Evolution of e-Commerce is Happening Now!

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Evolution of e-Commerce is Happening Now!



time published 06 Jan 20

Ecommerce industry in Pakistan is Reviving, as it's evolving around the globe. Here's how Shoppingum is taking the lead in reviving the E commerce in Pakistan.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the internet has been one of the focal centers of technological development throughout the world. If observed diligently and persistently, it seems inevitable that all forms of technological advances and major improvements will one day be urbanized and developed, as if, more or less, orbiting around the Internet.

Nowadays, a slight progression through the introduction of 3G, and later on 4G, has introduced faster, more reliable and larger coverage of the Internet throughout the world; making it easier to access the global world. This has not only made it easier for users to go online through their mobile phones and continuously surf the internet. An interesting and remarkable attitude of the people was the successful trend of e-Commerce embedding into their lifestyles.

What is e-Commerce?

E-Commerce, also referred to as the electronic/internet commerce, is the technique of promoting one's business through the buying and selling of both the products and services through the utilization of the internet as a platform, introducing the concept of mass and frequent marketable transactions. E-commerce in Pakistan has evolved into a substantial and massive opportunity of expanding one’s business and shopping brands. This has made it easier for Internet users to be just a tap away from discovering and purchasing the desired products and services, through marketplaces spread-out globally.

Since the gradual adaptation and merging of Social Media into our lives, followed by the introduction of social media influencers, E-commerce usage has skyrocketed worldwide, as connecting with international branding has been made possible through e-commerce alone.

What now? Shoppingum!!

The major question arises: is there some way we can connect this virtual marketplace in one place? Is it possible for the public to get access to this virtual world of shopping and strengthen their grasp on their Pegasus as they fly through this cloud of shops? The answer to all these questions is simple: Yes, yes and yes!

Shoppingum will redirect you to the Pakistan’s first and biggest e-commerce search engine founded by a pioneering team belonging from the prestigious university of Pakistan: Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. The user-friendly website awards access to the user to scan and skim through the ever-growing virtual market places, spread throughout the World Wide Web. This idea has been made conceivable to efficiently and effectively perform the role of a search engine.

Shoppingum is worked massively in organizing the already established worlds of e-Commerce under one sky. With the task assigned of familiarizing the public and granting them easy access to numerous types o business dealers and techniques present throughout the e-commerce world, Shoppingum introduces all sorts of merchants of the online brands for the FIRST TIME EVER to be just a single click away.

  • Access to Direct retailers are resulting in more effectively and quickly of shopping as this not only removed the intermediaries but also has made the shopping hassle-free and lesser time consuming; 
  • Access to Wholesale dealers are allowing the consumers to identify the product and order them in bulks and according to the requirements, right to the doorstep;
  • Access to Dropshipping is an emerging business technique which allows the companies and syndicates in avoiding the storing and stowing of products in large storage areas and reducing the cost due to the necessity of warehousing, and in return simply link up the costumers with the appropriate third parties;
  • Access to Crowd-funding has allowed numerous people to start-up their businesses and ventures once they have been appraised by the public. Once funded to make their products and / or services, they are made available for the general public;
  • Access to Subscription mechanism has allowed the online costumers to successfully re-visit their access to a service or a product and keep benefiting for them as long as it is required;
  • Access to Physical Products are made available through highly reliable inventory information and made accessible to the consumers;
  • Access to Digital Products such as software, courses, templates, fonts, playable content are made enthusiastically and readily available for licensing or utilization by the user.

What Shoppingum bring to your screen?

In simple words, Shoppingum has made the users to be introduced to the first time in Pakistan, A single Platform for the substantial and considerable developing virtual shopping era of a highly advanced world of e-Commer2ce.

With more than a million products listed on Shoppingum, and the list expanding every hour of every day, the website serves as a platform for the users interested in both New Factory-packed and second-hand products; granting access to regional sites such as Daraz, ishopping, Olx, homeshopping, telemart, as well as, international colossal titans like Amazon, E-Bay, and Ali Baba, all on a single podium. This in result reduces effectively the user's scouting time for which they would have had to visit all these sites separately and hunt down the desired products.

What makes Shoppingum user-friendly?

A mixture of complex and intensive coding, along with deep machine learning and Data acquisition and filtering through Artificial Intelligence has allowed the user to enrich their researching and profiling by utilizing the feature of Product Filtration offered by Shoppingum. Product Filtration is based on the Online Ratings, Authenticity of the Brand, Grade-type of the product and Recommendations of the experts of the field, helping the user in making decisions quickly, yet effectively.

This capability allows the user to narrow down their search for the required products, eliminating the useless and distracting stream of recommendations from highly unsuitable and unreliable dealers.

Furthermore, focusing majorly on the core purpose of a Search Engine for the e-commerce, Shoppingum allows the user to further Differentiate Available Products present on the various online shopping sites based on the General Specifications, Prices, Available Features, Offered Accessories, Add-ons,  Delivery Period and Delivery Charges.

This permits the user to compare the same products made available online by various dealers, without searching and filtering them on separate websites, and drastically switching tabs and keeping up with the ever-increasing unfiltered listed products.

Similarly, Shoppingum has its version of the Product Information Display interface which intends to help the user in understanding the products, an unbiased manner, they are interested in. With equivalent products also recommended in augmenting and enhancing the user's knowledge of the products without influencing or damaging one's opinions, the user can expand their search and reach for a conclusion for a more reliable, dependable and appropriate product.

Additionally, as brand-conscious shopping is still an unprecedented domain in the world of e-Commerce, Shoppingum has developed from a simple basic search engine, into a Brand-specific Search Engine. This has made it possible for the user to go through all the products available on the online market of the specific-brand and helping them in getting an enhanced version of the experience of the typical traditional Brick and Mortar shopping era.

 Likewise, Shoppingum is also focused on facilitating users on After-Sale services. Comparisons can also be generated based on the Warranty period offered, the respective return policy and procedures of the stores, the general rating of the store along with the expert recommendations of highly cooperative online stores and also the restocking procedures and timelines of the stores.

Lastly, the Shoppingum account allows the user to stay updated on newly launched products, keep a full account of the products and shops they have interacted with, all this with the obligation of protecting the user's privacy concerns and security concerns.

Upcoming News and developments?

Shoppingum is currently working with prominent and renowned Grocery and Bakery Stores to further increase the availability of fresh daily usage products. Additionally, registered and eminent medical stores and vaccination centers are also keen on to come on board with the Shoppingum and appropriate measures are being taken to enthusiastically and vigorously set up suitable procedures meant for the user’s benefit.

What to expect?

eMarketer states that e-Commerce is expected to grow and blossom into a global market of 22.7 Trillion US Dollars by the end of 2020. Retail Sales: This includes travel, event tickets, booking in restaurants and hotels, was alone reported to have generated 1.95 Trillion Us Dollars for the year of 2016 and has been projected to rise to 4.1 Trillion US Dollars. Moreover, the Bulk of retail e-Commerce came from China with the worldwide projection of sales of easily exceeding an astonishing value of One Trillion US Dollars for the current year.

When it comes to the introduction of e-commerce right up to the hand-held devices, it is only expected to grow into a gigantic market with people completely relying on this form of Marketing. With numerous regional websites like Daraz and OLX, and also international colossuses such as Ali Baba and Amazon focusing on the developing of e-commerce, this has made it a somewhat necessity for everyday purposes.

Now is the time to get on the, soon to be speeding, train of e-Commerce and register yourself on Shoppingum today: as a customer: enjoying hours of easy, stress-free and reliable searching through the ocean of the biggest accessible market place, and as a merchant: providing 24/7 excess of your products to the public and boosting your market growth.