6 Tips for Buying a Used Smartphone

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6 Tips for Buying a Used Smartphone


Abdul Rehman

time published 24 Nov 20

Most of the smartphone consumers have this argument about buying a used smartphone that the excitement of unwrapping a brand-new smartphone is not there with a used smartphone.

However, if you are looking to shop a used or second-hand mobile phone in Pakistan, then it is extremely important to keep in mind some tips which can save you from a scam in the mobile phone market.

Second-hand mobile phones price in Pakistan is also very much economical since they are not generally available in pin pack.

6 tips for buying a used smartphone

Some of the most important and critical tips which you should always keep in your mind, especially while buying a used or second smartphone are listed below.

Stay Away from Stolen Phones

The 1st and most important element which should always keep in mind before purchasing a second-hand smartphone is to always stay away from stolen phones. However, they might feel attractive do you in terms of the price range, but they can be used in any of the illegal or unlawful activities.

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Phones Hacking

Stolen Used mobile phones for sale are generally available in a very economical price but always try to look around the phone's battery compartment area where international mobile equipment identity sticker is generally available in order to check the authenticity of the mobile.

Watch Out for Fake Phones

There is no doubt that today's market is full of fake Chinese or Korean phones that are generally the hard copy of the real ones, so always watch out for fake phones.

Used Mobiles Stock .

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The secondhand phones are generally equipped with EMI speaker, which will help you to check its model number and will also be very helpful for identifying whether it is a fake phone or an authorized one.

If you are still in doubt about the authenticity of the mobile phone, then you can also consult your authorized service centre to check the genuineness of the smartphone within a few minutes. 

Undertake a physical inspection of the mobile phone  

After checking the authenticity of second-hand mobiles for sale, the next step must be to check the overall design and look to examine that the mobile phone is not broken by examining at different possible angles.

As you are purchasing a secondhand phone so it is possible that your smartphone might be repaired so it is extremely important to have a proper physical inspection in effective ways so that you don't get a faulty piece.

Execute a Service Code Test

These days most of these smartphones are enabled with GSM and CDMA technology which allows service codes to unlock special menus which are only available in authorized smartphones so it is extremely important for you to check the executive service code test.

You can also search these codes online to check the different aspects of the phone like the sensors, camera capabilities and battery functionalities.

Examine the Usability of the Ports and Accessories

If you are buying a second-hand mobile phone 4G along with its accessories, then you must always look for its charger and adapter. You must watch out for abnormalities like battery heating or the drainage of battery.

Also, try to check the earphones by plugging them into the Jack and then properly conclude the evaluation of secondhand smartphone performance with the overall transfer of data and performance.

Settle for the Best Price

Over time, most of the second-hand mobile phones under 20,000 gets very low because the smartphone companies always look for upgradation and these economical smartphones generally fall down in terms of their price, so you should know the price and the budget of the smartphone which you are looking to buy.


Also, try to negotiate as much as you can keep in mind the performance and the present condition of the mobile phone.

Final verdict

Overall, buying a second-hand mobile phone in Pakistan can be extremely tricky, but if you keep in mind the six basic tips and tricks, then it can be extremely easier for you to purchase a used or secondhand smartphone.

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