Latest Nokia Mobile Phones in Pakistan 2020

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Latest Nokia Mobile Phones in Pakistan 2020


Abdul Rehman

time published 24 Nov 20

In the current era, mobile phones have become a significant part of human needs. They have become a fashion trend as every single person of every age group is holding a mobile phone, especially smartphone. In every coffee shop or a simple park, people are seen talking on their phones. If we talk about the market leader as of today, we can proudly say that Nokia is winning the game by selling its smartphones and making every new brand more reliable and advanced than the previous one.

According to a new study, Nokia Mobile Phones that are being manufactured now are more updated and advanced than other android phones. In Pakistan, the value of Nokia Mobile Phone is increasing gradually.

Between 2019-2020, Nokia Mobile Phones are considered as the second bestselling smartphones in the US. We can say that after the iPhone, Nokia is setting records. The irreplaceable technologies that are being introduced to the world are getting positive response from its customers. The recently introduced handsets from Nokia have many significant and interesting facilities and features.

Best-selling Nokia phones in Pakistan 2020

Now let’s discuss the list of some new and best Nokia Mobile phones in Pakistan 2020

Nokia 9 PureView

It is one of the latest mobile phones of Nokia; it also has advanced specs to match. It's one very significant feature is its five sensor camera which is the best part of it.

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It was released in February 2020; its weight is 172g, its dimensions are 155 x 75 x 8mm, OS: Android 9, with a screen of 5.9-inch. Its resolution is 1440 x 2880 with a CPU: Snapdragon 845. Its RAM is 6GB with a ROM of 128GB. Its battery timing is

Nokia 9 PureView

Absolutely amazing and has the power of 3320mAh. Its rear camera with five sensors is 12MP each. At the same time, the front camera is 20MP. It is not an expensive phone, either. So, if you want to buy something delicious and economical, this might be the best option for you.

Nokia 8.3 5G

This phone Nokia 8.3 5G gives some interesting features, one of which is it has a big 6.81-inches screen that is perfect for watching films and playing video games. With its large battery life, you can use for a whole day without any pause of charging.

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Nokia 8.3 5G Display

Let us now discuss the details of this phone. It was released on October 2020. Its weight is 220g, its dimensions are 171.9 x 78.6 x 9mm. It is OS Android 10. The screen is 6.81-inches. Its resolution IS 1080 X 2400. CPU is Snapdragon 765G. it has a RAM of 6GB/8GB. The battery is 4500mAh. Back camera is 64MP + 12MP + 2MP. The front camera is 24MP.

One of the noteworthy things about this phone is that it also supports 5G, so anyone who is willing to use 5G this phone is the right option for them. Nokia 8.3 price in Pakistan is also very economical compared to its outstanding features.

Nokia 6.1

It has a strong frame. This phone from Nokia would be the best choice for people who prefer strong yet durable devices. It might not be as flourishing as compared to the above-mentioned devices but for its features and comparing them to its price Nokia 6.1 is indeed one of the best economical devices to use.

Now coming to the details of its specifications. Its weight is 172g, its dimensions are 149 x 76 x 8mm. It is the OS: Android 8. Screen size is 5.5-inches. Resolution is 1080 x 1920. CPU is Snapdragon 630. RAM is 3/4GB. Storage is 32/64GB. The battery is 3000mAh. The back camera is 16MP while the front camera is 8MP.

Nokia 6.1 Look

If one compares the price tag with the above-mentioned specs, one can easily realize how budget-friendly this phone really is.

Nokia 7.2

It has a nice quality front camera, premium design with a delicate performance. We can say that Nokia 7.2 is a mid-range phone. This phone is android 9 and has a very charming illustration.

Its further specs are that its weight is 180g and dimensions are 159.9 x 75.2 x 8.3mm. Screen size is 6.3 inches. Resolution is 1080 x 2280. Its CPU is Snapdragon 660. Its RAM is 4/6GB while ROM is 64/128GB. Its battery is 3500mAh. Back camera is 48MP + 8MP + 5MP. The front camera is 20MP.

Nokia 7 Plus

One of its amazingness is that it is half the price of its fellow android handsets with the same specs and design. It is packed-up with all the qualities you believe should be present in a device in that particular price tag.

Dimensions are 159 x 75 x 8mm. it weighs 183g. It is Android 8.1. the screen is 6 inches. The battery is 38000mAh which is pretty long timing. The back camera is 12MP, 13MP. While the front camera is 16MP.


By looking at all these latest Nokia Mobile Phones in Pakistan, we come to know that Nokia is indeed one of the emerging handsets in Pakistan 2020. Its brand value is increasing globally.

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