5 Ways to Protect your smartphones from hackers

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5 Ways to Protect your smartphones from hackers


Abdul Rehman

time published 17 Nov 20

Smartphones are not just an ordinary phone that you hold in your hands; really, it's all your personal and official data in your hands. As life is smart with these smartphones, on the contrary, smartphones make life more non-secure.

Now almost all important tasks are being done from the phones, e.g., bill payment, food orders, booking a ride, online transaction, etc., where you put personal information in these sites so don't be relaxed beware from hackers they can hack your information from your phones.

How to secure your phone from hackers? For answers, this question provides you with 5 ways to protect your smartphone from hackers that you should know.

Don't put the same password.

Many smartphone users make the corresponding error that they put the same password everywhere, so to protect your smartphone, it’s necessary to change the password for every site because it's the easiest way for hackers to hack your phone.

To break the hacker’s then made principle that never put the same password everywhere if you don’t do this later in future maybe you become a victim of hackers.

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Keep updating your phone software and apps.

People are ignoring the updates and postponing the updates of phone software and apps by considering it as a waste of time, but after that, they realized how important it is for their phone protection.

Mobile Software Update

Updating software means to fix the known attack on your smartphone that hackers figured out to access your smartphone, then keep updating your phone software and apps. Don't be so lazy. Whether you use an android phone or MAC doesn't give hackers a chance to ruin your personal information.

Exert Two-factor authentication everywhere you can

Two-factor authentication is an important and the simplest way that protects your smartphone from hackers so whatever you use an online system such as Facebook, Twitter, online banking exerts two-factor authentication features.

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It’s an additional security system, so every time you login then, it will register your computer and ask for a second verification. Ultimately it’s quite a difficult task for hackers to access your phone.

Download apps from an authentic source

Always download your favorite apps from Google app stores and Apple stores because they provide protected apps to a smartphone.  Don’t ever download the apps from non-authentic sources because it can harm your device, or hackers can get access to your phones.

Trustable Mobile store

Don't allow the apps to get access to your camera, files, etc., so whenever downloading the apps, even from authentic sources such as Google store, the Apple store read all specifications and ratings.

Don't share your personal information.

Every day on your smartphones, various scammers and hackers send notifications such as click baits to have access to your phone. Don't fall for that.

Hackers Attacks

Keep it in your mind; don't share your personal information specifically to third-party apps and suspicious sites.


Currently, your smartphone has become the hub of your personal and professional life where you control all the things on it, but hackers can also get access if you don't protect the phone.

To protect your phone from hackers is not as difficult as you think; there are some simple ways as brief above; apply all of  5 ways to protect your android phones from hackers.

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