Rolex Watches in Pakistan, latest models, budget watches you must try in 2020

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Rolex Watches in Pakistan, latest models, budget watches you must try in 2020



time published 06 Jan 20

All about the latest models of Rolex Watches with it's details, images, exceptional designs and it's availability in Pakistan

Rolex is one of the most luxurious brands for watches in the world, the name of the brand indicates reliability, quality, performance, and class. Rolex is a swiss brand and the brand has been in the business since 1905 and has come a long way since then.

Rolex watches are demanded all over the world, because of their authenticity and perfect assemble.


Every Rolex watch is crafted with the utmost attention and precision all the little details are perfected for maintaining the standard of the watch.

The perfection of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are crafted to perfection by the experts and professionals and it is made sure that all of their products are equally great. Rolex has a watch for every occasion they have a wide range of watches from formal to casual, automatic to manual, they also manufacture limited-edition special pieces that are very hard to get your hands on.

High-Price of Rolex Watches

The prices of Rolex watches are a little too high at times but as it is a luxury brand the prices are justified according to the products they deliver. All come with a lifetime guarantee.

Best Quality

They have all sorts of bracelets, strip and even jeweled watches available to match every personality and event. Their diversity is one of their best qualities as a brand. Rolex is highly committed to the satisfaction of its customers and that is why all Rolex retailers repair any defective Rolex watch.

Rolex day-date 40:

rolex watches in PakistanRolex day-date 40 is a timeless men’s watch, manufactured with the ultimate precision and detail.


The design of the watch is to die for, a medium-sized gold dial with a matching gold bracelet. This watch can easily be worn at any place and event, the watch goes well with every piece of clothing.

Gold Alloys

Just the best quality 18-carat gold alloys are used in the manufacturing of Rolex day- date 40 watches. The gold is first tested by the experts and only the purest gold is selected for the final procedure. They also make sure that the raw material and sources are up to their high standards.

Time Display

The inside of the dial is white and the dial is kept rather simple displaying date and day with the time as well. Most of the manufacturing of the dial is done by hand, the experts with high experience assemble all the parts with detail and commitment.

Classy Bracelet

The bracelet of the watch is utterly beautiful, manufactured with high-class technology, the three-link bracelet is absolutely stunning and very pleasing to the eyes. The aesthetic of the watch is very elegant, timeless and classy.

Calibre 3255

The Rolex day to date watches are equipped with a new generation movement called the calibre 3255, this movement is an example of the high technology used by the brand, the 14 patent movement makes sure that the working of the watch is perfect, it is shock-resistant, power reserve, easy to use, reliable and stunning to look at.

Leader Watch

Rolex day-date 40 watches are first of its kind to display the day in full letters. This watch has been many leaders of the world over time and has also been worn by many celebrities.


Rolex watches are available worldwide at the official Rolex retailers, in Pakistan Rolex watches are only to be bought from the official retailers, the watches can also be fixed if they get defected and they also come with a lifetime guarantee. The price of the watch is very expensive as it is a luxury product with authentic metal.

Rolex Milgauss watch:

rolex milgauss watch in pakistanRolex Milgauss watches are made for those who love perfection and believe in making everything possible for themselves. This watch is specially designed for leaders, with its stunning design the watch makes one stand out in a crowd. 

Oystersteel Alloys

Oystersteel is used for the manufacturing of all the Rolex steel watches, oyster steel belongs to the 904L family. These alloys are used mostly in high technology, aerospace and chemical industries which means these watches are highly resistant to corrosion. Once polished there is no match for this watch in elegance and class. The timeless beauty of this watch shall not even fade even in the harshest conditions.

Blue Dial

The blue dial of the watch is its most appealing feature of the green sapphire crystal. This was the first time in the history of watchmaking that this crystal was used in any watch. The Milgauss watch is unique and precious in this regard as well. And to match this crystal a blue background is assembled in a way to make the gem stand out even more and it is also an allusion to the orange lightning bolt-shaped second hand. 


All of the Rolex watches go through various tests before they come into the market, every component of the watch is well tested by the experts. The bracelet of the watch has been manufactured very gracefully the flat three-piece links are universally recognized and demanded.

Ultimate Performance

Rolex Milgauss watch is equipped with 3131 movements for the ultimate performance and efficiency. This movement is especially design by Rolex, it is a self-winding mechanical movement, it involves the best technology and it ensures maximum resistance to magnetic fields.


This chronometer is designated for Rolex and it is tested by swiss official chronometer testing institute. This watch is stunning and high quality. Rolex never compromises on the quality of their products as they have a big reputation to maintain.

New sea dweller:

new sea dweller watch in pakistan of rolex brandRolex sea dweller is a watch one of its kind, it is not just a watch but also an exploration tool for underwater.



It is designed in collaboration with the expert sea divers who spend long periods underwater. Thanks to the oyster casing on the watch are ultra-water resistant and can work under almost 4000 feet of water.


Another important innovation made in this watch is the helium escape valve that has been fitted to the side of the watch. The body of this remarkable beauty is designed with steel and gold, the design of the watch is stunning with little details of yellow and gold.

Dial of Watch

The dial of the watch is black which complements the gold exterior of the watch perfectly. The hands of the watch are big with the big indices especially reserved for Rolex. The purest 18-carat yellow gold has been used in the manufacturing of this watch which forces everyone to take a second look. The chromatic light in the dial illuminates up to 8 hours for perfect visibility in the dark.

Three-link oyster bracelet

The three-link oyster bracelet is classy and has an oyster lock safety clasp. The bracelet can be adjusted accordingly and be loosen up if the diver is wearing it over the diving suit up to 3mm thick.

High-Performance Technology

The Rolex sea dweller has 3235 movements, which is specially designed and manufactured by the experts of Rolex. It is a self-winding mechanical movement; a true sign of the high technology being used by Rolex. It provides the watch with the ultimate precision, power reserve, convenience, quality, reliability, and resistance from shocks and magnetic fields.


The Rolex sea dweller is not a very common watch it can be found online through the official website of Rolex or it is found at the official retailers and outlets of Rolex in Pakistan. As it is a luxury product the price range of this watch is extremely high but it also offers a class of its own.