Corona Virus in Pakistan - What brands of Masks, Hand Sanitizers, and Hand Wash you should look for?

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Corona Virus in Pakistan - What brands of Masks, Hand Sanitizers, and Hand Wash you should look for?


Abdul Rehman

time published 15 May 20

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a type of virus that causes diseases in birds and mammals. There are many types of this virus that affect humans, such as MERS, SARS, and COVID-19. The new type of coronavirus that is identified is COVID-19.


COVID 19 stands for coronavirus disease 19. This virus spread rapidly from one person to another. It was the first to break out in China, Wuhan, in Eastern China, with a huge population rate of 1 million when china faces many cases of an unknown virus, the first reported in the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 31, 2019.

How COVID 19 start?

This virus started from the seafood market in Wuhan, where wild animals such as birds, bats, snakes, rabbits, marmots are traded illegally. It is said that coronavirus jumps from animals to people and infected people. The stallholder from the seafood market was the people who had direct contact with those people, so they were infected first, and then it spreads to other people.

Initial analysis of the virus says that the corona COVID 19 is similar to the viruses which seem in the snakes, but virologist released a paper that shows that the new coronavirus is 96% identical to bats.

This does not confirm that coronavirus actually started from the things mentioned above. The information above was from different online articles and newspapers.

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How far has it spread?

Till March 11, Chinese health organizations had acknowledged that over 81250 cases and over 3253 deaths. Most of them were from the province of Hubei. Then the cases increase in mid-February. The cases increase to 500 per day. The Chinese shut down the whole country, and on March 17 it recorded on 37 cases. COVID 19 Spread

This virus was slowing down in China, but the outbreak starts taking the rest of the world. Now it is confirmed that 192 countries are affected by the coronavirus. Now Italy has the highest cases it the whole country is locked down. The virus is spreading so badly.

COVID 19 in Pakistan

As COVID 19 is spreading all around the world, it is also affecting people in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are more than 700 cases and 5 deaths. COVID 19 is affecting Sindh are the most. Sindh is locked down, and the government is trying to control it. People are ordered to take care of themselves and ordered to do social distancing.

Symptoms of COVID 19

The symptoms of COVID19 may appear in 2 to 14 days. These symptoms include:

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  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

Coronavirus shows many symptoms with common cold and flu, but the positive cases with coronavirus disease 19 suffer from running nose instantly. Nearly 90 % of people with COVID 19 cases experienced fever, and two-third experienced dry cough. COVID 19

COVID 19 is spreading rapidly from one person to another, so if someone faces any symptom should test her or himself and should avoid meeting with people, should stay at home.

How to live safe from coronavirus

To keep safe from coronavirus, people should take care of themselves. they can keep themselves safe by using products such as:

  • Hand wash
  • Masks
  • Hand sanitizers

Hand washes, masks, Hand sanitizers are the essential things these days. Try to buy them from a medical or grocery store and don't buy any local hand sanitizers, hand washes, and masks.

These things have become essential these days, and everybody is willing to buy these things in order to keep themself safe. Let us just talk about some brands of hand washes, masks, and hand sanitizers that you can buy during this Pandemic.

Hand wash

Nowadays, there are many companies that are providing hand washes. Washing your hands, again and again, can be a very good preventive technique because it kills the virus in real quick. You should keep hand washes in your homes these daysHand washing

You can go for liquid hand washes of Lifebuoy, Safeguard, Dettol handwash. These are the highly recommended brands of liquid soaps that you can buy in these days of Pandemic.

Prices and availability of these hand washes

You can check them out in grocery stores, and you can even buy them from the local market. But make sure whenever you buy them, you buy them in enough quantity, so you don't have to go to the market again and again. The price of these hand washes might have increased due to the lockdown situation.


In this pandemic situation, you should all take care of yourself when you walk outside. Wearing a mask when you go outside during this situation can be a good preventive these days. You should always carry a mask with yourself.

Wearing a mask can make you safe from coronavirus, and keeping yourself safe from coronavirus also means that you are saving other people as well. Masks like n95 are perfect protection.

There are local masks as well, like surgical masks, etc. But these maks can work well for only a few days, and they are disposal. You should go for an N95 mask.

Is n95 available these days?

China has donated many N95 masks to Pakistan. You can also check them from big medical stores, and you might get them and quite higher prices because of the shortage of these masks.

Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have become a very important thing these days. Everyone is looking for high-quality hand sanitizers. These hand sanitizers are really helpful for the killing purpose of COVID 19 viruses. Safety Measure of COVID 19

There are many grocery stores making their money by selling fake hand sanitizers. These fake hand sanitizers are not good for your skin and do not affect the virus. Hand Sanitizers coming from companies like Dettol are best these days.

Availability of Hand sanitizers

Talking about the availability of Hand Sanitizers these days, it will be hard to find hand sanitizers like Dettol, etc., but you might find some fake hand sanitizers in the market, so be careful from those hand sanitizers and use the original one.

Making Hand Sanitizers at home

There are certain online tutorials in which they are making hand sanitizers at home. You can also check them out and make one for yourself or at least try to make at least one in this lockdown situation.

Preventions and Precautions

The whole world is facing this Pandemic. No country is safe from coronavirus. Many people have died; many are still in isolation. Almost all the countries are in lockdown situations. The world economy is crashing.

There are certain preventions and precautions that you should look for. Stay home and try to avoid gathering and please try to maintain social distancing because it will be good for your family and for the whole society, and that is how we will get rid of COVID 19.

Try to clean your hands for 20 seconds and try to wash them in an equal interval of time and avoid going outside.


Preventions at the right time can really be beneficial for all of us and for our society. Keep using these masks, hand sanitizers, and hand washes to get rid of COVID 19 as soon as possible.

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