Top 10 mobile accessories brands in Pakistan

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Top 10 mobile accessories brands in Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 10 Feb 20

Explore all the add ons that you can make to your mobile and enjoy the age of technology to the fullest

Accessories are essential to make a large portion of your gadget. Your device is nothing without the accessory. Call and messaging is not the sole purpose of a cell phone. It has other purposes too, important, and significant. Directly from Smart case covers for protection, screen protector (plastic and glass) for the safety of the device, USB Charger Adaptor, to information link this Accessories class is different and broad in each sense.

Cell phone clients are for the most part looking for surface and screen defenders that can spare their gadgets from a wide range of harms. This is something they can't get in their official item bundle.

Additionally, telephone chargers and batteries are likewise requested on the off chance that their present ones leave requests. For the most part, clients whine that headphones and headsets experience issues in got notification from one ear.

Trades for such tempered headphones are accessible through different brands. Different Accessories, including data cable and connectors, are something that pretty much every cell phone client needs.


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This industry is flourishing on a daily basis. With the need of a smartphone, the need for its accessories is increasing too. Various brands are working in Pakistan to provide people want they need and meet their demand.

A few of them are which a person can trust while some are not reliable. From the personal experience, I will be mentioning the top 10 accessories brand currently running in Pakistan. They are listed below:

Xiaomi, the new sensation

Xiaomi brand, which is a Chinese company, has developed mi bands and other phone accessories too. They manufacture screen protectors, wire and wireless chargers and charging pads, headphones, power banks, and much more. 

Mi band

It is one of the most famous and sold accessories of Mi Band. Foxconn manufactures it. It is a fitness tracker and was introduced to its customers on July 22, 2014. Its specifications are that it contains a fitness monitor and sleep tracker just like other band. We can also set sleep cycle smart alarm on this unique band. As Xiaomi developer uses android do this band is only for the android users.

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They can unlock their androids without a password. The amazing thing about this band is that it has a complete 30 say standby power. Dialog SmartBond DA14580 is the system on the chip used for this band. It is connected via Bluetooth and has a power of 41.01 mAh.  It is water-resistant (IP67). It vibrates whenever there is an upcoming call or a notification. It has a heartbeat sensor at the bottom side of the band.

Mi band can only be used by the official Mi Fit app produced by Xiaomi. The price of these bands is very less in Pakistan. Many of the people buy this band for its excessive features and less price.  Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, 2, 3, and 4 are available in the market, while Band 5 is said to be launched in 2020.

mi band in Pakistan

Anker best for chargers and Power Banks

Chargers are one of the most essential accessories. They are the core. Without chargers, mobiles or other devices can't be used. All devices need to be charged. Anker is a brand that provides the fastest charger for laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. They have a considerable range of prices along with all their products

It not only has wired chargers or changers only for a few devices. It has chargers like car chargers, power strips, Desktop chargers, and wall chargers. Other than this they have speakers and earphones too.  

Baseus provide you according to your needs

Baseus is a buyer electronic brand under Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. It offers a wide scope of items, including portable embellishments. It has become a worldwide brand. There are various Baseus items in the market now.

Baseus is focused on furnishing every client with the best quality of client care. Essentially, Baseus has a various scope of versatile extras. It incorporates different kinds of chargers, sound embellishments, links, holders, gaming adornments, and significantly more.

They have an entire scope of telephone covers. There are plastic covers just as unique calfskin covers with stun confirmation obstruction.
Baseus gives tough competition to its competitors in regard to cheap accessories.

mobile accessories in Pakistan

The sound master, Audionic

The Sound Master Audionic is one of the most splendid business divisions of Dany Technologies. It gives premium quality items to music darlings mainly. It is a well-famous brand in Pakistan's market for over 10 years now. It has provided an intense challenge to Multinational mammoths like Sony and so on.

Not simply that, Audionic gives some different frills also. Like Dual-port chargers, Car chargers, Data Cables, Auxiliary links, and mic.

Despite the fact that its frill are generally utilized. Be that as it may, the genuine explanation because of which Audionic has picked up prevalence is its speakers. They have a wide assortment of speakers. They are of different sorts and sizes. The speakers are comprised of acceptable quality and are accessible at moderate costs.

mobile accessories

Telemart, A mart of trust

It is one of the most trusted sites in Pakistan. I’ve personally ordered from this site. It contains quality products. It is not compromised. It has all types of accessories. It sells phones with accessories and accessories separately too. Most sold items of this site are the headphones. They are of reasonable price and easily available to the people of Pakistan. Much different company's headphones and other accessories are available here. They have genuine accessories of other brands as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi too. 

It is one of the biggest and trustworthy places to shop. They sell many other products such as home appliances, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and health care products. They take care of their customers and provide them the best service too.

Looking for buying the most reasonable and original accessories for your expensive mobile phone?

A company of Taiwan, which has its headquarter in Taipei, district Beitou has been very famous in Pakistan for its quality products and price like nowhere else. It is present globally. They provide the best services to their customers and want them to be happy.

They not only provide the product but service too. They sell headphone sets, power banks, cases, cover, sleeves, chargers, screen protectors and several other products for your headphones. They provide the latest version and technology to the people.

Beats by Dr Dre.

It is a name that is heard by everyone. It is the wants of many hearts to own headphones made by Dr. Dre himself. These headphones provide the experience which makes you dance with the rhythm. Base, lyrics, everything is controlled and set by human hand.

These cannot be owned by everyone or can’t be accessible to everyone in Pakistan as they are high priced. Only the people who truly love music and want to experience something unique and real will buy these.

Headphones by beats

The leader, PITAKA

One of the most reliable places to buy tech accessories and accessories for your phone is the store PIRAKA. You can shop original air pods by iPhone, original chargers of the famous brands, Bluetooth headphones, phone cases, and all the accessories of your need. Their prices are high, but the product they provide is 100% real. It is one of the most trusted sites.

RiverSong, a brand that you need

RiverSong is one of the leading brands for mobile phone accessories. It is related to the IMG innovation group. Shenzhen, China is where it is located. It has a solid foundation and a functioning store network, the executives. The organization's primary point is consistent advancement in innovation. Because of which it has emerged so rapidly on the world stage. In very nearly four years, it has demonstrated to be a standout amongst other brands. Presently, its items and administrations are accessible in thirty nations.

The purpose behind its prosperity is that it offers some benefit administrations to its clients. The principle point of this organization is to give premium quality and fantastic client experience. This Brand attracted people with their flexible product rates.

Which one is the best?

All these sites contain different accessories. Some are of good quality, some of bad. The prices also vary, but not a lot. But all these brands are well known and proved themselves.

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