Solar Energy Net Metering Service in Pakistan

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Solar Energy Net Metering Service in Pakistan


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 27 Jun 20

Zorays is a pioneering renewable energy firm of Pakistan and has been servicing clients from all walks of life. On-grid, off-grid, hybrid, you name it you have it all. Zorays has emerged as a flag bearer for the Karachi region as part of huge responsibility, and we will endeavour to extend its legacy to Karachi.

Karachi has a huge potential with on-grid solar power systems. With much of Karachi now completely free of load-shed, thanks to K-Electric's policy of rewarding its reliable consumer, the returns on on-grid solar power systems are remarkable. Zorays has a well-developed supply chain with trusted partners for solar panel and inverter distribution. This is key to the long-term reliability of your system; reasons are two-fold: 1) You can be sure that what you get what you pay for, and not counterfeits ensuring quality and performance of your system 2) in case of failure during the warranty period you can be sure that all claims will be swift and hassle-free.

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Several modern and advanced power solutions with the help of solar energy have been proposed by career programs of Zorays. They also offer a solar system of 10kw, which works on modern grid technology and available in a very economical price in Pakistan. It does not help to reduce electricity bills but also offers one of the best economical solar power solutions for household use. It has one of the best optimum solutions for battery back up, which last for more than 3 hours.

Optimum 100kw of advanced solar power solutions are also on offer by Zorays. They are extremely efficient solutions for all the business offers with the availability of battery solutions as well. These battery solutions are specially designed and engineered to produce much more reliable energy for all its users out there in the market. For all those countries suffering from load shedding and the crisis of lack of power like in Pakistan, these solutions are beneficial and workable.

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Solar energy is considered as one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy. This technology mainly refers to a technique in which heat and light of the sun are converted into another form. For this, there are no solar panels on offer by Zorays. They are not only suitable for household use at a lower level, but there is a number of solutions available for the high level where energy consumption is significant. Zorays also offers a smart system for household use where one can control all the activities with the help of google assistance. Zorays being one of the most renowned company of solar panel installation, has much more on offer.

Zorays is also importing top of the line lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and off-grid installations. This ensures that your systems function as a reliable power source.

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Within a short span of 1 month, we are humbled by our success of processing net-metering applications of over 50kW, despite the economic shutdown, with K-Electric. Being an AEDB registered vendor and strict adherence all quality control requirements set out by NEPRA, AEDB & K-Electric, we ensure swift processing of all net-metering applications.

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Our key to success lies within our client-servicing. We are passionate about finding a customized solution for all our clients; residential, commercial, or industrial. With solar, bigger is not always the best. A good system is one that is just right for your energy needs.

Zorays is now running full-scale operations in Karachi. Visit theirĀ solar website and fill the form. Our client services representative will get in touch with you and guide you through the entire process.

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