Top 8 LED Smart Bulb Brands You Can Buy In Pakistan – Review 2020

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Top 8 LED Smart Bulb Brands You Can Buy In Pakistan – Review 2020


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 17 Mar 20

Smart lights are little and generally straightforward embellishments, yet they have a considerable effect on the vibe of a room and a home.

All things considered, we have gathered information about a lot of exceptionally amazing shrewd lights that merit a look. Before we find good bulbs available, however, first, how about we investigate how you ought to choose which smart bulb framework will be suitable for you.

Those of you who aren't so keen on working out a more extensive brilliant home environment can go for less expensive alternatives, for example, the RGB framework – these bulbs have their own application and remote, however, don't fit in with more extensive systems very also. 

You likewise need to choose whether you need brilliant bulbs best for pushing through all the shades of the rainbow, or simply tunable white bulbs, ready to discharge whites relying upon your requirements. Shading changing bulbs look fancier, yet these kinds of white bulbs are apparently progressively helpful (and less expensive too). 

Philips Hue

The most notable smart bulb is very likely Philips Hue– Philips Hue lights have been at a bargain for quite a long time, and there's currently a noteworthy scope of various kinds of lighting to pick from, enough to unit out each home and nursery.

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Maybe the ideal approach to get into the Philips Hue environment is with one of the starter packs, which accompanies a few bulbs. That Bridge can interface up to 50 lights in a single home. All fit to be controlled from the versatile application for iOS and Android applications.

philips bulb in pakistan

Philips Hue truly is the principal alternative you ought to consider with regards to picking the best savvy bulbs for you in 2020. Associating a different center gadget legitimately to your switch can be an agony. However, it's positively justified, despite all the trouble, as it empowers you to run the best shrewd bulbs available today.


Lifx bulbs began life on Kick starter, yet they're presently genuine, certified items that do everything that the absolute best brilliant bulbs should – react in a moment to directions from your voice, a cell phone application, or even a smartwatch. They fit in with different frameworks from Alexa, Smart Things, Nest and that's just the beginning.

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Lifx is some pleasantly structured and manufactured bulbs, with a dubiously modern look. In addition, they get the hues and the splendor without flaw. 

Not at all like Philips Hue bulbs, Lifx bulbs have an immediate Wi-Fi association incorporated into the equipment, so there's no additional center point box required. It is anything but a tremendous issue.

lifx bulb in pakistan

Bright And Bold!

We truly like the application as well, which makes controlling individual bulbs or gatherings of lights a great deal of fun. You can simply turn them on and off physically, make them work on a timetable, or add them to computerized savvy home schedules, including other units, so these Lifx bulbs effectively win a spot on our rundown of the best shrewd LED light bulbs.


Hive began with a keen indoor regulator yet has since extended its range to incorporate pretty much all that you would require for your home.

You can pick from standard, E14 flame bulbs, and GU10 spotlights and the standard bulbs offer the full shading range just as various white temperatures. The range isn't exactly as large as those offered by Philips and Lifx, yet it'll be sufficient for the vast majority.

It Is About Color And Capacity

Likewise, with Philips Hue, you need a center point appended to your switch to utilize these lights. Inside the application, you get shading changing and plan setting highlights, and the brilliant bulbs work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

hive bulb in pakistan



Unlike all the previous brands that are foreign brands yet available in Pakistan, Osaka is our very own Pakistani brand and has a firm place in the list of led bulbs you should have in 2020. It is well above many brands in affordability and quality since it is a trusted Pakistani brand. Let’s look at its pros and why you need to have one.

  • This battery-powered light gives you comfort if an abrupt force cut occurs.
  • It has built-in battery power
  • It utilizes ecological free drove little cylinder lights with additional splendor.


RGB Led Smart Lights

RGB smart lights are another Pakistani led bulb brand that has made to our list of the best light brands that you must have. RGB Smart bulb works precisely the same as Philips. You can change shading according to your mode. RGB is best for home, business structures, eatery lighting control. These lights change their hue according to the environment and temperature control measures.

The positives

  • Wi-Fi direct connection
  • Remote control through 3G/4G/Wi-Fi
  • Real-time status shows on APP
  • The timer control is accessible
  • Abundant hues for your choice
  • Built-in various lighting scenes
  • Works with Google Home colleague and Amazon Echo



INNR is a more current name in the savvy lighting market; however, it's as of now drawing in a great deal of consideration, with a stunningly huge scope of bulbs to pick from that are easy to set up and use. 

You can pick from spotlights, standard bulbs, fiber bulbs, flame bulbs, LED lights and that's only the tip of the iceberg, both shaded and light.

Innr Knows The Right Intensity

While Innr probably won't topple Philips Hue or Lifx at any point in the near future, and the application is somewhat harsh around the edges, we're dazzled with the size of the range here, and the reasonableness of the costs. It is unquestionably one to watch out for.

innr bulb in pakistan


TP-Link has a constrained scope of items contrasted with Philips Hue and Lifx, and you can't do as much with these bulbs. However, we've taken a significant try to please all things. They're modest and you can get them ready for action effectively without purchasing a different entryway or center point.


Reasonable and dependable is normally the subject with the TP-Link unit. The producer has a solid reputation in systems administration gear, so you can purchase safe in the information that these bulbs are going to last, regardless of whether they don't have the same number of highlights as certain adversaries.

Develop The Link

Shockingly better, these brilliant bulbs can work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, so there's a lot of chance for incorporating them in with the remainder of your home. On the off chance that you simply need a couple of essential lights to connect legitimately to your Wi-Fi switch, then these are certainly worth considering as the best-LED bulbs for you.


Xiaomi Mi Led Smart Led Light

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulbs have now propelled in Pakistan and are available online. The low value makes them an alluring buy in the event that you need to add a couple to your home and you're not as of now put resources into a brilliant bulb system from a brand, for example, Philips Hue.

smart led bulb in pakistan

To utilize, basically screw the bulb in, pair it with the Mi Home application and afterward utilize the application to interface the bulb to your remote system.

As an essential remote-control light with customizable hues, the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb is extraordinary at the cost. It doesn't offer the scope of alternatives that you get from frameworks, for example, Philips Hue or Lifx, however, then it doesn't solicit the more significant expense from those set-ups, either.

Xiaomi now makes an entire host of various devices and hardware, and the bulbs are equivalent to the next unit that it makes all around constructed, possibly somewhat unpleasant around the edges regarding style and application support, and truly solid and moderate.

Have You Decided?

So now that you have plenty of information about the local and international led bulb brands available in Pakistan, make up your mind of buying one of these at least because 2020 is a year of lights and you surely wouldn't want to miss the chance of adding the vibe to your home.

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