Top healthy toothpastes your teeth deserve in Pakistan 2020

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Top healthy toothpastes your teeth deserve in Pakistan 2020


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 13 Jan 20

It is vital for every human being to take good care of their teeth. People of every age group should be informed and educated about the importance of oral care.

Cleaning of teeth

It is very crucial for the overall well-being of every individual to keep their teeth clean; otherwise, it can lead to many oral infections and diseases and can have many other dangerous outcomes.

Proper care of teeth

Taking proper care of your teeth is a lifelong commitment, the sooner one starts brushing, flossing and avoiding sugar the better. It is not that hard to take care of the teeth and either it requires a lot of time. Just brushing twice, a day and flossing every week can prevent cavities, yellowness and swollen gums.

Our body deserves such care and it is very vital for staying healthy that we make these steps a ritual and implement them in our daily lives.

Different brands of toothpaste

And now more than ever, different brands are coming up with a lot of different toothpastes to deal with different types of oral problems such as cavities and sensitivity.

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It is an internationally recognized and trusted brand for oral health, the brand has launched hundreds of products related to oral care. Colgate has been in the business for years and has helped hundreds of people get rid of their oral issues.

Colgate Toothpaste in Pakistan

Colgate formulas for teeth protection

The Colgate toothpastes are based on different formulas and different ingredients to help deal with all the problems. Colgate maximum cavity protection toothpaste has calcium and fluoride to prevent the teeth from any cavities even in the areas that are not so easily reached by the toothbrush.

Colgate advanced whitening toothpaste

Colgate advanced whitening toothpaste is based on the latest technology and formula, the dual silica technology fights 80% of the stains and prevents the teeth from getting stained in the future as well by forming a strong layer on the teeth and stopping the tartar from building.

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Colgate max fresh

Colgate max fresh is infused with cooling crystals that provide an instant cooling effect and keep the breath fresh all day long, the toothpaste is available in two flavors peppermint ice and citrus blast.

Colgate miswak

Colgate misvak is infused with the extracts of misvak, as misvak has been a part of our tradition for a long time and is a natural way of getting rid of cavities and bad breath, so it has been produced to satisfy the consumers who prefer natural and organic ways of oral hygiene.

Colgate total charcoal deep clean toothpaste

Colgate total charcoal deep clean toothpaste has been recently launched with the most advanced formula the toothpaste has micro charcoal that forms a barrier on the surface of the teeth, cheeks, tongue and provides the ultimate protection from germs for almost 12 hours and keeps the whole mouth clean and fresh.

Colgate sensitive original toothpaste

Colgate sensitive original toothpaste contains potassium citrate which has been proven to provide relief from sensitivity in no time, only by the daily use of the product can help the consumer get rid of sensitivity. Colgate can easily be purchased from any general store in Pakistan and the price of the colgate toothpaste is also very affordable.  


It is a brand that focuses especially on the sensitivity of the teeth, as this problem is very common and widely spread. People of all age groups can have sensitivity. A sharp pain while eating something cold or hot indicates this problem and it should be dealt with properly because it tends to come back.

Sensodyne toothpaste price in pakistan

Sensodyne rapid action

Sensodyne rapid action has a unique formula that provides the ultimate protection from sensitivity and builds a layer over the sensitive parts of the teeth for a long-lasting effect so you can enjoy all sorts of drinks and food without any pain or irritation.

Pain reliever

Sensodyne has been clinically proven to provide relief from sharp pain due to sensitivity in just 60 secs and must be used to brush your teeth twice a day. Not only that the product also whitens the teeth and prevents staining.

Recommendation of doctors

Sensodyne is recommended by many doctors all around the globe to people with sensitive teeth because of its effectiveness.

This toothpaste is easily available all over Pakistan.

Close up

It is a Unilever product, it is marketed and sold all over the world. Close up is famous for the fact that it leaves behind a very fresh breath all day long and gives an instant burst of freshness. Whiter teeth and fresh breath are very important for lifting someone's confidence while they are talking or smiling.

Closeup toothpaste price in pakistan

Unique formula

Close up has a very unique gel-like formula that freshens up the whole mouth and is effective just as a mouthwash and the active zinc and silica gel provide matchless results. It also has an advanced plaque removing ability and removes any stains from the teeth.

Closeup diamond attraction toothpaste

Closeup diamond attraction toothpaste is specially designed in collaboration with many oral care experts around the globe and the toothpaste has a very advanced formula that gives visibly white teeth in just one wash.

Other Products

The other products of closeup include:

  • closeup deep action fresh breath.
  • closeup deep action cool breeze.
  • closeup deep action menthol fresh toothpaste.

Closeup is very advanced and effective but for best results, it must be used twice a day. The product is easily available all over Pakistan and is very affordable. People like closeup also because of its lighter taste and pleasant scent.


It is an American brand and its products are globally recognized and available. Pepsodent has a mission as a brand to help people to maintain their oral hygiene and their oral habits through their products and advanced formulas and innovations.

Pepsodent price in Pakistan

Advanced formulas

Pepsodent lavang and salt lavang (clove) have been proven to be effective for tooth decay and this has been a well-trusted remedy for years and salt is essential for healthier gums. This toothpaste infuses natural ingredients with modern innovation to provide the best results.

Pepsodent super salt

Pepsodent super salt is especially for weak gums that bleed and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. infused with salt and calcium pepsodent super salt toothpaste makes the gums healthier and the teeth stronger.

Pepsodent germi check

Pepsodent germi check is the most advanced toothpaste that is based on a very effective formula that can deal with multiple oral problems and provide protection from germs for almost 12 hours. It prevents toothache, cavities, swollen gums, plaque, and many other issues.


Pepsodent toothpaste is available in different sizes according to the needs of the consumer and it is also available in traveling friendly pocket size. The price of the product varies according to the size of the product, and it can be easily purchased from anywhere in Pakistan.


All of these brands are the top leading and the most recommended toothpaste by the doctors. Oral health should never be compromised on and a dentist should be visited every month for a complete oral checkup.

A complete checkup is vital for the accurate analysis of the problem and then toothpaste effective for that particular problem should be used on the recommendation of an expert. All of the products and brands mentioned above are easily available in Pakistan and are very affordable.

Every individual must brush their teeth twice a day for effective results and for the ultimate and complete prevention from oral infections. Our teeth deserve the best products and everyone should opt a toothpaste with ingredients best suited for them.








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