Top 12 Electric Shaver or Shaving Machine in Pakistan – Specifications and Performance

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Top 12 Electric Shaver or Shaving Machine in Pakistan – Specifications and Performance


Abdul Rehman

time published 17 May 20

Shaver and shaving machines are essential things for your self-grooming. Nowadays, people don't have much time to groom themselves and go to a barber for the purpose of trimming. Shaver's and Shaving machines help us out here.

There are many companies that are manufacturing shavers and shaving machines. Today we will be talking about the top 12 electric shavers or shaving machines available in Pakistan right now.

Philips AT600/15 Electric shaver

As you all know, Philips is one of the best companies for manufacturing electronics and grooming products. This is not an ordinary shaver, as it comes from Philips, and it has got too many features. It is a waterproof shaver. It is available in reasonable price in Pakistan.


  • This stunning shaver and shaving machine by Philips comes with limited specifications, but these are very impressive. This shaver comes with a rechargeable battery through which you can use this shaver for 10 hours. It also has LED lights.
  • As mentioned above, it is a waterproof shaver, and as it has got batteries, so it is a wireless shaver as well. It comes at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Philips PQ206/18 Electric shaver

This electric shaver comes from the same company, "Philips." This pocket-size shaving machine is very portable and durable at the same time. Its performance is pretty good, and it comes with a warranty as well.


  • This shaver comes with the feature of close cuts and cut system, and it has also got independent floating heads, and these heads help you have a clear cut shave. Its ergonomic designs help you to have a strong grip on it.

Philips Electric Shaver

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  • This portable shaver for men is very reasonable if we talk about its price, and it is very small in size, and it fits right into your pocket.

Braun Men's beard trimmer for hair and grooming kit (MGK 3060)

This is actually an 8 in 1 grooming kit for men from well-known company Braun. Braun is very popular among men, and especially its grooming products make this company into the list the best company for manufacturing grooming products.


  • As it is a complete grooming kit, so it has all the accessories like clippers. It is perfect for trimming, and you can also trim your nose hair from it. It is waterproof, and you can wash it as well.
  • It comes with long-lasting power, and it charges up really quickly. The led indicator implemented in this trimmer is really helpful as it shows when to charge up your trimmer.

Panasonic Shaver (ES4033)

Panasonic products are really impressive. Even its kitchen accessories are also really incredible. The grooming products by Panasonic like shavers, trimmers, dryers, etc. are really very good performance-wise.

SpecificationPanasonic Shaver

  • It comes with 2 blades. It is waterproof and washable. It comes with straight foil and floating double head. You can use it for 21 straight minutes.
  • It takes almost 8 hours to be fully charged.  It consumes a voltage of 100-240 volts. It also comes with a pouch.

Panasonic Shaver (ES-SA40-K)

These shavers also come from the company Panasonic, and it is really very reasonable and affordable. The durability and performance of this shaver are very attractive.

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  • It consumes almost 100-120 Volts. It takes 8 hours to get fully charged. It is a pop-up trimmer. Once fully charged, it can do 7 shaves approximately.
  • It takes almost 3 minutes per shave. It comes with a travel pouch. You can also replace its foil, and it is completely washable. You can wash it right after shaving.

Aqua Touch electric shaver

Aqua touch electric shaver comes with very basic features as it is also very affordable. You can find this electric shaver in the local market, and you can also find it online. Aqua Touch Shaver


  • It is both a wet and dry shaving machine. It comes with close-cut shaving heads. Its blades can last up to 2 years, and they are very consistent.
  • It is waterproof, so it becomes very easy to clean, and you get a very smooth shave at the end, and it also takes only a few minutes to a fine shave. It is very easy to use.

Kemei KM-8013

Kemei is known for manufacturing trimmers and shavers. Kemei KM 8013 is one of the best shavers by Kemei, and it gives perfect shaving experience, and it is made especially for male skin.


  • This shaving machine by Kemei comes with 2 blades, and once it is fully charged, you can use it for 30 minutes straight, and it takes 8 hours to get fully charged up.
  • It is not washable, and still, it is not hard to wash up this shaving machine. It makes your skin really smooth, and it is also really very durable.

Xiaomi Smart Electric Shaver

Apart from other products from Xiami, Xiami is also into grooming products. This unique smart electric shaver by Xiami is best among all, and the price of this electric shaver is very reasonable.

Xiaomi Smart Electric Shaver


  • It is a rechargeable shaver, and it comes with triple-blade technology. Once it is fully charged, it can work for straight 60 minutes, and it is fully washable, which means that it is also waterproof.
  • It takes almost 2 hours to recharge. It works in both dry and wet conditions. It has been made from a solid material that really increases its durability. It works in 220 volts.

Xiaomi Mijia electric shavers

This amazing shaver also comes from Xiaomi and performance-wise; it is way far better than other expensive shavers. If you are looking for a shaver that comes in low range, then the Xiaomi mijia electric shaver is perfect for you.


  • It has got two blades, and it provides you with a 360-degree floating shave, and it can also deep cleans your skin. It is also waterproof, so you should not worry about washing purposes. It has also got acceleration gear.
  • Its built-in battery can charge up with 2 hours and can last for 90 minutes, which is incredible indeed. It comes with a type C charging cable.

Goglar 4 in 1 shaver

Design and look-wise, goglar 4 in 1 shaver are really stunning. It is a multifunctioning shaver that comes at a very low price, and it is also available in online market places.


  • It has got an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to hold. It comes with 4D rotatory double-ring blades that automatically grinds on your skin. It is also waterproof and easily washable.
  • It takes almost 6 to 8 hours to get fully charged, and it can last up to almost 1 hour. It comes with a micro USB charger, and it also comes with protecting cover.

Kemei KM 5390

Kemei has always been in the list of reasonable grooming products for men. This electric shaver by Kemei has got very basic features, yet it is a very solid shaver to buy because of its reasonable price. KEMEI KM-5390 Shaver


  • Kemei KM 5390 comes with very basic features. First of all, it has three rotating blades that provide you with a perfect shave. Its grip is really very solid and fits right into your hand.
  • Its charging time is 6 hours, and it can last up to 30 minutes, which is reasonable. It can also be considered a face cleanser.

Kemei 1210 3 in 1 shaver

The unique thing about this shaver is that it can be converted into trimmer and nose hair remover as well. It also comes with a warranty, and it is highly recommended.


  • Talking about the specifications of this unique shaver, it is a cordless trimmer, which means it is rechargeable. It comes with a battery indicator as well.
  • Strong motor and stainless steel blades are also implemented in this shaver. It is completely friendly, and it won't damage your skin.


These were the top picks for you to buy in the year 2020. You should check them out through online websites.

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