Mobile Screen Protectors in Pakistan – Types and their Benefits

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Mobile Screen Protectors in Pakistan – Types and their Benefits


Abdul Rehman

time published 17 May 20

Nowadays, smartphones are way expensive, and there is a huge range of smartphones in the market. Moreover, mobile phones are quite expensive these days, and everybody a good protector and back covers for his mobile.

This is because mobile phones are the most frequently used electronic items these days, and it has become a need for everyone.

Why use screen protectors?

The screen is the most delicate part of any smartphone, and it can easily be broken once your smartphone drops from a surface and from your hand while using it. Screen protectors help you there and make your phone well protected.

Today, we will be talking about different screen protectors, along with their benefits as well. Let's jump right into them.

Normal Tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass screen protectors are the most commonly used screen protectors, and they are really very good at protecting your mobile's touch screen. Tempered glass protectors are quite tougher as compared to other normal screen protectors.

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Thick and strong

These protectors are quite thicker and for normal usage. Some companies are manufacturing these sort of tempered glass screen protectors that are anti-dust and anti-scratch as well.

Tempered Glass Protector  

From where to get a normal tempered glass screen protector?

Companies like Youksh are manufacturing these sorts of tempered glass protectors, and these screen protectors are available in the local market, and these tempered glass screen protectors are also available online on certain online market places as well.

Price of this screen protector

Talking about its price, it is not that expensive, and you should definitely invest money in this tempered glass screen protector in order to make your phone secure and safe.

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9D tempered glass screen protector

9D mobile screen protectors in that much famous in Pakistan. But most of the people know about this 9D mobile screen protector, and it has got many benefits. They are thinner, stronger, and way far better than normal screen protectors. 9D Glass Protector

From which material they are being made?

You might not get it unless you use it. These 9D protectors are being made by Oleophobic coating and some other material as well. It is a  type of tempered glass screen protector.

What are the benefits of this screen protector?

It can protect your smartphone screen from scratches, dust, and oil marks as well. It has also got the ability to protect your smartphone from weird fingerprints. It makes your phone's overall look tidy and neat. This screen protector is easy to clean, as well.

Is it easy to apply on your smartphone, and what is the price of this screen protector?

You should apply this screen protector to your smartphone, and it will make your phone tougher than ever. The price of this 9D tempered glass mobile screen protector is very affordable, and you can buy it online and even in the local market as well.

21D tempered glass screen protector.

You might find many screen protectors in the market. Normal tempered glass screen protectors and 9D tempered glass mobile screen protectors are already being discussed. Now we will be discussing 21D tempered glass mobile screen protector.

What is a 21H/21D screen protector?

21D tempered glass mobile screen protector can be considered to be the toughest type of tempered glass mobile screen protectors.

How is it made, and is it dustproof?

This tempered glass mobile screen protector is being made with the finest quality of glass, and it also gives maximum Protection. It is also dustproof; it won't make bubbles. It will also protect your mobile phone from unwanted scratches.

Is it three times stronger than a normal protector?

It is three times stronger than normal tempered glass mobile screen protectors. You should buy, but the price of this tempered glass mobile screen protector is quite higher than the normal screen protector. It is available online and in the local market as well.

Glue tempered Polish glass screen protector.

Glue tempered polish glass screen protector is another type of mobile screen protector. If you are looking for a very thin sort of mobile screen protector, then you should check out the glue tempered polish glass screen protector.

A thin layer of glass and massive Protection.

Glue tempered Polish glass screen protector comes with a very thin layer of glass. You might be thinking that this glass protector is quite thin and won't protect your smartphone's touch screen, but it is also way tougher.

Benefits of this amazing screen protector

 It comes with the benefits of providing your smartphone's screen extra sensitive touch experience. It is also way easy to install. Once you install it on your phone's screen, you will not get any sort of bubble on it.

98% HD transparency

It makes your screen ultra HD and gives 98% HD transparency. You can make your phone secure by buying this screen protector at a very reasonable price from anywhere in the local mobile market and online shopping websites as well.

Pro UV Liquid Nano-optics 3D tempered glass screen protector.

 Pro UV Liquid Nano-optics 3D tempered glass mobile screen protector has got many benefits and features. This pro UV Liquid Nano-optics 3D tempered glass screen protector will not let your smartphone's screen to be broken easily. UV Liquid Nano-optics 3D Glass protector

Easy to install

This type of tempered glass mobile screen protector is quite hard for the purpose of installation. But once you install, forget about your screen because it is way far durable as compared to the normal types of mobile screen protectors.

Maximum Protection of your mobile phone's screen

These sorts of mobile screen protectors are being made from high-quality materials, and it gives your mobile phone's screen maximum protection. It maintains your mobile phone screen's original shine and gives you HD display as well.

Scratch and dustproof protector

As these are also dust and scratch proof protectors, but their price is quite reasonable and affordable at the same time, it is also available everywhere. You should check it out and make your mobile more secure by applying it.

Privacy tempered glass mobile phone screen protector

Picking up a perfect mobile screen protector might be hard for you. But this sort of tempered glass mobile phone screen protector is specially made for those people who are looking for a protector that can also help them in making their privacy better.

Why is it called privacy tempered glass screen protector?

Privacy tempered glass phone screen protector is also known as an anti-spy screen protector. The main benefit of this tempered glass protector is that when you apply it on your screen, only you will be able to see the screen, and the screen will not be visible to the people near you. Privacy Tempered Glass Protector

Is it tough enough to protect your screen?

It comes with a 9H hard surface that protects the screen from scratches and cracks. It also protects from dust and fingerprints as well. It is also being made from an oleophobic coating that will make it quite stronger to protect your mobile phone.

Is it available for all types of the phone?

It is mostly made for flagship devices and upper mid-range devices. In order to get it, you can check online shopping websites and local mobile markets as well. The price of this privacy tempered glass mobile phone screen protector is quite high.



Overall, these are the most selling screen protectors these days, and these the best picks for your mobile phone protection. The quality of these protectors may vary from company to company.

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