Top 10 Mattress Brands in Pakistan

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Top 10 Mattress Brands in Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 29 Jan 20

Looking for a reliable and durable mattress for your bed? Try these top 10 brands.

Are you the one who values his sleep? Do you prefer comfort over everything else?

Do you wish to find the perfect size of mattress for your needs?

Are you wondering whether you should buy a soft or firm mattress?

Are you looking for the most durable and reliable mattress for your bed?

Do you yearn for springy and bouncy feel in a foam mattress?

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We have a solution to all your problems

Here are the top 10 mattress brands that will make your life easier and your sleep valuable.


Molty Foam Pakistan

Moltyfoam is one of the best selling mattresses in Pakistan. It targets the needs of the customers and makes sure if they are satisfied. Mattresses manufactured by Moltifoam are Super soft, have high density and quick recovery foam.

The fabric is treated with an antimicrobial finish which actually limits dirt and prevents fungi and dust mites growth. The unmatched comfort of the mattresses they produce is remarkable with respect to price ranges.

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It is available in Single, Queen 2, Queen, King size. Mattress foams manufactured by moltyfoam are Celeste to experience the luxurious lifestyle, Master Moltyfoam provides the most comfortable and restful nights.  Moltyortho is Pakistans only approved Orthopedic Healthcare Association range by American Orthopedic Association.

Moltyfoam values its customers and wants them the experience the best sleep. The MASTER PROMISE offered by them includes a 14 days trial. Delivery services are also part of this. It doesn't end here they provide post-purchase services aswell.


Durafoam is among the best mattress manufacturer brand in Pakistan. It caters to all the needs and requirements of the customer. Its mattresses are long-lasting and comfortable. They make sure the durability and longevity of the product life under normal usage.

It has outstanding sound and shock absorption. It also has a high strength to weight ratio with that it is a superior insulator against heat and cold. It is also available in conductive, non-conductive and fire-radiant versions.

Dura comfort, Ultra-luxury foam, Dura luxury, Dura spine plus, Dura top, Dura Posturepedic, Dura cool air, Dura beauty sleep, Dura Gold and Dura Spring are the mattresses which come under the umbrella of this brand.

Dura foam closes rubber, and plastic foam is its unique and distinct range od mattresses. They are available in Single, Queen and King sizes.

Durafoam gives warranty to the original purchaser of its products and assures that the products have been manufactured free of any kind of defects in material or workmanship for a period of 10 years for Durafoam from the original date of purchase.

Five star foam

Five star foam Pakistan


We have been hearing the name of Five star foam since childhood. It is an old and reliable brand that produces mattresses. Despite being an old brand, new technological changes take place, and with that, the modern mattresses are produced by the company. Products manufactured by them are made after proper research on sleeping patterns of all the ages. Their motive has always been providing a good night's sleep.

Five Star Express, Five Star Foam, Five Star 2 in 1, Five Star Special, Gem are a range of mattresses they manufacture. They are available in Single, Queen and King size with Height of 5", 6",8”.

It assures its high quality and durability.They provide a guarantee that their product that it will remain in good condition for 15 years from the date of purchase. Exchange or return within 15 days is allowed and included in exchange policy.

Diamond Supreme Foam

 The best-known brand for its durability and liability diamond supreme has been serving people of Pakistan for the last many years. It is durable, reliable, high quality and good material mattress.

Diamond Supreme Ortica, Diamond Supreme Smart Gelcool, Diamond supreme smart Gelcool, Supreme Godi Memory and Diamond supreme Smart are included in its range of mattresses. It is available in Single, King and Queen size.

The price of Diamond Supreme Foam in Pakistan is fluctuating with sizes. It provides 12 years official warranty and with that a delivery service which delivers in 2-4 days. It is a perfect mattress for the ones who value their sleep.

Cannon Primax Foam

It is the new leading brand in Pakistan. Many people these days are buying these mattresses as back pain is one of the major health issues faced not only by adults and old but teenagers too. Primax Foam claims that their mattresses have the ability to be redesigned with the contour of our bodies.

It manufactures high-quality foam, and they are covered with high-quality fabric. It is becoming a native name for its esteemed customers. They make sure comfortable sleep in the right position of our body.

Memory foam,  Primax plus, True rest, Primax are cannon foams products they manufacture. All these mattresses are present in sizes their customers demand.

They provide 15 years warranty and are long-lasting. They have an exchange policy too.

It provides 10 years warranty on all its products an is customer friendly.

Dream foam

It is brand of mattresses serving people from the last 11 years. It is created by a famous manufacturer known as Brooklyn Bedding. Dreamfoam Bedding offers an assortment of dozing related items, going from sleeping cushions and sleeping cushion establishments, right to pads and sheets. Their line of sleeping cushions is liberal, offering various models that depend on the top materials used to produce a bed: latex, foam, and coil.


Eterna firm offers a complete blend of luxury and comfort. Its multi-layered spring structure adds up to its durability. It is coiled in such a way that it not only gives you a good night sleep but also a comfortable experience.

This mattress brand gives a 15-year warranty with a trial of 14 days. It's fully refundable if returned within 14 days.


Unilife mattresses are introduced by unifoam. The mattresses introduced by unifoam are full-length spring mattresses. Unilife promises to deliver you the best quality mattresses. The mattresses of unilife are comfortable to sleep on and have a removable covering.

They use high-quality Bonnell springs and knitted fabric that is removable. These mattresses have a 12 years guarantee. And they only come in the springform.


Qslando mattresses are a  symbol of the high quality sleep experience. They promise to provide you with a healthy and comfortable sleep environment because of their high-quality jacquard fabric knitted in a way to give the best sleep experience. They claim to have a high-density Sponge that makes the sleeping experience more comfortable.

They come in 3 categories

  • Spring
  • Foam
  • Latex

The mattresses are non-reversible and should be used in proper dimensions to ensure a comfortable sleep. They have a solid base and a washable cover too.

They have a 10 Year replace warranty.


Celeste uses a fusion of scientifically designed comfort cells which makes it different from others and gives an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. These mattresses envelope you while you sleep and make sure you have a fantastic experience.

It comes in memory celeste, spring, Classique and ortha health care.

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