Top Gaming Keyboards in Pakistan 2020 – Performance and Specifications

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Top Gaming Keyboards in Pakistan 2020 – Performance and Specifications


Abdul Rehman

time published 17 May 20

The hallmark of the 21st century is the advent of digital technology globally. Within a very short span of time, the digitalization has rooted its significance in everyday life of not just the technology nerds but also in the lives of laymen in the form of cell phones and other electronic gadgets and tools paving a lifestyle towards more convenient and automated life.

With this technology lead, the world of entertainment has also shown a remarkable uplift and switching the on-ground experiences with introducing technologies such as online gaming and virtual reality concepts to provide almost realistic effects of entertainment all from within the bedroom or living room.

Today, the world of entertainment revolves tremendously around online gaming which provides an entirely different and lively platform to its use since the experience is not merely over a screen, but a whole new effect of communication with the teammates provide a sense of real-time entertainment which is one of the reasons that it is not just popular among the kids but also among the adults owing to its all-new effect. As the discussion goes on about the gaming experience, foremost factors one needs to take care of include.

  • Top of the line gaming laptop with optimized specifications.
  • An efficient gaming keyboard to provide the user with the best comfortable multi-tasking platform and to increase the response rate of the gamer.
  • A smart mouse with as many tapping options as possible to help the user cope with the quick and immediate actions during an online game, which is one of the technology-based victory factors.
  • A set of latest graphics cards to optimize the on-screen experience as close to reality as possible.

An article has been published on “Experts Opinion Best Gaming Laptops,” in which the performance details and specifications of best gaming laptops of 2020 had been described. Here, the details of the best gaming keyboards yet under reasonable price range have been compiled.

  • Corsair K68 RGB
  • HP Omen Sequencer 2VN99AA Optical
  • GAMDIAS ARES Gaming Membrane Keyboard
  • Zebronics Transformer Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard


Texas Shift Gaming Keyboard

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The mighty Shift Flamer is known for its illuminous body, which adds a phenomenal effect to the gaming experience of users. It provides the users with an augmented gaming experience henceforth making its way up to top on the list of best gaming laptops.

The keyboard not only features background LED light but taking into consideration the monotonous effect of a single LED light, the issue is addressed by installing various lights. This feature is with the intention to keep the users getting sick of constant background light. The luminosity provides an extra elegance and comfort during the night time when its dark around, and the design thus keeps the user engaged without getting dull owing to the spectacular design right according to the needs. The strokes of its keys have a relatively softer sound, which is pleasing for the users.

 Another remarkable feature of this keyboard is that it is waterproof. So yeah, you can be drinking your juice alongside your game fearless of the consequences if it is spilled on the keyboard because the maintenance needs just a swipe of a dry paper and boom, problem solved. Waterproof.

Overall, this 87 keyset board brings you a seamless experience with its ultra-high design, fabrication, and luminous quality.

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The Texet Shift Flamer has a price in Pakistan rupees of around 4500.

Corsair K68 RGB

Corsair K68 Keyboard

In the world of online gaming, one of the best keyboards among the top listed ones is the Corsair K68 RGB, for its all in one complete package containing everything that a real gamer would have dreamt of having on his/her gaming keyboard.

Apart from its smart and sleek design, Corsair K68 has a tremendous number of features that stand it out from all other keyboards. It has a remarkable RGB background luminosity effect, which is in proportion with per keystrokes. Not only does this keyboard come with a various number of pre-installed keyboard background effects, but it also technically allows the user to customize the background lights for as many details as possible.

Mighty Corsair K68 is protected by IP 32, which makes this keyboard not just the dust resistant but also spill-resistant. The user can play nonstop without having to worry about the accidental spillage of drink or any other dust particles because the super Corsair is not affected by any such particles or spill material.

Corsair Utility Engine also is known as CUE, provides the user with sleek macro programming and a long range of various dynamic background light effects.

The keyboard comes with dedicated multimedia buttons. The user can have access to the sound controls without having to switch from the ongoing game to sound settings—no interruption calls. It is easily available in Pakistan.

HP Omen Sequencer 2VN99AA Optical

HP Omen Optical Keyboard

HP Omen Sequencer is known for its dynamic design and harmonic board, which allows the user to keep well engaged and comfortable with the strokes as it has a very highly sensitive optical-mechanical board, which is activated by as low as an actuated force of merely 50 times acceleration. This feature has optimized the sensitivity of this keyboard and makes sure that every stroke counts and are registered so that the quick response game continues with streamlined input responses.

The response time of this keyboard is 0.2 milliseconds, which makes this gaming keyboard 10X times better than other gaming optical-mechanical keyboards. It has a stroke lifecycle of around 700,000,00 million clicks in a lifetime.

As of other keyboards of this series, HP Omen Sequencer also provides the option of customizing the background keyboard LED lights. It has the option of individually customizing the background light effects for every key with the stock of around 17 million RGB colors to create as many unique combinations as possible.

GAMDIAS ARES Gaming Membrane Keyboard 

GAMDIAS ARES Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is one of the most economical and affordable keyboards in the collection of efficiently functioning gaming keyboards. It comes in with a premium microprocessor, which helps the users to entertain themselves with a good quality response rate and make sure that every keystroke registers.

As for the most common feature among the gaming, keyboards is its luminous keyboard, GAMDIAS ARES has a 7 colors background keyboard spectrum which adds an aesthetic and soothing effect to the gamers without making the keyboard a little too funky.

Owing to its relatively lower price, this gaming keyboard has a lifecycle stroke of around 10 million clicks, which is not very impressive compared to some other good quality keyboards with an average lifecycle stroke of around 70 million clicks lifecycle. However, an added feature is that this keyboard comes in with a gaming mouse as well, providing a warranty time of as long as 1 year for all types of malfunctions that may appear in the course of its use.

In a nutshell, this GAMDIAS can be the best choice for gamers who are looking for an instant yet cheaper choice. Nonetheless, a compromise would have to be made among the quality or the price, and both can never be attained at the same time anyways. First Law of Market, isn’t it?

Zebronics Transformer Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard

Zebronics USB Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics Transformer is also one of a cost-effective yet wonderful keyboard to provide its user with all the essential features being an integrated multimedia keyboard control to allow the user to control the multimedia settings on the go without having to switch between an online game and multimedia settings. This keyboard has a total of 4 background LED default modes, out of which 3 consists of a combination of LED colors, whereas the 4th mode is a no-light background effect for a somewhat simpler experience. A total of 104 keys makes this keyboard relatively larger in size than other smarter gaming keyboards with keys in the range of 80 to 90.

From the above list, one can be in a decisive position as to what factors they need to look for in a well efficient and user-friendly gaming keyboard, which is without a doubt, not its luminous effects and neither the size of the keyboard. However, certain specifications do have a major role in distinguishing the keyboards, which include the strokes per lifecycle clicks, the response rate of the keyboard button strokes, and various multimedia control options for streamlined user experience: the better the features, the more expensive the product. Keeping in view the above-transcribed factors, one must be going for Corsair K68 RGB if money isn’t a problem. In other cases, certainly, GAMDIAS ARES Gaming Membrane Keyboard is always the best choice.

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