Top 10 Bathroom Care Products in Pakistan to keep your Home Hygienic

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Top 10 Bathroom Care Products in Pakistan to keep your Home Hygienic


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 29 Jan 20

Here are the best bathroom care products that are essential for your healthy family

Are you particular and conscious about your home hygiene?

Do you wish to make your house look spick and span?

Is your washroom cleanliness an issue for you?

Are you looking for adequate products to make your washroom look clean and spotless?

We have a solution to all your problems

bathroom care products

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Here are the top 10 washroom care products that can help you achieve the perfect and hygienic washroom look.

Antibacterial perfumed Phenyl

This is not a simple phenyl but a complete solution to restore your washroom hygiene. It is the antibacterial perfumed Phenyl. It not only kills the bacteria but its new scented formula eradicates the foul smell and scents every corner of your washroom. Now it is available in four exciting colors and scents all across Pakistan. Jasmine in white, Lilly in blue, rose in red and daisy in yellow. Get your favorite scent and ensure the perfect washroom hygiene.


This white-colored, jasmine-scented Phenyl gives your washroom a clean and fresh look. The jasmine scent gives your washroom an everlasting sweet smell and kills all the bacteria.


This blue colored bottle of Phenyl ensures that your washroom is devoid of all the microbes and appears as fresh as new.

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If your washroom has developed a foul smell then this red-colored, rose-scented Phenyl is what you require. 


This yellow-colored bottle is all about freshness. Its fresh scent and daisy smell give your washroom a clean and spotless look.

Disinfectant surface cleaner

The disinfectant surface cleaner should be your priority if you wish to have a bacteria-free washroom. Bacteria in the washroom are no big deal. Constant use of washroom can make it a hub to bacteria. But now there is nothing to worry.

Disinfectant surface cleaner kills all these harmful bacterial germs and makes your washroom clean and spotless. You can get this disinfectant surface cleaner from your nearest stores all over Pakistan. Just one cap of this cleaner would do what bottles of bathroom cleaner acids and phenyls couldn’t.

Toilet cleaner

Is your toilet seat appearing unclean and are you still looking for a product to clean your toilet seat? Here is a solution. Get this new toilet cleaner and make your toilet seat clean and white. This toilet cleaner gives guaranteed results. Daily use of this toilet cleaner would remove all the nasty stains and would ensure a white toilet. Avail this product from your nearest stores in Pakistan.

Liquid bleach

Has your washroom floor permanently turned yellow? Have you tried everything but the yellow color doesn't leave? Don't worry, liquid bleach is what you need. Apply this washroom cleaner liquid bleach to your washroom floor and get amazing results in just a week. You can have your hands on this amazing bleach. All you need to do is visit your nearest utility stores in Pakistan and get this amazing bleach at affordable price.

Bathroom cleaner

Are you tired of using the same old products to clean your washroom? Is your bathroom stained and bacterial? If anything hasn't worked for you, then you should try this fantastic bathroom cleaner in Pakistan. This bathroom cleaner is a full package for all your bathroom problems. It removes stains, kills bacteria and germs and gives your bathroom an everlasting freshness and white appearance.  This bathroom cleaner is now available in Pakistan in different sizes and scents.

Economy bottle

This economy bottle lasts three months. Daily use of this fantastic product gives miraculous results.

Small bottle

This bottle lasts a week but is as effective as the economy bottle. Use the small bottle and get the economy one if the problem persists.

Family pack

The family pack contains three economy bottles and two small bottles, with a free cleaning sponge. This family pack is meant to last a year. Get your hands on this family pack and forget all your bathroom cleaning issues.

Toxin expelling spray and soap

Is your washroom a hub to toxins and harmful bacteria? Are you looking for a product to clean your washroom of all these toxins? Here is a solution to expel all the toxins from your washroom. Use the toxin expelling washroom cleaner spray and soap to ensure complete cleanliness of your washroom.  It’s available in sprays and soaps to facilitate you to the maximum. Hurry up and get these sprays and soaps from your nearest stores in Pakistan.

Shower cleaning spray


bathroom care products

Is your shower stained? Does your clean and white washroom look unclean because of the nasty stains on your shower and are you still looking for a permanent solution to this problem? Don’t worry! Here is this shower cleaner spray that is specifically made to clean all the dirt and stains from your shower and make it look like new. Avail this fantastic product and make your washroom clean and spotless.

Anti-fog glass cleaner

Are winters a nuisance for your washrooms? Is fog on your washroom glass hindering your clean washroom look? We have a solution to your problem. Get this anti-fog glass cleaner and enjoy your winters without the fear of fog accumulating on your washroom glass and leaving permanent spots. Use this anti-fog glass cleaner once a week and maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom. This anti-fog cleaner is easy on your pocket and hard on spots and stains. So what are you waiting for? Hurry to your nearest utility stores or buy it online and grab this anti-fog cleaner. This amazing cleaner comes in two flavors

Rose and mint

To get rid of fog and develop a fresh scent use the rose and mint-flavored bottle

Jasmine and lemon

To get rid of spots and develop a jasmine scent, use the lemon and jasmine bottle. Lemon clears the spots and jasmine gives the everlasting sweet scent to the glass.

Tile and toilet whitener

Are you stressing over the dull and bad color of your tiles? Have your washroom tiles permanently turned yellow? Don’t stress. There is no stain that this toilet and tile whitener can’t handle.

Bring this handy bottle and get away with the yellow tiles and toilet in the blink of an eye. Get back the original white color of your washroom tiles and toilet in less than a month. This whitener not only restores the original color of your tiles and toilet but gives your washroom a spotless look. Hurry up and get this amazing whitener from retailers and wholesalers all over Pakistan.

Drain cleaner

Last but not least; we have in store for you this amazing drain cleaner that is guaranteed to do wonders for your washroom. Don't worry if your drainage system is blocked and the foul smell in your washroom is hardly making you breathe. We have got you covered. Get this drain cleaner and clean your washroom of all the dirt.

Use this drain cleaner once a month and get your drainage sorted out. This drain cleaner comes in exciting colors, scents, and sizes suited to all kinds of toilets and drains. Rush to your nearest utility stores and get this amazing drain cleaner. It is available at amazing prices in Pakistan.

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