Shoppingum Disclaimer Policy

Shoppingum is an online shopping search engine with a wide selection of items from all of Pakistan's online shopping websites. No product from any store is recommended or supported by Shoppingum. Our smart, automated system recommends products and leaves the decision to the customer.

  • Shoppingum shall not be held liable for any wrongdoing or promise not executed by a third party (Shoppingum stores) such as return policy, delivery time, delivery fees, and warranty.


  • Shoppingum has products from Pakistan's most trusted online stores, and all product information from stores is usually collected from public sources, so Shoppingum does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information.


  • The continuous machine learning process automates product ranking for a specific search query, and product ranges differ according to the response of the user. Shoppingum does not rank any product; neither does it support or has an association with any online shopping store.


  • The information provided by Shoppingum on its page is for general purposes only. We try to keep the information correct and up to date all the time. We make no promises or guarantees of any kind, be it related to any online shopping website, product,


  • information or any related graphics found on our website. Therefore, any dependence on such knowledge is purely at your own risk.


  • You can connect to other websites through our website. But they are not under the control of Shoppingum. We do not influence the existence, content, and availability of these sites.


  • Each effort is made to ensure the smooth running of the website. Shoppingum, however, takes no responsibility for the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues outside our control and will not be responsible for it.


For Stores:

  • Shoppingum aims to promote every store equally and provide equal opportunity to all and leave the rest of the decision on the user. So, there's no manual manipulation on ranking the product, and our algorithm tries it's best to serve the user with the most relevant product they are looking for.
  • Shoppingum follows robots.txt rule as all search engine does if any store who wants to delist their product can mention it there or can put a request on bilal@shoppingum.com.