Shaving Gel, Foam And Cream Products In Pakistan- What Should You Choose For Shaving In 2020?

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Shaving Gel, Foam And Cream Products In Pakistan- What Should You Choose For Shaving In 2020?


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 19 Mar 20

Looking for the latest shaving gels, foams and creams? Well, look no more we have listed down some great shaving brands and their all new products.

 Shaving plays an important role in men's grooming. Some prefer beards while some prefer clean shave and with the increasing demand for shaving products, the brands are now innovating and launching products for all the specific needs.

How to choose the best shaving products in 2020?

Your skin type plays a huge role in which type of product you should choose if you have dry skin, you should go for hydrating products, for oily skin try using water-based products and for sensitive skin types special sensitive ranges have now been introduced by several brands.

The other factor is the price range; some products are international and can be a little expensive while some are on the affordable side.

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Listed below are some of the best brands for shaving gels, foams and creams and also some of their latest products.

Nivea men

Nivea Men is a product line by the world-famous skincare brand Nivea. They have a wide range of skincare and shaving products designed especially for men with all sorts of different needs.

Nivea is a well-trusted brand around the globe and their products never lack quality, not only that their products are relatively much more affordable than the rest of the international brands. Some of their latest shaving gel, foam and creams include

Nivea Men One Stroke Sensitive Shaving Gel

The one-stroke shaving gel by Nivea has especially been designed for men with sensitive skin.

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The products contain no alcohol so it is much cooler on the skin than the rest of the shaving products. It instantly reduces redness, irritation, burning, micro-cuts, dryness and tightness.

The formula of the Nivea one-stroke shaving gel is so efficient that it provides a smooth shave in only a single stroke and leaves the skin super hydrated and fresher looking.

The products contain chamomile that instantly gives a cooling effect and protects the skin while shaving. Nivea one-stroke shaving gel also softens your subtle for an even smoother feel.

This shaving gel is perfect for men with sensitive skin types or even otherwise. This product has received a lot of positive reviews from the users. Nivea one-stroke shaving gel is easily available all over Pakistan and also the price range is very economical.

nivea shaving products

Nivea Deep Shaving Gel

Nivea deep shaving gel is a shaving gel based on a unique black carbon formula, that provides a super smooth razor glide for the best shave in no time.

This product deeply goes into the roots and prepares the hair before the shave so that you can have the perfect shave. It also acts as the protecting shield on the skin and prevents any cuts or roughness.

The Nivea deep shaving gel removes hair from the roots for a long-lasting shave.

The black charcoal formula has never been used in a shaving gel before, so it is unique and very efficient, the gel turns from black to white when applied and acts against the powerful bacteria, protecting the skin from getting irritated.

This product has recently been launched by Nivea and it is easily available at the stores in Pakistan and the price range of the new Nivea deep shaving gel is also very affordable.


When it comes to shaving products Gillette has been a big name in the market for quite some time. Gillette products are the best shaving products available in Pakistan, they have always been consistent with their products and they have never compromised on the quality of their products.

The only con of their products can be the price range. Their prices are a little higher than the rest of the shaving products.

 But as a leading brand, they have always considered the needs of men all over the world. Some of their latest shaving products include

gillette in pakistan

Pure Shave Cream By Gillette

The pure shave cream is specially designed by Gillette to cater to men with sensitive skin. 

This product contains no alcohol, artificial color, parabens or sulfate, and these ingredients are usually the cause behind irritation after the shave. Further, the product is infused with aloe vera for an instant cooling effect. It leaves your skin feeling smoother, hydrated and fresh looking.

The formula of the pure shaving cream is kept very light so that it helps the razor to glide smoothly over the skin without any extra effort.

The Gillette pure shaving cream can easily be applied by a synthetic shaving brush, it lathers really well and smoothly removes all the unwanted hair, leaving the skin with a cool feeling. 

The pure shaving cream by Gillette is priced less than the rest of their products but it works wonders.

The Gillette 2 In 1 Proglide Shave Gel

The Gillette 2 in 1 Proglide shave gel is one of the newest products launched by the brand.

It is not only a shaving gel but it is also a great skincare product. This product is from the Gillette fusion ocean breeze range. It is designed to make men feel refreshed after the shave. 

This product is very light on the skin and provides an instant coolness. The texture of the gel allows the razor to effortlessly glide over the skin, leaving no unwanted hair.

You can easily achieve any desired beard or mustache style with minimum effort. The product also deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin for a smooth feel throughout the day.

The Gillette ProGlide shaving gel is available in three amazing men's fragrances. This product has been highly liked by users all over the world. All the Gillette products are easily available in Pakistan

Denim Shaving Products

Denim is another leading brand for men’s grooming. All the products are specially manufactured to make all the men feel great about themselves.

They have a wide range of shaving creams, shaving gels, aftershaves, shaving foams, deodorants and face wash for men. The con about this brand is that not all the products might easily be available in Pakistan and the price range is also on the expensive side.

The pros of the brand are that they never compromise on the quality of their product and always make sure that their customers are satisfied.

Denim Black Shaving Foam

The black denim range is introduced for confident men around the globe.

The black denim collection includes products infused with manly fragrances. This range is a timeless classic. The black shaving foam is extraordinarily efficient; it applies smoothly on the skin and quickly forms lather.

The foamy texture glides the razor effortlessly on the skin and leaves your skin looking healthy and moisturized.

It is easy to use as well just wet your face with warm water and apply a generous amount with a shaving brush on the desired area and dry the skin after the shave.

shaving foam in pakistan

The rich and creamy formula of the shaving foam is like no other. It gives a brilliant performance on every use. The denim black shaving foam is available at the big departmental stores or can be ordered online anywhere in Pakistan.


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