Micro SD Card for your Camera in Pakistan - How to choose the best one?

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Micro SD Card for your Camera in Pakistan - How to choose the best one?


Abdul Rehman

time published 09 May 20

Some people opt for photography as their profession, and some just love clicking photos all the time. A good quality video or photo can take up a lot of space on your camera, and that might restrict you from clicking as many photos as you may desire.

A Micro SD card is an external form of memory that stores data and transfers it to other devices easily. Micro SD cards are a great and convenient way of increasing your device’s memory and storage capacity.

SD cards are easy to place and extract when required. Many people have now switched to using micro SD cards, and with the increase in demand, many brands have up come with really amazing storage sizes for SD cards.

The users can choose the SD cards according to their desire if a person tends to deal with a huge load of data, then he should go for larger storage options, but if you are just looking for occasional usage, then an 8GB SD card can also satisfy the user.

 The price ranges of SD cards depend upon the storage size and also the brand of the product. Some of the best brands for micro SD cards in Pakistan are listed below.

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SanDisk micro SD cards

SanDisk is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to SD cards for all the different devices. They have a wide range of micro SD cards for cameras designed especially to carry high-quality videos and pictures.

SanDisk is trusted as a brand by many, and they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their SD cards because when it comes to data, it can be very valuable, and without a good SD card, there is always the risk of losing important documents.

SanDisk Micro Cards

 SanDisk has a wide range of latest memory cards designed for cameras. Some of them include

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SanDisk extreme Pro SDXC-UHS1

The SanDisk extreme pro is designed so that professional photographers can shoot without any boundaries. This SD card is designed such that it can store high-quality photos and HD quality videos without stuttering or tearing down the pixels.

 It is an all-rounder SD card that can also save your 4K video files without any problem. The storage capacity of this SD card is up to 512GB, which is huge; it can store thousands of photographs at once.

The read speed is up to 90MB/S and writes speed is up to 95MB/s, which means you can transfer data to the SD card and from the SD card to another device in no time.

It is suitable for sorts of photos and videos. Like all other SanDisk products, the extreme pro SD card also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

 The price range for the SanDisk extreme pro is also very reasonable considering the specifications of the product. All SanDisk products are available all over Pakistan.

SanDisk Ultra memory card

The Sandisk ultra memory cards are available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. All the memory cards in this series are manufactured, keeping in mind the new artificial intelligence technology.

You can store longer videos now without a problem. This memory card has enough space to store as many videos as you like. The SanDisk memory cards are reliable, and you don’t have to worry about losing any important information, photos, or videos.

You can easily write, read, edit, and share your files through his memory card. The SanDisk ultra transfers files at a blazing speed of up to 100MB/S, which means you can transfer up to 1200 photos in a minute.

This memory card is not only perfect for cameras, but it is also very compatible with android devices, smartphones, and tablets.

Lexar professional

Lexar Professional memory cards are designed for multiple uses; they are compatible with many devices and are perfect for your professional cameras. They have memory cards with many different storage capacities.

This brand has been in the market for quite some time now and has a great customer base; their memory cards are durable and reliable with great transferring speeds. The price ranges are also very economical for their memory cards.

Lexar 64 GB Micro Card

Lexar professional SDXC UHS 2 card

If you are looking for a memory card to get worry-free about running out of space, then this is the perfect SD card for your camera.

Photographers tend to travel a lot looking for great landscapes to capture or the perfect sunset, so it is very important for them to be carefree about the memory space and storage capacity.

So that they are always ready for the perfect shot at all times, with the Lexar professional, UHS 2 professional-quality photos and videos can be stored and transferred in a flash, making your work faster and more convenient.

It can store photos with up to 180p full HD photos, 3D, and 4K videos. With great transferring speed, these memory cards are bound to make your task easier and convenient.

These SD cards are also tested in the best laboratories with 1,100 different devices to test the performance, quality, reliability, and compatibility of the Lexar professional ultra memory cards.

Samsung micro SD cards

When it comes to technology and innovation, Samsung is a name that comes first in our minds, with exceptional quality and performance of its products, Samsung has achieved the trust of many of its customers.

Samsung SD Cards

Samsung has a great range of SD cards made, especially for cameras. With different storage capacities, the Samsung SD cards ensure quality and efficiency. Some of the best Samsung micro SD cards include

Samsung PRO endurance

The Samsung PRO endurance micro SD card is the best SD card for your regular professional cameras, security cameras, dash cameras, and also action cameras. These micro SD cards are designed such that it can work great even under harsh conditions.

These memory cards are long-lasting and durable, perfect for security cameras and action cameras. The read speed of the Samsung PRO endurance is up to 100MB/s, and the write speed is up to 30MB/s.

This memory card promises to store up to 43,800 hours of nonstop video recording. Samsung offers a guarantee of up to 5 years on its micro SD cards. These memory cards are available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage capacities.

 The Samsung PRO endurance memory cards are very compatible with many devices, and the price range is also very economical. The Samsung micro SD cards are available all over Pakistan easily.

How SD cards store data?

SD cards are external memory units that you can use if you desire extra storage for your important files and documents. The SD cards store data on electronic components called NAND, and these chips allow the data to be read/written on the micro SD cards.

The micro SD cards are compatible with smartphones, tablets, cameras, and many other devices. Through these memory cards, data can easily be transferred to other devices without a problem.

You can also use these SD cards as a backup storage unit, and you can save all of your important documents to keep them safe. Data can be transferred from SD cards much faster than any other device such that CPU or hard disk.

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