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The best price of Haier Products in Pakistan is Rs.26,650 and the lowest price found is Rs.6,500. The prices of Haier Products is collected from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as clickmall.com, mega.pk, shophive.com, and olx.com.pk . The collected prices were updated on April 18, 2020, 6:59 p.m.

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  • Average price for Haier Products is Rs. 26,650
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Haier Price List 2020

Product Name Store Price
246 Epc Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 43,000
Fridge Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 24,000
Fridge Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 12,500
Fridges Sale Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 29,999
Gree Haier Daikin olx.com.pk Rs. 82,000
Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 6,500
Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 7,000
Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 12,000
Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 13,000
Haier olx.com.pk Rs. 15,000

Haier Products Overview

Haier Company is known for its electric home appliances in Pakistan and all over the world. Haier manufactures innovative and useful home appliances helpful for our everyday life.

Haier has topped for 10 consecutive years in Euro-monitor’s world home appliance brands. And it is the world-famous company and in Pakistan, it is one of the top 5 home appliances companies.

 Haier manufactures a lot of products worldwide which are reliable and long-lasting. In Pakistan, Haier products are almost used in every home, and these products are in demand.

There are many products which Haier manufactures and the consumers buy in Pakistan. Also there are many products of Haier products which are bought in large amount daily.

Some of the Haier products are as under:

  • Freezers
  • Washing machines
  • ACs
  • Ovens
  • LED TVs
  • Refrigerators
  • Cooktops
  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Ventilation Hoods
  • Medical products
  • Etc

Inspite of these products there are many products also which Haier manufactures but these above products are mostly used and consumes by the consumers in Pakistan and worldwide also.

Haier is known for making innovative products which serve us by helping out in our daily life but also keeps our ecosystem safe from damage.

Almost every product of Haier has the eco-friendly technology which protects our ecosystem while making our everyday life easier.

Haier is the name of trust and provides the latest technology. It is the most old and trusted brand in Pakistan. The products they make are of high quality as they never compromise on the quality. The customers are never disappointed and Haier to keep their customers engaged keep on making new, innovative and high tech machines.

 Haier has been trying for a long time to bring innovation in their products and provide ease to its customers. They have never failed in doing it.

 The loyalty of customers is what they have earned. They have a name in the market which is trusted and respected. Due to their devotion to what they do, they have been successful in earning a name in the market of Pakistan.  

Experience The New Technology

The new designs of Haier have brought ease to the customer's life and perfection is not to be neglected. They always cop up with the new world and bring advancement in their machines. They have newly introduced the new automatic washing machines as well which have made laundry the easiest thing to do.

Some of the machines are listed below

Your Best Laundry Partner, Haier HWM85-7288

This series top-loading eco wash washing machine is the best, latest and most sold product in the market. Haier has used all the latest technology in this washing machine. It contains a pillow drum and 2 lint filters having wash capacity of 8.5 kg.

This washing machine is all in one; it washes clothes and has a spinner to dry the clothes as well. The spinning capacity of the spinner is also 8.5 kg with a spinning speed of 1300 RMP.  It deeply cleans the cloth and removes all type of dirt. It is environment friendly and does not waste much water.

The machine is made up of metal while the inner structure and drum of the machine are made up of the stainless steel. This eco-friendly washing machine comes with a 1-year warranty. The price of this washing machine is reasonable and is available at all Haier outlets and a few other stores as well. 

The Multitasking, HWM 80-BP10829

Haier has never failed to amaze its customers. They always come up with something new and even more amazing. This washing machine by Haier has a built-in BLDC inverter. The brushless DC motor helps the machine to run.

 The machine kills all the bacteria as it is Anti Bacteria. This is another feature which makes it unique. This front-loading washing machine is all a person needs. With the wash, a spin capacity of 7 kg this machine cleans the cloth as were bought new.

The spin speed of the spinner is 1000 RPM which helps clothes to dry early. It allows all type of cloths to be washed in it with damaging them. It also has an amazing system of sterilizing. Its main feature is its LED display. YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! A display screen in the washing machine is what people have not seen ever before.

 The temperature of the water can also be set according to the users' desire. If you buy this machine, you will not have to worry about cleaning the machine after washing cloths as it has a built-in self-cleaning feature. It has a child lock to keep the children protected and the door of the machine also locks by itself. 

This machine also has a warranty of 1 year. The price of this product is also pretty reasonable in Pakistan. It is an offer not to be missed so go grab you washing machine NOW!

The Automatic, Haier HWM 80-B14876

We have all heard about the new sensational automatic machines in the market. Haier has it all. This front-loading series product works very impressively and has lowered the burden for the people. This machine has a DD inverter motor inside it and with that like none another washing machine it has a UV light inside it which tells when to take out the cloths.

 Not just that it has a built-in dual spray system as well. With wash and spin capacity of 7 kg and spinning speed of 1400 RMP, this is a masterpiece.  It washes all type of clothes including the delicate, kids, disinfectant etc. it also sterilizes machine.

 Now coming to the amazing features of this machine, It has a display screen with a touchpad, isn't that amazing. With that, you can set the spinning speed the way you like and the thermostat is also adjustable. 

If you want to rinse your clothes more or extra then no worries, this machine will do it for you. It has a memo function; self-cleaning function and a child lock to keep the children safe and your machine as well. It has an automatic regulation of water consumption and stainless steel inside it with drum light. 

It is a package not to be missed. Haier is giving this machine at a good price in Pakistan, so go and grab it to make your life easy.

The Name Of The Trust, HWM 120-AS

Twin Tub 100BS

Haier is the name of technology. It has invented all type of machines, including the automatic and the normal one. This washing machine is one of its kind and works tremendously great. It has a lint filter and with that, the outer cabinet is made up of virgin plastic. The program which it comes under is the standard, strong program.

The machine has twin tubs and has the highest washing capacity then ant other machine made by Haier. The washing machine has a washing capacity of 10 kg while if we talk about the drying mechanism of cloths, then the spin capacity of this machine is 8 kg. The spinning RMP is 850.

The motor with matters the most in a washing machine and has to be of the best material is not neglected in this washing machine. Haier has the motor made up of 99.99% copper.

Because of the plastic body, this machine has less weight than usual which is 20 kilogram. Not just that the warranty for this twin tub machine is 2 years. If we talk about the price, then the machine has a very reasonable price in Pakistan and can be found in any retailer shop easily.

To Spin Your Lifeless And Clothes More, Haier Introduces HWMA 60-50


We have talked a lot about the washing machines that Haier is making but they also have a great product line of the spinners. Spinners are usually hard to find separately but Haier makes sure that their customers get everything they want and demand for.

 The spinner as other machines of Haier is incredible and has a high demand. With 1330 RMP spinning speed this spinner works wonders. It has an Air dry passage and with that, the body of this spinner is made up of the virgin plastic. As a spinner, it has a great spin capacity of 8 kg.

This product is not sold as much as others because now people prefer automatic machines as they make their work easy. This machine is available at an extremely reasonable price in Pakistan.

Grab It Now!

Haier Washing Machines come with different spinning capacities, highly innovative and damage-proof design & built powerful copper motor, energy, and water-saving features of the Haier Washing Machine. Easy spin, easy wash, big wash, clean wash, fast spin, fast wash, full steel body, fully Haier automatic washing machine front load and fully automatic top load.

So what are you waiting for?  Go grab one for you and make your life easy!


In Pakistan, Freezers are used usually in high temperature based areas.

Haier manufactures a variety of freezers for the consumers so that they can make their lives better and comfortable.

There are two types of Freezers which Haier manufactures.

  • Regular Freezers
  • Inverter freezers

Regular Freezers

These freezers are normal freezers having balance cooling capability, Super freeze function and Ref & DF adjustable feature.

Haier Freezer HDF-545DD is the most commonly sold model in the regular freezer range.

Inverter freezers

The Inverter freezers by Haier are specially designed to save most of the power which means cutting out most of the electricity while providing faster freezing and other adjustable features.

Haier freezer HDF-325INV and HDF-385INV are the most popular models sold in the markets.

Washing machines

Washing machines are a necessity needed for the household is Pakistan as well around the world. Haier is known for making the best and innovative washing machines.

Many consumers recommend Haier washing machine because of their smart features as well as the best quality.

Haier has the following types in the washing machines


Haier Front loading series are fully automatic washing machines making it easier for people to use them without any manual work. Front-loading series has many different models and also are smartly designed to save electricity.

The front-loading washing machines are usually softer on clothes but remove dirt and stains fully. Haier has also introduced a dual drum washing machine which can wash coloured and white clothes separately in one go.

Top loading

The top-loading series by Haier is also fully automatic and are more appreciated by people as they need to bend while taking clothes in it or outside of this type of washing machine.

Haier has introduced this series with eco-friendly technology so it saves a lot of energy. This series by Haier have different models and colour from which the customer can choose.


Haier washer series are not fully automatic and does need a little built of manual work. These series was introduced for people who cannot afford or does not wish to buy a full washer + dryer washing machine.

The washer only has a single tub for only washing purpose and does not have any dryer with it. Haier has made its washer in an eco-friendly way saving most of the electricity.

Twin tub

Haier twin tub series contains a washer and a dryer. These twin tubs are semi-automatic and require some handwork like in shifting clothes from washer to dryer.

These twin tub series by Haier are more on an affordable side and are great for people who do not mind a little bit of manual work in doing laundry.


The Haier spinner series has a single tub just for drying purposes as in Pakistan it can hard to dry clothes outside due to humidity.

The washer, as well as spinner, are mostly used on industrial purposes where large capacity is needed while washing and drying clothes.

Air conditioner

Haier has introduced two types in its Air conditioning category to date. These are fixed speed Air conditioner and DC inverters.

Whether the temperature needs to be cool down or needs to increase a few degrees an air conditioner can work for both a cooling device as well as a heater.

 Haier Air conditioners are available in 1 tone, 1.5 ton and 2-ton cooling capacities. These air conditioners by Haier have strong airflow making the area cooler or warmer in a few minutes.

The fixed speeding air conditioners by Haier are known for their turbo cooling technology.

 The fixed speed air conditioner also has gold fin condenser which protects the coils inside the condenser from any damage caused by the accumulation of water, salt and acids.

Due to this feature in these air conditioners, they last for a longer time. The DC inverters are known for their turbo cooling and heating technology and also have a dust filter in it.

The air conditioners by Haier are smartly designed to keep the air clean and kill 99 % bacteria from our homes. Haier also has a commercial air conditioner which can be used for offices or industries.


Nowadays ovens are of two types.

One type is that which is only used for heating purposes and can be called a microwave oven. A microwave oven can also be used for defrosting purposes.

Haier has introduced a set of models in the microwave ovens under the name of reheating.  These are innovative with the most advance technology to save up most of the energy while serving at its full capacity and also fast.

The second type which is also commonly found in many houses in the cooking oven. A cooking oven can be used for cooking as well as for heating purposes too.

Haier has one of the best models in the cooking oven category. The oven from Haier comes with some built-in recipes from all around the world as well with some Pakistani specialities. 

The ovens by Haier are cost-effective and are built with eco-friendly technology. The ovens either microwave or cooking ovens are manufactured to work on electricity or on gas. Some ovens by Haier can also work on both sources.


Among many electric devices, Haier has introduced its smart range in the LED TV’s. Haier has following types in the range of its LED TV’s.

  • D LED
  • H cast series
  • Smart series
  • UHD android series
  • UHD smart series

The smart LED TV by Haier in the market stand among most of the high-end brands due to their great picture and sound quality.


In modern life, while shopping for home appliances, a refrigerator is one of the must-have home appliances that is found in almost every home in Pakistan.

Haier has introduced a set of different types in its refrigerator range to meet its customers need. These types are as follows.

E Star

These are the simplest but effective type in the Haier refrigerators. These refrigerators have two doors for freezing and cooling purposes.


These types of refrigerators have an inverter technology saving most of the energy as well as saving the refrigerator from power fluctuation. These refrigerators have some finest designs with a digital control panel.


These models are known for their fast cooling and freezing capacities. These refrigerators also have a larger freezing area with powerful and rapid freezing speed technology.

Cost-efficient and power saver are some other features of these refrigerators. The Turbo refrigerators have a digital control panel in them too.


The most advance type in refrigerators has come in the double door or French door refrigerators. These refrigerators not only look quite stylish but also have a lot of space which is good for larger families.

These refrigerators have instant ice maker with larger freezing and refrigerating space. This type of refrigerator can keep the freshness of food up to many hours and also protects it from bacteria.

These refrigerators can retain cooling even in power fluctuation and also have a digital touch panel which adds a touch of modern technology in it.

Single door

The Haier Single door refrigerator can also be called a bedroom refrigerator as most people prefer to put them in their room for easier access to drinks and snacks.

The single door refrigerators by Haier have a single door with a separate compartment of freezer inside.

Cooktops and Hobs

Haier has also introduced a range of cooktops and Hobs which are available in the market. These can work on gas as well some are made to work on electricity.

Many different designs, as well as double or triple hobs, are manufactured according to the needs of the customers.

The hobs have cast support, making them heavy duty and last a longer period of time. Haier also has air fryer in its hobs range. The air fryer uses little to no oil while fryer and also have many other functions.

The hoods by Haier have a very strong suction power to clean the smoke and air in the area which is used for cooking. The hoods by Haier are specially designed to make no noise and mostly functions silently.

Due to the large shape of these Hoods, they are very easy to clean and maintain.

Laptops and PCs

Haier has made its way in the digital world with its laptops and PCs. Haier Laptops have the best screen quality and sound quality.

The models available in the Haier laptops are as follows

  • X3P
  • 7G-5H
  • Y11C
  • Y11B

The Haier laptops have the fastest running speed with stylish body design. These laptops have front as well as a back camera with longer battery power.

Haier Medical

Haier has served in the medical field as well by a manufacturing freezer that can store even in negative degrees. The lowest possible temperature in these freezers can be as low as -86°C.

Customer Service

Along with innovative products, Haier is also known for its best customer services. Every product has its own warranty period with a minimum of 1 year. Many users are happy with the customer services provided by Haier.

Even if it is about the installation of a product or there is a defect in the working of the product Haier always reaches out to its users to help them and give them the best of their services.


To understand the products Haier has manual for its every product and can be obtained through their website. A manual makes it easier for the customers to use the product without much difficulty.

Eco friendly

Haier is trying and manufacturing products that not harm our environment. Haier's eco-friendly technology saves energy as well as cuts the cost of electricity to a minimum. 


Haier is an all-stop shop for buying any and every electric home appliance. Haier is manufacturing and improving its products further and further to its users with the best quality among the best.

Haier products are recommended by many of its customers because of its high-quality parameters as well as the use of new and latest technologies in its every product.

As we all know, Haier products are famous for their reliability, quality and using of newest technologies in their products so that our lives can be easier and comfortable.

So there is a suggestion in the end that Haier products had to be bought as they are full of the latest parts and technology and can be used in offices, homes.

In Pakistan wide range of Haier, products are also used in Markets where these products play an important role and they last longer than other companies’ products.

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