Top 5 Leading Toiletries and Personal Care brands you should know about in Pakistan - Latest Review

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Top 5 Leading Toiletries and Personal Care brands you should know about in Pakistan - Latest Review


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 12 Feb 20


All that you should know about Toiletries

Toiletries basically comprise of all the skincare and personal care products that boost and enhance your skin and work as an aid to your personal care routine. These could range from skin-boosting serum to hair care products to body moisturizing lotions. Toiletries are everything that helps you nourish and reconstruct your life by providing you with necessary serums and solutions.

Toiletries products

Serum solutions, and much more!

Toiletries are not confined to serums and solutions only, but there is a broader range of products that fall under this category. Toiletries, also known by the name of personal care, consists of all consumer products categorized under the banner of personal hygiene and beautification products.

Some common toiletries include

Personal Care and Pakistan

MAC Cosmetics

MAC cosmetics is a TORONTO, CANADA based cosmetics brand. MAC stands as an acronym for Make-up Art cosmetics. It is a well-known and widely used brand in Pakistan. Its products are not only clinically proven to be best for skin and body but also certified to add glow to your daily life.

Whether it is party makeup, formal look, or a wedding that you need to attend, MAC has all the products you could apply to get the perfect look you want for the day. Let's have a look at the plethora of products MAC has introduced over the years for all skin types, suited to all events, and complementing all kinds of attires and looks. Although MAC Cosmetics are a multi-product

brand with categories ranging from makeup, value kits, primers and skincare, value kits, brushes, fragrances, and gift cards. But since our area of concern is toiletries so we will narrow down this article on primers and skincare. The primer and skincare section of MAC cosmetics includes:

  • Primer
  • Lip care
  • Removers and cleansers
  • Moisturizers
  • Bb creams


Primer in Pakistan

The primers introduced by MAC cosmetics are certified to be skin-friendly and refreshing made from natural products and devoid of any type of chemicals. Available in lavender rose, and coconut flavor, these primers help in giving the skin total coverage and eliminate any darker patches and areas on the skin, making it translucent and transparent and giving a firm and composed outlook. This packaged mineral bottle infused with chamomile, cucumber, and tea leaves make your skin as beautiful as ever. 

It basically has a creamy texture that provides even and overall coverage. It can be paired with other MAC products like MAC BB cream or MAC foundation to give better and even results.

Lip care

MAC has an interesting range of lip care products complimenting its customer's body chemistry and complexion. It has its lipsticks with both vibrant and smooth colors in matte and color fussed with tints.

Then for hydration and moisturizing purposes, it has tender-talk lip balms laden with lotion and cream to hydrate condition and nourishes your lips. It is available in tintless and tinted shades with unique qualities of absorbing all the cracks from your lips and giving it an even and smooth appearance.

Lastly, it has a wide range of lip conditioning tubes, which are both after makeup lip cleansers and before makeup lip hydrators. Lip conditioning tubes are specifically made for lips with cracks and lines. Worn on its own, it adds an undying glow to the lips that lasts up to several hours.

Removers and cleansers

MAC has been introducing a wide variety of removers and cleansers time and time again because it is a brand that cares for its customers and their fragile skins. It has always stressed on cleaning and refreshing skin and how important it is to maintain the natural and soft appearance of the skin. Hence it has introduced a thick bulk of removers and cleaners to ensure that not a single speck of dirt remains un-removed and skin is given its fair share of cleansing. Removers are to be used as makeup cleansers, and cleansers are to be used to remove dirt and clean up pores of the skin.

  • Cleanse off oil
  • Gently off eye and lip makeup
  • Mini MAC wipe         

Moisturizers and BB creams.

MAC cosmetics have introduced in the market a plethora of moisturizers and BB creams for dull, dark and dusky complexion and bright and white complexions both. The price of MAC BB Cream in Pakistan is quite reasonable.

It has moisturizers that suit to both dry and oily skin types and act as insulation to dirt and sebum.

Revlon Products in Pakistan


REVLON is a certified beauty and personal care brand that is used widely in Pakistan. Revlon is all about beauty tools, makeup, and hair care.

Its makeup category is divided into three further sub-categories, namely lips, eyes, and face.

For lips Revlon has

  • Lip gloss and lacquer
  • Lipstick
  • Lip balm
  • Lip treatment
  • Lip plumper

For eyes it has

  • Eyebrow
  • Liner
  • Mascara
  • Eye primer

For the face it has

  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Bb cream
  • Blush
  • Concealer
  • Highlighter

Its makeup products are chemical-free and certified to give maximum results. They help in boosting face, lips, and eyes. Revlon has, over the years, earned a reputable position amongst the toiletries used in Pakistan and is the most trusted personal care brand. Its foundation, primer, and concealer compliment every skin type and color, and its bb cream are famous among ladies and girls both.

It offers mascaras of different intensities. It has liners that do not only smudge-free but also give your eyes a colossal look.

Unlike many other brands, it offers a lip treatment with specialized techniques and gels to help repair the lip skin and fill up cracks in it.                                                   

Outstanding ORIFLAME

ORIFLAME is a SWEDEN based company with franchise all over the world. When it comes to toiletries, oriflamme is the first choice of everyone. With its wide range of products in personal care, oriflamme has become a household name. Let’s have a look at its product line;

  • face care
  • Haircare
  • Eyecare
  • Hygiene and fragrance

Oriflamme has seven amazing categories in its face care product line with some mind-boggling and brilliant products that are certified and made in such a way that results are a surety. It is quite famous for ladies, girls, and men. It has introduced a recent full skincare package for men with great marvels. Since its introduction, this package has been greatly demanded.

Oriflame products in Pakistan

Hair Care

Unlike other leading brands, Oriflame has a chain of products for men too. In hair care linemen have shampoos of oriflamme specially made of herbs that adjust to hair type of men.

For women, oriflamme has shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and hair treatments as well.

All that glitters is actually gold!

ORIFLAME uses four distinct features when it comes to taking care of one's eyes. It has a mascara that is smudge-free and bold to make you look beautiful and bright. It has eyebrow pallet with four beautiful shades and a feature where you can customize your own pallet suiting your eyes and as per your requirement. Isn't it amazing? This one feature of oriflamme has made me its loyal customer, and I am sure you would love it too. '

It has eye shadow pallets as well. Beautiful and bold, just like you. This is a highly recommended brand when it comes to eye category because the shades are just beautiful with perfect shimmer, shine, glitz, and glitter.

The liners are just fine and perfect to give your eyes the perfect black it needs. The liners are smudge-free and come in different styles and shapes. So what are you waiting for? It's a must-have.

Because of hygiene matters!

Hygiene has always been neglected by producers and users alike, but when it comes to oriflamme, they've devoted a variety of products for our hygiene that are not only good but proven to be beneficial. So this time it's covered from the producer's side the users need to have it covered too!

  • Orchid flower extract
  • Feminine scent

These extracts and scents are perfumed with lactic acid and vitamins to ensure complete and perfect feminine hygiene.


Maybelline New York is another brand loved by Pakistanis like anything. This is a trusted personal care brand and has products that enrich and enhance personal beauty. It has products in the range of eye, face, and lips and also gives an insight into the in-trend products, which I believe are the plus point of Maybelline.

Let’s just talk about the products Maybelline offers and what it has for us all in trends.

The products that it has for the face are primer, contour, blush, foundation, and BB creams. The shade for its BB creams is remarkable. From dusky to dull every complexion is accommodated very well.

Bold, bright, and gives a pleasant sight!

For eyes, it has matte and tinted lip glosses and lipsticks and some amazing shades that are bold and bright and soft and give a good sight at the same time.

Added to this, it has lip balms also to moisturize the lips, and these are not simple balms but tinted balms that nourish the lips and add color to it as well. Well from my side the lip balms are a go-to accessory. I'd suggest you have the balms too.


Another trusted and known brand in personal care is L'Oreal. It has, over the years, proved that it is best than the rest because of its hair care products and cosmetics that are affordable and gorgeous as well. I personally love their hair care products because they help in adding extra shine to your hair and make them strong. It is a very high recommendation for those facing issues with their hair.

Loreal products in Pakistan

Loreal is a real deal

Do you know GARNIER is by L’Oreal? Or am I the one to break this news to you?

Yes, isn't this surprising? Not many successful brands are successful enough to launch another successful brand name alongside it. But L'Oreal has done it. From Garnier to Elvive, L’Oreal is the real deal. Yes, L’Oreal is the real push behind elvive and Garnier both.

Because L’Oreal is a leader

Why do we say that L’Oreal is a leader? Because it didn’t decide to follow the conventional route and produce the products in similar fashion, but it worked on some better and more. Yes, it has for us all hair colors as well. Which are as famous as anything? I love their colors, and I am sure you would love them too.

The verdict!

Wondering who the real winner is?

It’s L’Oreal for hair

Maybelline for foundations and skincare

Oriflamme for hygiene products and eye pallets

Mac for the cleansers and removers

Revlon for hair and face

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make your mind which product are you going to have and from which brand because it’s too many choices and too little time.