Top Brands of Kitchen Water Filter and accessories of in Pakistan

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Top Brands of Kitchen Water Filter and accessories of in Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 31 Mar 20

Drinking pure and clean water is the basic need of every human being all over the world; therefore, Safety and health is the fundamental goal of any water purification system that efficiently purifies the polluted water.

Polluted water has

  • Various bacteria
  • Microscopic organisms,
  • Toxic materials,
  • Synthetic compounds, and
  • Dirt

 By drinking such contaminated water, many severe, deadly and chronic water-borne diseases can take place inside the human body such as:

  • Looseness of the bowels,
  • Hepatitis,
  • Typhoid,
  • Cholera
  • Diarrhea, and many other water-borne diseases

Boiling water or installing water filtration items are the best way of killing all the bacteria and germs that are liable for all the water-borne diseases.

Choosing the right water purification filter might be confusing, and keen customers might take a lot of time in making the right decision, so this article right here is the best guide for all the searchers, as it talks about top 8 brands of kitchen water filter and accessories of 2020 in Pakistan.

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Water Purifier

Best Water filtration items can viably clean the water and treat the contaminated water to provide everyone with a better way of life. 

By utilizing the efficient water purification product, people can easily

  • The possibility of illness could be reduced,
  • Improve the expectation for everyday comforts,
  • Keep up the flavor of water, and
  • Accomplish the goals of having a well and secure lifestyle.

In the market, there are many water purifier items available in the market, some of which will be discussed in this article.

Water Purification Tablets

Water sanitization tablets can proficiently treat the polluted water with their active compounds like:

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  • Chlorine,
  • Iodine and
  • Chlorine dioxide

Such synthetic chemicals deactivate all the water-borne pathogens and microscopic organisms from water and make it nontoxic for drinking.

These tablets are ideal for voyagers so that they can drink the water from any freshwater source.

water purification tablets in pakistan

Water filtration tablets are also used mostly in critical situations, For example, when people get infected and there is ton of hazardous water supplies during floods. Water Purification Tablets are:

  • Simple,
  • Compact and
  • Can be stored as it remains active for many months.

A lot of Pakistani online websites sell water purification tablets, such as the one of the famous product “safe water solution tablets” in quite affordable prices with a few years of warranty. 

These tablets are slowly and gradually becoming a new trend in Pakistani culture. It's safe to say that the companies that will be manufacturing these tablets might become the next business talk! 

Faucet Water Filter

Need an instant solution for the removal of all the dirt coming from the sink tap? If yes, then the Faucet Water Filter should be immediately mounted on the sink tap, so that anyone can enjoy having clean water straight from the tap.

faucet water filter in Pakistan

How does it work?

The product works miraculously as it has a

  • Non-woven screen filter

Which helps in the efficient filtration of water and is placed firmly around the faucet water filter. This non-woven screen channels the water and traps all the residue, for example, sand and dirt.

There is compacted wall of

  • Zeolite and
  • Carbon

With various small pores which completely block the chlorine and different synthetic compounds through the absorption process.

Pitcher Water Filter

This amazing pitcher water filter has the capacity to remove up to 96% chlorine and other potential water pollutants. Pitcher Water filters are verified water filtration items that can significantly reduce lead content by as much as 97% and deliver the high water taste.

Why is it worth it?

The product is worth all the money because of its salient features which are:

  • Quick maintenance
  • Magnificent ergonomics
  • Cost-effectivee substitution of the filter, and
  • The product being less expensive as compared to other water purification items

While having so many plus points, the filter only has a single disadvantage and that is:

  • The filter can just channel partial amounts of water at once.

The pitcher water purifier is conveniently available on various online stores at a very reasonable price in Pakistan. That way, the people belonging to different class of society can easily afford this filter and get to drink fresh and pure water without feeling scared of becoming sick.

LifeStraw Water Purifier

The need of water will be quite obvious if some close friends and relatives schedule an outdoor activity lasting longer than a few hours on a sunny Sunday.

In such family picnics, having clean water for

  • Cooking
  • Washing, and
  • Drinking

It is essential, or else, it could become a tough situation to handle. Also, if the trip is planned for a lot of days, taking too many filtered bottles might add a lot of weight. And consume pretty amount of space in a car.

lifestraw water purifier in Pakistan

So what really can save a family trip from all this hustle? Lifestraw water purifier is the magic wand that everyone will be needing on such occasions.

What does it do?

LifeStraw is the private, portable water filter that is simple but compact. It allows people to drink water directly from any freshwater body such as the stream or lake or bucket full of water.

Just like the other standard straws, people will have to suck water from the Lifestraw water purifier as well. This amazing straw kills and eliminates the water-borne microbes up to 99.9%.

It comes in various sizes, and people usually prefer buying this product because of it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Has Great filter, and
  • Is Efficient

Water filter System

This is the widely used system in many Pakistani households and public water coolers. It is a complete water purification system and the water is decontaminated with the help of three long compartments.

It is one of the most preferred water filtration systems and has a significantly great number of water purification levels. The technique used in this filter system to clean the polluted water is “Reverse osmosis”.

Anything special about it?

Yes! Along with the reverse osmosis technology, the filter system comes with a UV light feature without which it is incomplete.

This smart Ultra Violet light is responsible for purifying water as it

  • Successfully destroys viruses and bacteria

It can be easily installed in the kitchen where the water is usually collected or stored for drinking purposes. After it is installed, clean and anybody can consume freshwater. Yeah, all thanks to this amazing filter system, however, it too have a drawback! And that is its constant maintenance. 

  • The system must be regularly maintained after every two to three months by replacing the used filter tubes or cartridges with fresh new ones.

Water filter for home

As mentioned above, the water filter system with UV light is a perfect option of water filter for home, and fortunately in Pakistan quite a lot of companies provide this filtration system.

Unilever water filter

Unilever Pureit water purifier is seen at various banks and offices of Pakistan. This product can be recognized from far away because of its:

  • Compact Unique design

Which can purify up to 9 liters of water.

water filter for home in pakistan

The Smart Alert System

This amazing water purifier comes with 3 levels of alert, which are:

  • Safety
  • Preparation, and
  • Replacement

These three levels indicate the presence of bacteria and various disinfectants in the water and instantly lights up a white and red light whenever the danger is near. However, if the purifier shows a complete red light, then it means replacement has to be made. 

It also comes with a nanofiltration technology due to which dirt particles and nano-sized bacteria are easily removed with just 5 simple steps.

The great thing about this product is that it saves electricity and is eco-friendly, so there is certainly no need to get worried about utility bills. However, the product itself costs too much, and is available on few online stores with quite an expensive price rate in Pakistan.

Philips Water Purifier

Philips Intelligent Water Purifiers are available for providing pure, clean water in faucet and wall mount versions as when and where someone wants to have a refreshing experience of drinking water from it.

The high quality of their items gives them lifespan to provide seven to ten years of purified water.

It works with a battery backup system and does not require much of an effort from the customers' side. Once the water purifier is installed, all the family members can consistently have fresh and pure water.

Some Other Brands

Pakistan's business industry is striving day and night as reported by stock exchange market. That is why various brands are in constant competition

The same is happening with water purification products too. Apart from the above-mentioned products and brands, the few others which are gradually catching the eye of local people are mentioned below:

  • Penta Pure
  • Canon water filter
  • Aqua guard
  • Westpoint and
  • Perfect water

All of these water filter companies provide a safe and clean filtration system. They can be conveniently installed at homes and offices without any fatigue while making sure that no one stays dehydrated or become sick.

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