Latest Best Conditioners to make your hair soft and silky in Pakistan

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Latest Best Conditioners to make your hair soft and silky in Pakistan


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 11 Jan 20

Sometimes to heal the damaged hair shampoo is not enough, some extra care has to be provided to bring your dry, rough and bring hair back to life. Soft, silky, smooth hair is desired by every human being but we live in a world when life has gotten so busy, we have absolutely no time to take care of ourselves oiling, remedies and scalp massages take long and require too much effort.

Life-Changing Formulas

So nowadays the scientists are bringing forward life-changing formulas with all the trusted and natural ingredients to make your hair look effortlessly gorgeous.

Conditioner is something you use after shampoo, just massage your hair from root to tip onto your wet hair and leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse it off. This will give your hair the extra care and pampering it deserves and make it softer and smoother.

Shampoo isn’t the only solution for hairs

Shampoo sometimes fails to fix all of the hair problems as the daily wear and tear make the hair rebellious and hard to manage but conditioner hydrates the scalp deeply and provides the hair with all the necessary nutrition it requires.

Effective Conditioners

Conditioner further detangles the hair, makes it silky and smooth, prevents the hair from fading color and makes the hair frizz-free and easy to manage. There are many high quality and effective air conditioners in the market and many worth trusting brands that promise results in a few washes. Some of the best quality conditioners include

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Tresemme conditioner

Tresemme is an international brand with a well-known reputation all over the globe. Their products are very consistent and always show the best results. Their products are specially designed for professional use and to deal with deeply damaged hair. Dry scalp creates a lot of irritation and itching and affects the texture and growth of the hair.

Tresemme Smooth and silky conditioner

Tresemme Smooth and silky conditioner deeply hydrates the scalp and prevents any dandruff and dryness, it is lightweight and non-greasy. It contains argan oil that is extremely beneficial for hydration of the hair.

Tresemme deep hydrating conditioner

Tresemme deep hydrating conditioner brings the rough and frizzy hair back to life with its rich formula and great power to absorb deep into the hair and fix dehydration and leave the hair smooth, tangle-free and easy to manage. The results are long-lasting and are visible after a few uses.

Tresemme damage protect conditioner

Tresemme damage protect conditioner is made with a complex formula containing rice protein and B12 for healthier-looking flawless hair. You’d fall in love with your hair after a few washes, it prevents the hair from dullness, dryness, split ends and flyaways.

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Tresemme thick and full volumizing conditioner

Tresemme thick and full volumizing conditioner has a powerful ingredient, it contains glycerol which makes the hair fuller and brings out the natural smoothness of the hair and makes the hair light and flowy.


These are some of the best conditioners from the Tresemme conditioner range for achieving silky, smooth and soft hair.


Tresemme conditioners have received positive reviews from the consumers and it is a reliable brand. Tresemme conditioner range is available at different prices all over Pakistan widely and the price range lies somewhere in between.

Tresemme and Dove Conditioners prices in Pakistan

Dove hair conditioners

Dove is a globally recognized brand and is well known everywhere, their products generally have a very light formula and the best quality ingredients. They offer different conditioners for different hair problems and the consumer can select from its wide range the conditioner best suitable for them.

Their conditioners deeply work into the scalp resulting in long-lasting hydration and smoothness and bring out the natural shine and beauty of the hair.

Dove intense repair conditioner

Dove conditioner includes dove intense repair conditioner that is specially designed for people who stay outdoors a lot and are rushing during the day even when the sun is out, the sunlight and pollution in the air can deeply damage the hair making it dull, dry and rough.

Smooth Hairs

Dove intense repair conditioner deeply nourishes the scalp and making your hair up to 5 times smoother, it furthers detangles the hair and makes your hair manageable and easy to style so that you can wear your hair in different styles every day without any worries.


It is formulated with Nutri- keratin repair actives which are based on the latest technology and innovation to repair the hair from root to tip.

Dove hair fall rescue conditioner

Dove hair fall rescue conditioner formulated with Nutri lock actives for making the hair stronger and reduces the hair fall up to 98%, visible results in just a few washes. Hair fall is a very common problem and very hard to deal with, this conditioner is best for those people an easy, convenient way to deal with hair loss.


There are many effective conditioners in the dove hair conditioner range to choose from they are light on the hair and best works with the shampoo for the same cause. Dove hair conditioners are widely available in Pakistan and can be purchased from any general store. The price range of dove conditioners is very affordable.

Garnier Fructis hair conditioner

Garnier Fructis is a brand known for its hair care products hair masks, shampoo and conditioners. As a brand, Garnier never compromises on the quality of its products and always keeps its customers as a priority that is why they have a large customer base.

Garnier Fructis sleek and shine conditioner

Their conditioner range is very wide but the best conditioner is the Garnier Fructis sleek and shine conditioner it is paraben-free with active fruit protein which is a mixture of vitamin B3 and B6 along with citrus protein and natural fruit and plant extracts that gives your hair shine like no other. The argan oil tames the hair and makes it frizz-free and smooth.

You can achieve long, shiny, sleek and smooth hair effortlessly in just a few washes with the Garnier sleek and smooth conditioner.

The fusion of natural ingredients with the latest technology gives you the hair of your dreams and works like magic in every weather condition.

The price range of Garnier Fructis conditioner is very affordable and is widely available in Pakistan.

Loreal Elvive and Garnier Fructis Conditioners prices in Pakistan

Loreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Conditioner

Loreal total repair 5 is a conditioner that can fix 5 major hair problems. It is a tested and certified product that has become very famous amongst the masses because of its effectiveness and quality. It gives the best results when used with the loreal elvive total repair 5 shampoos.


It is formulated with protein and ceramide for fixing damage thoroughly and brings the vibrancy and natural floweriness of the hair back.

Solution of Hair Problems

The main 5 problems of the hair that this conditioner effectively resolves include: 

  • Dullness, which can be due to lack and oiling and proper care of the hair.
  • Split ends, many believe that split ends can only be gotten rid of it through a haircut but loreal total repair 5 conditioner works like magic and gets rid of all the split ends.
  • Dehydration, which is caused by the daily wear and tears and sometimes stresses too loreal total repair 5 deeply nourishes the scalp and makes the hair silky, soft and smooth.
  • Weakness of the hair is another very common issue among people of all ages, this product makes your hair stronger than ever and reduces hair loss in no time.
  • Roughness is what makes your hair boring and hard to manage but this conditioner makes the hair silky and smooth and an absolute delight to touch.

Loreal total repair 5 is easily available in Pakistan at an affordable price. You can compare the Prices of L'oreal Total Repair 5 in Pakistan on Shoppingum.

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