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The best price of Refrigerators in Pakistan is Rs.240,300 and the lowest price found is Rs.18,000. The prices are increased of the imported Fridges Brand such as Siemens and Samsung since last six months due to the increase in import duty in Pakistan. Although, there is a slight increase in prices of local brand refrigerators such as PEL, Haier, Dawlance and Waves due to high inflation rate in Pakistan. The prices of Refrigerators is collected from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as,,,,, and . The collected prices were updated on May 11, 2020, 10:50 a.m.

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  • Average price for Refrigerators is Rs. 240,300
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    Rs. 32,500

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    Grand 205 Liters Refrigerators

    Rs. 31,900


    Grand 205 Liters Refrigerators

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    Grand 230 Liters Refrigerators

    Rs. 33,900


    Grand 230 Liters Refrigerators

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    Grand 265L Liters Refrigerators

    Rs. 38,000


    Grand 265L Liters Refrigerators

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    Grand 285 Liters Refrigerators

    Rs. 40,800


    Grand 285 Liters Refrigerators

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Refrigerators Price List 2020

Product Name Store Price
Grand 205 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 31,900
Grand 205 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 34,999
Grand 230 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 33,900
Grand 230 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 36,599
Grand 265l Liters Refrigerators Rs. 38,000
Grand 265l Liters Refrigerators Rs. 40,199
Grand 285 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 40,800
Grand 285 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 41,399
Grand 335 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 41,800
Grand 335 Liters Refrigerators Rs. 43,299

Refrigerators Overview

When you hear the word refrigerator, the most essential kitchen appliance comes to your mind. A refrigerator though was not so popular in the past century in Pakistan has now become a must-have appliance for your home.

A refrigerator is simple terms that can be called a cooling machine used to cool down the temperature of your food. A refrigerator helps you in the preservation of foodstuff, making it last more than just one or two days.

Refrigerators generally referred to as refrigerator consists of compartments within the main of thermal insulation and either mechanical, electrical or a setup of chemical that helps to transfer from the refrigerator to the external setting of the refrigerator which will help to keep the temperature among the refrigerator cooled enough and also below the area of temperature.
Refrigerators square measure really essential and in demand because of its food storage technique in the civilized and modern countries. The lesser temperature helps to reduce the speed of duplicate of bacterias, so the refrigerators automatically lower the speed of spoilage.

Most modernized refrigerators area unit accessible in a very type of color, though unremarkably fridges area unit white, as shown within the image. Smaller versions of the favored icebox also are used. These area units chiefly utilized in hotels and faculty hall rooms.

In Pakistan, during the summer days in hot, humid weather, it becomes really hard to save your food from spoiling. By refrigerating your edibles in the refrigerator, you can decrease the chances of your food from getting spoiled.

Styles of refrigerators

Industrial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators with electric refrigerator units that are also known by different names were very much in use for more than forty years previous earlier common home models. They used largely gas systems for example ammonia (R-717) or pollutant (R-764), that were terribly unsafe for usage at home as a result of they leaked sometimes. sensible social unit refrigerators were displayed in 1915 and were very popular and also very much in demand in the Nineteen Thirties in the main within u. s. as costs fell with time and risk-free conjointly fire-resistant fabricated refrigerants like Freon-12 (R-12) were launched. But the layer was broken by R-12, causing an innumerable hassle to issue an entire ban on its use from the government in coming back refrigerators in 1994.

The replacement that was harmless for R-12, R-134a, is now being used normally from 1990, however, R-12 remains there in many elderly systems these days.
A conventional industrial icebox could be a liquid cooler with a glass front. These kinds of appliances are designed usually for largely makeup settings implies that they often have a cooling system which is very huge. This assures that the common industrial icebox is able to deal with a frequent door gap and conjointly with a large turnout of drinks. As a result, it's typically quite very much common for these forms of refrigerators typically the industrial ones to possess consumption of energy of greater than 4 kWh/day.



  • It is extremely a lot of easier to scrub.
  • It offers an excellent show.
  • It’s a wonderful promoting tool.
  • Due to its show, it's additional economical.


  • It is smaller than the alternative industrial fridges.
  • Placement is additionally typically troublesome.
  • Fridge condensation could be a little bit of an issue also.

Mechanical Device Refrigerators

A cycle which is typically vapor compression is usually employed in most of the social unit refrigerators. Taking concerning current refrigerant, for example, R134a enters a mechanical device as a vapor of depression. The vapor is then compressed so it exits the mechanical device as a largely heated vapor of hard-hitting.

The largely heated vapor largely travels below the pressure through the duct that creates up the condenser; the ducts are then cool down. The condenser then cools the vapor, that liquefies. because of the refrigerant on the point of leaves the condenser, it's still below the touch of compression except for currently slightly higher than the area temperature. This refrigerant is then contrived through a suffocation mechanism, conjointly known as an enlargement valve to a neighborhood with a lot of lesser pressure.

The sudden pressure decrease leads to flash like an explosion, escape of usually concerning 1/2 the liquid. the warmth absorbed by this evaporation flash is drawn. This gaseous refrigerant continues to pass through the duct of unit of the evaporator. A booster blows air from the icebox across this duct and therefore the refrigerant then fully evaporates, causing more heat transformation from the airbox. This chilled air is then coming back to the icebox. The evaporator is then leafed by the refrigerant, currently, it's absolutely gaseous and slightly heated, so returns to the mechanical device to continue the cycle.


  • Compressor refrigerators are pretty much able to chill to a really lower temperature and funky additional and additional systematically despite the surface temperature, thanks to the terribly powerful mechanical device motor.
  • Most mechanical device refrigerators will do the duty double as freezers attributable to the powerful motor of the mechanical device.
  • Compressor refrigerators largely work well in the uneven parcel of land, one will say that almost all mechanical device refrigerators can operate even as well despite being flat.
  • Compressor refrigerators are genuinely engineered with 12-volt power, suggests that they run terribly expeditiously on battery power.


  • Modern refrigerators are pretty much quiet, there's still a number of the perceptible noise just like that of your home icebox, once the mechanical device is running.

Absorption Refrigerators

An absorption icebox typically works during a totally different manner from a mechanical device icebox, employing a heat supply like combustion of crude oil gas that is liquified and conjointly a heating component that is electrical. These sources of warmth are a lot quieter than the motor of the mechanical device during an icebox. 

Other uses of an absorption icebox conjointly called excitement embrace largely massive systems employed in buildings of offices or complexes like universities.



  • Absorption refrigerators accept the flow of gas exchange system that’s why they endure AN extended amount of your time.
  • There isn't any got to pay further cash on batteries and charging systems like alternative energy to run.
  • The heat exchange system of cooling guarantees that the icebox runs fully silent with none noise.


  • An absorption icebox ought to stay level so as to perform expeditiously thanks to the gas flow exchange system.
  • Absorption refrigerators run totally on gas, therefore users can need to guarantee they need excellent ventilation and that they shouldn’t be run in an inside house.
  • Absorption refrigerators tend to be terribly inefficient running on 12-volt power.
  • Because absorption refrigerators are heavily plagued by close temperatures, they're typically solely able to bring internal temperatures all the way down to a definite quantity below the close instead of setting to a particular temperature.

Peltier result refrigerators

The Peltier result usually pumps heat using electricity directly; refrigerators largely using this method are most of the time used for tenting, or typically employed in things wherever noise is disturbing. they'll be altogether noise-free, however ar less energy-efficient than the opposite strategies.

Solar refrigerators

Solar refrigerators and Thermal mass refrigerators square measure designed to scale back electrical consumption. solar refrigerators have the intercalary advantage that they not use refrigerants that are harmful to the atmosphere or inflammable.

Dual mechanical device refrigerators

A few makers propose twin models of mechanical devices. These updated models have a distinct deep freezer and different compartments of the refrigerator that operates several of each and every alternative, typically seated at intervals one cupboard. each has its own free mechanical device.


  • Refrigerators are mostly used for preserving foods.
  • It has become a must-have appliance in kitchens because some foodstuffs cannot be kept at room temperature and should be placed inside the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerators also help in preventing bacterial growth on your food and keeping them fresher for a longer time.
  • A refrigerator is used to cool down the stuff inside it, minimizing the chances of spoiling.
  • The refrigerator can make your drinks colder and also provide you cold water.
  • You can freeze your food in the freezer portion of refrigerators.


Many new designs and types of refrigerators can be found in Pakistan. Some of the types are:

Double door

This type is the most basic and is commonly found around Pakistan. In this type, there are two vertical doors; the lower one for refrigerating purposes and the upper one for freezing.

A few changes have been made in this type and have been introduced in the Pakistani markets with this new design. The only huge difference in this new design is that the doors functions are switched.

The upper door is made for refrigerating purposes and is much larger, while the lower door is for freezing.

Single door

The single door refrigerators are more suitable for bedrooms, hotel rooms, and offices as there is less space to store. The single door refrigerator has an inner separate freezing compartment.

Most students in hostels use single door refrigerators as it takes less space as well as serves the purpose.

Double French door

As the time is advancing, most people want refrigerators not only for their kitchen purposes but to also look well and make their kitchen modern. This type serves the basic purpose but also gives your kitchen a modern touch.

The double French door can also have a feature of providing instant ice cubes with just one touch.


The freezer can also be considered as a type as it helps you by freezing your foods and keeping their freshness for a longer time.



In conclusion, we will say that, refrigerators primarily equipped with 2 compartments – one for all the frozen things and therefore the alternative one for refrigeration requiring things however not temperature reduction. It will throw all the warmth from the hundreds within the compartments and create it additional cooled and long-lasting life.

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