Air Coolers in Pakistan, depending upon their efficiency and size. 

ICE air cooler:


  • The completely redesigned and eco-friendly ice air cooler.
  • With a substantial increase in airflow and a new ultra-high efficiency honeycomb cooling pad, the ECO air cooler now has enhanced cooling capabilities, making it the best option.



It is very cost-effective as it can be found at a very economical price but it has a great value of money as well, because this unit of air cooling can provide a cool breeze in hot summers but also, it is an eco-friendly and really powerful machine.


Apart from the functionality, the best part is the reliability of this new Air-cooling box, it is such that it has a life of more than a decade. So, after some time the price factor will wear off and the factor of reliability will stand.


In Pakistan, people use it much and they stay with them for almost close to a decade. That's why, for the users, the reliability is the main concern, and obviously, performance as well.

Air Conditioners- A Big Challenge

We don’t see a lot of air conditioners installed in workshops and warehouses to have air conditioners in such huge and big areas could be costly in terms of installation and further maintenance unlike big business towers it is a big challenge to keep these large spaces at low temperature.

Functionality Problems

Apart from that certain machinery in the workshops require a specific boundary temperature to perform its functionalities otherwise the machine might break down.

Air Cooler- Best Option

For that purpose, their installations are done within the range of 30-40m in industry. It can either be window or roof mountain or could just be moveable.

Easy to carry

The best part of these air coolers is that they can be moved around from place to place quite easily because unlike air conditioner that has a specific indoor and outdoor unit and specific vents to make it functional, they mostly come in a single piece and are plug and play units.


Therefore, if we consider the usability and minimal maintenance it requires it can be very easy for consumers which makes it a great fit for people who are looking for something cost-effective and that could beat the heat.



The ice cooler now also comes with a remote function that it could be accessed from a distance, that doesn’t require mobility for people who are too lazy to get up and change temperatures in accordance to their desirability.


It works best in open spaces without closing the doors or windows, unlike air conditioners that require closed places to cool the air.

Lower Electricity Consumption

Similarly, as air conditions have a high consumption of electricity, air coolers have a lower consumption of power that ultimately reduces the risks of high electricity bills.

Cooling Purpose

Also, the ice air coolers do not use any refrigerants such as HCFC, CFC instead they use water for the cooling purpose. It takes heat to evaporate from the air as the water evaporates and leaves the air-cooled.

Air Cooler Usage in Pakistan

In Pakistan one of the main and a daily use items in summers is air coolers, it is used or has been used in every house for different purposes, either as a primary source of cooling or a secondary one that is used occasionally.

Air Cooler Vs Air Conditioner

Other than indoors it is used outside on small occasions and events were setting up an air conditioner will be time-consuming and will be too much hassle for a temporary cooling fix. That's why air coolers have their priorities over the air conditioner.

And with the air conditioner industry developing and making new advancements like less electricity usage and intelligent features like self-tuning on and self-tuning off it looks pretty much on a rise.


But the thing that is going to hinder the Air Conditioner process, will be the easy usability and portability of the air cooler in 2020. Air coolers in Pakistan with reasonable prices are the real factor of its success. So, their industry will also develop because of everything that it provides in a package.


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