Garnier - The best Hair color brand for you in Pakistan

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Garnier - The best Hair color brand for you in Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 12 Feb 20

What makes Garnier the best and leading hair color in Pakistan is that it meets all the ends, which leads to a professional look hair color? Over time hair colors are becoming something more than a want. They have become a need for every woman; you don’t have to wait to have those white and grey strands in your hair to color them of your choice anymore. There is indeed no doubt about the fact that hair plays a vital role in your appearance. You can judge a lot about a person through their hair.

Nothing comes alone

If you look into the past, then these hair colors were more like a complete hair damaging package for your hair. They did not only damage your hair but also resulted in hair fall and many other skin diseases. But if you use Garnier hair colors, then you don't have to worry about it anymore because its motive is to give all the ladies professionals at their fingertips. Not only that, but it aims to restore the natural beauty and shine of your hair along with its long better hair colors.

Hair color in Pakistan

Importance of selecting the right Color

Your hair simply changes your appearance; they can make you look old, young or bold within a few minutes. Your hair plays an important role in building up your confidence and can change the perspective about how you feel about yourself. It's really important to select the right hair color according to your face, features, and hair.

But selecting the right color isn't as easy as it sounds, that's why they spend hundreds of dollars seeking guidance and consulting beauticians and other professionals about the tips, do's and don'ts, hairstyles and hair colors. Moreover, like all other trends, the trends of hair color also change. This also often leads women to change the color of their hair into black, brown, red-orange blue, etc.

Why Garnier?

When we talk about hair color, then we also hear a lot of other names as well, like Revlon, Olivia, Henna, Loreal, Black Rose, Keune, Dupas, Wella, and Clairol. However, Garnier beats them all when it comes to quality, Quantity, Price, and Services. Selecting your hair color virtually sounded more like a dream in the past but not anymore, because Garnier has started an online campaign named " Find your Hair color with Garnier's virtual shade selector."

This was far most the best thing one could think of and saved thousands of rupees which were spent every other day for consulting the beauticians about the right color. Moreover, it only takes you a minute to select your hair color after answering a few short questions about your hair on their site.

Like this, they have turned your biggest problem, which you faced in the past into a 1 min fun activity with rewarding results. Moreover, you can also learn about the new hair trends both in haircuts and hair colors, you can also learn about new hairstyles, and tips for not only applying the color professionally at home but also about how you can make your hair healthier.

Hair color shades in Pakistan

Get long, Healthy, and Shiny Hair with Garnier.

Yes, you heard it right. With the best combinations of chemicals along with some natural ingredients like amla, which are good for your hair, Garnier has become an eye-catcher for every woman out there. So if you are one of those who have stopped dreaming about long hair after those white strands, then you don't have to worry about any such thing anymore because with Garnier's new and better formulas, no more skin allergies, dandruff, damaged hair or hair fall. As it boosts up your hair natural shine, growth and is safe from all sorts of skin allergies.

Selecting the right shade with Garnier.

Garnier offers a large variety of hair colors, depending on your natural color. As said earlier, unlike other brands, it empowers women to love themselves and thank God for the way He has made them. It believes in natural beauty and the natural color of your hair.

Therefore it offers all the natural shades your hair might have. Whether it's any shade of brown, blonde, black or red, Garnier is there to take away all your worries and be a dream come true for your hair.

They have categories of different brands depending upon the different demands and needs of every customer. These are Garnier Nutrisse, Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color, Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Coverage, Garnier Olia, and Garnier Color Sensation. All of them have been further categorized into different four main categories, which are Brown, Black, Blonde, and Red.

Garnier nutrisse in Pakistan

Garnier Nutrisse

It's formula consist of avocado, shea oil, and olive, which made it the number 1 hair color crème. It gives up to 100% white hair coverage, Triple oils ( avocado, shea, and olive), Lifts your hair, consists of ravishing bold or fantasy shades, and has a large variety of 44 different shades. All the hair colors under this category are price efficient. This brand category of Garnier is famous for its shades of brown, wether its copper brown, golden brown, or other shades of brown. Nutrisee has made all the women of Pakistan go crazy about it because it gives you a perfect brown shade with such a low price. The most popular shades under Garnier Nutrisee are:

  • Garnier Nutrissee Copper Brown
  • Garnier Nutrisse Golden Brown
  • Garnier Nutrisse Brown 4
  • Garnier Nutrissee 101

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

It also consists of triple oils along with 20 different shades that not only lift your hair but also are the perfect dreamy fantastic shades you wish to dye your hair too. It consists of high technology which boosts up your natural hair color. The price of Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Pakistan is in mid-range. The triple oils help you to nourish your hair while you color them.

  • Garnier Nutrissee Ultra Color 3

Garnier Nutrissee Ultra Coverage

It is the perfect blend of avocado, olive and shea oil, which help to boost up the natural growth and color of your hair. Moreover, it gives 100% coverage to white and grey hair. Not only that but it has 8 different shades that help in lifting your hair

  • Garnier Nutrissee Ultra Coverage 6.34

Garnier Olia

Are you looking for ammonia-free hair color, with up to 100% coverage of white and grey hair, then Garnier Olia is the best hair crème color for you. Moreover, not only does the formula consists of triple oil but it is also powered by sixty percent oils. It is found in 36 ravishing colors, which will bring back the real colors to your life.

  • Garnier Olia Deep Violet
  • Garnier Olia 6.66

Garnier olia in Pakistan

Garnier Color Sensation

It gives up to 100% coverage, it promises the same bold color from roots till the tips of your hair. The package consists. It has a beautiful fragrance along with its silky smooth finish.  

  • Garnier Color Sensation Dark Ash Blonde

The Best part of Garnier Hair color is that they are easily available online at affordable rates. Garnier makes your healthy, nourished and professional colored hair dream come to reality within no time and is affordable. It’s consistency in quality, quantity and the innovative, easy to use designs have made it the most selling hair color brand of Pakistan.