Top 7 Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan - Best to Buy in 2020

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Top 7 Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan - Best to Buy in 2020


Mehjabeen Qasim

time published 02 Jul 20

A refrigerator is an essential home appliance for every home. Worldwide, technological advancements with upgraded features and designs of refrigerators give a luxurious and modern touch to the kitchen.

The refrigerator is artificial chilled storage to keep the drinks and food items cold and fresh. The top and most popular brands of refrigerators are selling the best quality refrigerators with unique and high technology to meet the requirements of consumers to make their kitchen modern.

A home is incomplete without a refrigerator. The remarkable features which are added in innovate fridge are touch screen panels, glass design doors, instant ice cube maker, with more cooling temperature, and voice command refrigerators are the most incredible ones.

The topmost brands of Pakistan for 2020 are as follows:

  • Pel
  • Dawlance
  • Haier
  • Waves
  • Kenwood
  • Orient
  • Samsung

These brands are offering a massive variety of refrigerators with different features, designs, and prices. Customers can make an easy and quick decision according to their choice and budget to get the best refrigerator to make the kitchen a valuable part of the house.

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Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) is one of the best manufacturing brands of home appliances in Pakistan. PEL offers an affordable refrigerator with amazing features. Millions of satisfactory consumers of PEL refrigerator eagerly wait for the modern models of innovative refrigerators of PEL. These fridges have a long-life, but some people who maintained their home up to date and preferred to get trendy and stylish machines for their home also prefer PEL refrigerators.

Refrigerator occupies some space, and for this, PEL provides different sized various models of the fridge to make consumers comfortable to fit the fridge in the given area of the kitchen in the house. The consistent long-life performance of PEL refrigerators makes the brand more worthy.

Latest Models of PEL Refrigerators

  • PEL 5 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL1400)
  • PEL 8 cu ft Desire Glass Door Refrigerator
  • PEL 11 cu ft Desire Glass Door Refrigerator (PRGD6350)
  • PEL 13 cu ft Desire Glass Door Refrigerator

Pel refrigerator picture


Dawlance is recognized for its reliability of products and produces the best refrigerators in Pakistan. This brand holds a considerable market share by its several products like Washing Machine, Microwaves, blenders & juicers, Air conditioners along with the best-selling item refrigerator. Dawlance has innovative and high-tech refrigerators with attractive and vibrant bedroom refrigerator series also.

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Stylish and durable refrigerators are available in a vast range of single doors, double doors, and French door refrigerators. These have a long life with the company maintained maintenance and a long term warranty of refrigerators. So, if you are looking for an affordable yet stylish refrigerator to match the colour, which goes with your kitchen colour and style than Dawlance refrigerators are the best because these are available in different colours and with unique designs.

Latest Models of Dawlance Refrigerators

  • Dawlance 9101
  • Dawlance 9106
  • Dawlance 9122 LVS
  • Dawlance 9144 LVS
  • Dawlance 9144 WB- LVS


Haier is a global brand with a massive sell in domestic and international markets for its home appliances.  Haier's high-quality products, especially the refrigerators and washing machines, are the best-selling products in Pakistan and ranked on the top. The unbeatable performance of the innovative technology to make the machine processed with accurate results is offered.

Haier has a wide range of stylish, efficient, and unique single, double and French door refrigerators, and it also has an easy to move mini-fridges. The turbo-cooling system in Haier's refrigerator functions best as the food remains fresh and chill for a more extended period. This brand has impressive long-life products, whereas the refrigerators are designed so uniquely that its design did not get old-fashioned for several years, and it works efficiently.

Latest Models of Haier Refrigerators

  • Haier HRF 380 Refrigerator
  • Haier HRF 340 Refrigerator
  • Haier Refrigerator HRF 216EBS
  • Haier Refrigerator HRF 216ECS
  • Haier Side by Side Refrigerator HRF 663IRG


Wave is famous for its best quality deep freezers and refrigerators. It manufactures many other home appliances, an Air conditioner, microwave oven, a washing machine, etc. Customers are loyal to Waves deep freezers, especially and are mostly used in the local retail shop, supermarkets, and marts where the ice cream and other frozen items get stored in these.

Waves Refrigerators Series

Wave is a trustable top brand, and its refrigerators are affordable and stylish. High demand in the market makes the company produce more. These refrigerators consist of supercooling capacity and superfast cooling with extra saving benefits. Waves refrigerators have 1 to 5 years or more warranty period, but the life of products is long-lasting with excellent results.

Latest Models of Waves Refrigerators

  • Wave Refrigerator WR-308-DD
  • Wave WCC-2150
  • Wave WCC-2080 Single Door
  • Wave WCC-2100 Single Door


Kenwood products are genuine, and these are of high quality, including Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing machines, and kitchen appliances. The refrigerator of Kenwood is a high demand consumer-good because of its high quality and super stylish designs. These refrigerators have a great feature of saving energy, which saves 40% energy.

Kenwood's latest model refrigerators also contain German technology super quiet compressor. It also has impressive IR Technology for health and hygienic. These include interior dual LED lights, and the capacity of these refrigerators is superb. These refrigerators are affordable and readily available in Pakistan.

Latest Models of Kenwood Refrigerators

  • Kenwood KRF-400VCM
  • Kenwood Glass Door KRF 320GD Extra Energy Saving 
  • Kenwood KRF-280VCM
  • Kenwood Glass Door KRF 280GD Extra Energy Saving 


Orient is the most selling brand of Pakistan, and it has a wide range of products. Orient Refrigerators have a high performance and longstanding reputation in the market. This new latest technology installed in the refrigerator is eco-friendly and highly energy efficient. The durable and best modern feature looks of Orient refrigerators are striking as a super-hit product of orient.

Orient Fridges image

Orient is one of the best refrigerator manufacturers. The latest and innovative technology used in Orient fridges makes it unbeatable in the market. The anti-bacterial layers, eco-friendly features, and power efficiency with European installed compressors make these refrigerators bear extreme temperatures and stabilize during power fluctuations in Pakistan. These refrigerators are home-friendly and provide a better lifestyle.

Latest Models of Orient Refrigerators

  • Orient Refrigerator OR-68635GD
  • Orient Refrigerator GDLV OR 5544 GD
  • Orient Refrigerator GDLV OR 5554 GD
  • Orient Refrigerator 540 Liters
  • Orient Refrigerator GDLV OR-6057 Gx


Samsung is known for its innovation and the designs of its products. This brand has the perfect latest features and a great variety of products. The refrigerators of Samsung are of super high quality, and luxurious designs also reflect the most modern touch and a glimpse of luxury to the kitchen. These refrigerators keep the food hygienic and fresh for long.

The refrigerators usually have a freezer on top, but the unique and new Samsung refrigerators are of single door, glass door or double door as well. French door designed Samsung refrigerators are also ubiquitous in Pakistan. The ultimate flexible storage makes these refrigerators more unique. It contains an activated carbon filter, and an anti-bacterial mesh eliminates bacteria. These are available all around Pakistan, either from stores or online.


Latest Models of Samsung Refrigerators

  • Samsung RY Top Freezer with Twin Cooling Plus, 380L
  • Samsung RS5000RC SBS with All-around Cooling
  • Samsung ES Facelift
  • Samsung RR7000 Tall 1 Door with No Frost


Benefits of refrigerators

The refrigerator is a part of a healthy life, and without it, survival is challenging. The benefits of refrigerators are numerous, and a few of the benefits described here are as follows:

  • Refrigerators are available in both single doors as well as double door refrigerators along with the high-tech features.
  • These are available in different designs and also with high-quality glass doors.
  • Innovate, and high-quality refrigerators have a long life with long term warranty.
  • It keeps the food fresh and tasteful for several days.
  • It is the best way of cooling food items like cooked meals, vegetables, fruits, and water.
  • It works at low temperatures, and even in the days of hot summer, the food remains fresh and chill in the refrigerator. And water also becomes solid like in ice form quickly due to the low temperature of advanced refrigerators.
  • No need for an extra stabilizer with the latest model refrigerators is these carry the stability of it on its own.
  • These use a high technology IR system for health and hygiene.
  • These latest and high-tech refrigerators are available in different price range so that the best desirable fridge under the budget can easily be found from any of the brands.

Which Refrigerator Brand is best in Pakistan?

Dawlance is considered to be the best refrigerator brand in Pakistan because of its reliability and long-life. These refrigerators have high tech advanced features, and the latest models of Dawlance refrigerator help the customer to get an affordable fridge with unique modern and luxurious touch. This brand is also selling other products and refrigerators along with other products ranked on top to be the best brand.

All refrigerators are available on official stores of brands, retail stores, and also online. If you want your favourite brand's refrigerator, then do visit online platforms to get your desirable refrigerator. 

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