Levi's in Pakistan -  Brand Leading the Fashion Trends

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Levi's in Pakistan - Brand Leading the Fashion Trends


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 19 Jan 20

When it comes to western clothing especially the jeans, the people of Pakistan trust Levi’s more than anything on the planet.  The full name of Levi’s is Levi Strauss & Co. but in short, you can call it Levi’s. It is an American brand clothing company as its specialty is the denim jeans.  The headquarter of the company is located in Sans Francisco and it was first launched in May 1853, and since then it has captured a wide market all over the globe.

High-quality fashion trends

People trust the brand for its high quality and latest fashion trends. But before we go deep down into the Levi’s Pakistan, to tell you the fact this is not a cheap brand to buy when it comes to western clothing and jeans.

Brief history of levis

Let us have a brief look at the history of this Company and that how it came into being?

Talking about the early 1960s till the mid of 1970s, the brand observed a remarkable growth in the clothing industry giving the people of the era of the 1990’s the latest "blue jeans craze" which worked as a catalyst for Levi’s brand.

The leadership of the company during that era included Walter Haas, Peter Haas Sr., Paul Glasco, and George P. Simpkins Sr., extended the brand's products line by introducing latest fashion trends including the stone-washed jeans through the addition of Great Western Garment Company, a Canadian clothing brand which was merged by Levi's.

This merging of the two brands introduced in the market the modern "stone washing" technique. This popular clothing line of the company is still famous for Levis. 

Product line of Levi’s

The product line of the company is not only limited to denim jeans but it is more than that. Let us have a look:

  • Dress shirts- casual and formal.
  • Polo shirts and t-shirts
  • Jackets and jumpers- cardigans for women.
  • Sweater.
  • Undergarments and socks for men and women.
  • Full suit dresses for official meetings and parties or weddings.
  • Women skirts and shirts.
  • Shoes, both formal and casual. They even sell sports shoes for regular running and athletes.
  • Eyeglasses. The company also manufactures sunglasses too, which are loved by the people who seek for style and brand name along with durability.
  • Other leather products.

Levis shirts in Pakistan

Industrial hub of levis

Levi’s has a huge number of manufacturing plants which includes 63 manufacturing plants in the United States of America and 23 are reported overseas. These overseas countries are India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The main reason behind the  expanding its manufacturing plants overseas is because of the availability of low wage workforce and in-expensive raw materials.

No matter where ever is the country of manufacturing,  there is no doubt in the quality the Levi's produces for its customers and people are happy with the brand when it comes to the latest fashion trends and high quality although they say that Levi’s is a bit higher in prices as compared to other brands in the market.

But when it comes to the premium styles of the company like, “Levi’s Premium” and” Levi's Vintage Clothing”, these are produced in the United States of America. These are a bit highly-priced, but the loyal customers of the brand love to pay for the premium quality too.

Target Market of Levi’s

You can see people wearing Levi’s. The brand caters the people from the Upper class to the upper-middle class. Celebrities from all over the world and the Pakistani TV and film industry are spotted wearing Levi’s. Many famous actors are already doing celebrity endorsements for the brand which gives a positive placement in the minds of the target customers. However, the company does very little advertisements.

Brand Awareness

When it comes to brand awareness it is argued that people in the lower middle class are not aware of it. The reason behind is the high prices.  This is why the company has to put more efforts in advertising so as to place the brand in the minds of potential clients and make it popular among the crowd.

The company usually comes with sales and offers where it makes heavy announcements so as to make it affordable for the people from the lower middle class too.

Levis Jeans in Pakistan

Levi’s in Pakistan

Coming towards the Pakistani market, the people of Pakistan love and prefer to buy jeans from the brand. It offers the jeans in the following styles:

  • Fit.
  • skinny.
  • slim-fit.
  • boot-cut.
  • tapper.
  • flare.
  • relaxed
  • “Big & tall”

 It is said that no other brand can compete with Levi’s so well when it comes to denim jeans and its offerings.

It is not difficult to get the original Levi’s products in the Pakistani market. You can find so many company outlets near to your location and visit the store for the authenticated quality and prices. However, if you are living somewhere it is not easy for you to get to the brand store or if you are too lazy to go out shopping you can always buy online. There are so many authenticated online websites from where you can buy the original Levis products too.

A great quality brand

It is a name of quality and we agree that when it comes to great quality it is not surprising to expect high prices too. According to the online reviews and personal interviews conducted by the people, most of the people in the market say that Levi’s is a high price brand in the clothing industry.

The average cost of a pair of denim jeans of Levi’s is higher as compared to other brands in the market. Even if a buyer compares the price of locally made jeans with a foreign brand, there is a very obvious difference in the price. People call Levi’s as a brand for the people of the upper-middle class.

Lower middle class

The market statistics say that for a lower middle class, they do not consider it as their brand. The reason is the high price.

Upper middle class

While the people from the upper-middle class argue that when it comes to clothing especially the denim jeans, they do not consider any other brand on the list. They say that they do not want to compromise on quality and they are more than willing to pay high for great quality.

However; there is another group of people who comes from the lower middle class and they contribute to the discussion that they sum up money first to get a pair of Levi’s jeans or any other product from the brand so as to enjoy the premium quality.

How can you differentiate Levi’s product from the A-plus copy in the market?

People are always concerned if they will get an Original Levi’s product in Pakistan because usually, you can come up with many A plus copies from different brands and people are so not sure about the authentication of the brand.


The original Levi’s products can be differentiated from the rest in the market with the identification of trademarked 3-digit numbers.

Men and women modern designs

The 501, the company's own modern design, is available in many styles for both men and women. The remaining of the 500 series is designed for men, and the 300, 400, 700, and 800 series are specifically manufactured for women. We are sure that by now you must have learned how to get the original Levi’s company product.

Levis accessories in Pakistan

How Levi’s brand can capture most of the Pakistani market?

Although Levi’s is a favorite clothing brand in the Pakistani market still it captures only the upper-middle class of the Pakistani market.


The brand makes a huge profit in the Pakistani market as the prices are high. We conclude that if the brand reduces its prices to a percentage that the annual or seasonal sales of the brand can be increased to a great level.

Reviews from people

The reviews collected from the surroundings show that there are groups of people who are completely dissatisfied or partially dissatisfied with the prices of the brand in the market.

Levis brand targets men, women, and kids

Some reviews say that Levi’s focuses more on the men when it comes to the Pakistani market. It caters less the needs of the women and kids and if you get any by chance from any of the company’s outlets, these are expensive to buy. It can also increase its sales by catering to the kids too and this will attract more customers as it is the psyche of the parents to spend more on their kids.


In the last, Levi’s shall send more when it comes to advertising and promotions.


The company should stress promoting its products especially through TV media, paper media and through Internet via social media links through Facebook and Instagram. This will not only increase the sale but will also spread out the positive image of the brand in a way that people will start acknowledging it and spot the online deals and authenticated stores of the brand.


It is not that difficult to locate the nearest Levi’s stores around you. Simple go to Google and look for the possible near store from where you can get a hundred percent original Levi’s products.