Samsung announces the Exynos 1080, its first 5nm chipset-Specs and Features

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Samsung announces the Exynos 1080, its first 5nm chipset-Specs and Features


Abdul Rehman

time published 23 Dec 20

Samsung has been bringing more innovations in the world of smartphones, and its flagship phones have come along with powerful chipsets and processors. As it is known that chipsets and processors play a very important role in order to do different tasks on the mobile phone, Samsung is known for making powerful chipsets like Exynos.

Samsung’s Exynos 1080

Samsung’s upcoming chipset is going to be the world’s first 5 nm chipset, and this chipset is compatible with the latest 5G technology. Samsung is going to add this powerful chipset in upcoming Samsung flagship phones.

It is expected that Exynos 1080 will be the most powerful and efficient chipset as compared to other powerful chipsets like Snapdragon 865+, etc.

If Samsung wants to capture more market, then Samsung has to bring more innovation to the mobile industry.

5G, meeting with a new world of innovation

Gone are the days when people used to connect to the world along with 3G mobile technology than later on 4G came out in the market And everybody thought that this technology is the fastest technology that can get connected from one person to another person. But technology is changing every day, and now this is the era of 5G, and 5G is going to be the world's fastest networking connection.

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Features and specifications of 1080 chipset

This powerful chipset comes along with a lot of specifications and features as well, and these features and specifications are more advanced as compared to the older version of this chipset. Let's jump right into the features and specifications of Exynos 1080 chipset.


This chipset has got the ability to save battery as it comes with some sort of technology that helps in utilizing less battery and this processor has got the ability to maximize the low power performance which is also incredibly superfast.

Better photos

This powerful chipset by Samsung helps in capturing high-quality pictures and content. This happens because this chipset has got on-device artificial intelligence that helps in detecting and capturing the object. It has also got an image signal processor that optimizes the best settings for better results of the photos.

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Fastest connectivity

As it has been already mentioned in the above paragraph that the 5G technology, Is going to be the world's fastest connexion that can give a downlink speed of up to 5.1 gigabytes per second. This chipset is compatible with 5G networks, sub-6GHz, and it is also compatible with mmWave, Bluetooth 5.2, and Wi-Fi.

Quality gaming experience

The combination of Mali G78 GPU and Exynos 1080 chipset helps in providing high-quality gaming with more details and better graphics and visuals as well. This combination of chipset and GPU also plays a very important role in reducing the loading time of the game, and it also reduces lags in the game.

Amazing display

This chipset will give users the most incredible on-hand experience. This is because this chipset supports HDR10+, and it also supports up to 144 Hertz refresh rate in full HD plus display. It has got the ability to enhance more colours and optimize an excellent on-hand experience.

Exynos 1080 vs Snapdragon 865

Both of these chipsets Are incredibly powerful and provide superfast performance, and both of these chipsets are one of the most efficient chipsets as they come with flagship phones. Yet, Samsung will be launching these chipsets in near time. Snapdragon 865 is also considered an efficient chipset, but Exynos1080 is way powerful.

Exynos 1080 vs Snapdragon 865


Exynos 1080 antutu score is going to be incredibly high. All in all, this chipset by Samsung will be the best among all other processors and chipsets. The Exynos 1080 benchmark is going to be the highest among all other processors.

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