Which One To Choose LPG Heaters Or Electric Heater? - Heaters in Pakistan

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Which One To Choose LPG Heaters Or Electric Heater? - Heaters in Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 25 Mar 20

Winters in Pakistan get extremely cold at times and it becomes very hard to survive without geysers and heaters be it

  • Electric heaters
  • LPG heaters, or even
  • Electric and gas geysers

Use Of a Different Kind Of Heaters

At home it is usually preferred to have gas heaters since it is more convenient to use them over there, however, in offices, it is preferred to use electric heaters because they work best over there.

It is also noticed that gas heaters are more desirable to use at home because people who have

  • Bone problems or who feel way too much cold, usually warm up their feet and body by placing it in front of a gas heater.

But then, there is a shortage of gas too in Pakistan! And due to that, not every home can enjoy the warmth of gas heaters and have thus shifted to electrical appliances.

Shortage of gas and increase of electric heaters

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In recent years in Pakistan, many people have faced a gas shortage in different fields due to which

  • CNG was short and cars shifted to petrol
  • Kitchen stoves could not be lit and electric plates were the next safest option
  • The decrease in the purchase of gas geysers was because of an increase in the purchase of electric geysers, and many other things.

It seemed like everything operating from gas was shifted to electricity and that’s where electric bills started bothering the pockets of people because electricity is quite expensive in Pakistan and it is not an easy task to afford the bills of everything especially if there is one person who earns for the entire family.

The Best Heaters

This article, however, talks about some of the best gas heaters and the electric ones available in Pakistan, so that in case someone is searching for both the products, their questions would have been already answered.

Small Gas Heater

Many people in Pakistan prefer small cosy heaters for their rooms that they can easily drag them to any of their favourite spots, and enjoy warm heat coming out of it since one of the advantages of small gas heaters are

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  • That they are portable

But then again with a plus side of something, there is a negative side too.

Small gas heaters might be convenient to use, but they are not that efficient, especially if the rooms are large.

If a person really has to invest money one time, it is better to utilize that amount on something that will not only work best but will last for long too!

Talking about some of the best small gas heaters, the items discussed are as follows

Canon Gas Heater

There are varieties of gas heater offered by the company Canon. The brand is quite a trustworthy company which is serving the people of Pakistan for many years.

canon heater in pakistan

They manufacture heaters in a different kind of

  • Design
  • Size
  • Shape, and
  • Have various costs

Depending on how much gas a product can consume at one time. Canon gas heaters come in

  • Single plates, as well as
  • In double plate heaters

Some of its top-rated models which are usually seen in many houses in Pakistan are

  • Canon 152-A gas heater
  • Canon G-12
  • Canon room heater – 815 – S
  • Canon 909 SM, and
  • Canon 3320 room heater

All of these models vary from each other, since some are long, some short, some have white metal body, while some have a solid black ceramic body, some of the above mentioned have single plates and the others will have the double plate.

Few of them have

  • A canopy, and
  • Are coal plated, like the model 909 SM and 606 SM

Canon Gas And Electric Water Geyser

The company also produces a wide variety of geysers as well which include

canon gas in pakistan

  • Gas geysers
  • Electric water geysers, and
  • Instant geysers

All these gas water heaters differ from each other in terms of mechanism and working.

Nas Gas Heaters

Too tired and lazy to get up and travel to the kitchen in order to make your favourite flavour of noodles or green tea? Well, here is something really exciting and super amazing for all the lazy bees.

Nas Gas DG – 2013, Room Heater

This sassy product is super affordable and can be moved around anywhere in the room. It is basically known as a “camping heater” and is therefore very helpful in satisfying your midnight cravings.

This heater has an

  • Advanced flaming system
  • A safety grill which is made up of a rust chrome plating
  • With a gas valve which is imported
  • Strong metal body
  • A stainless steel iron burner

Moving on to other Nas gas products,

DG – 784 Nas Gas Room Heater

This product is different from the other heaters produced by this company because of it

  • Comes with an easily movable stand and wall mounting type structure

Which is not found in many other heaters. Its other features include

  • An exhaust frame which is coated with enamel
  • A high gauge metal structure, and
  • Gas Valve made up of brass

The price is reasonable and the product is available in Pakistani retail and online shopping stores.

nas gas heater

Puma Gas Heater

Currently, this company is offering 30 amazing gas heaters at pretty affordable prices to the customers who are interested in decent designs and heaters which do not make any kind of noise.

Some of the famous puma gas heaters are as follows

Puma P-1300 A Gas Heater

 Although this heater has a single plate since it is carbon plated, so it gives an auto spark upon ignition.

Because of its cool design and unique exhaust frame, this gas heater is best suitable for Pakistani

  • Drawing rooms, or
  • TV lounges

The product is not that preferred to be kept in the room because of its large size and heavy metal body.

P – 303 Puma Gas Heater

This type of heater is usually seen in Pakistani villages because of its

  • Double fancy plate

When the whole family is having dinner while sitting on the carpet, and the roti gets cold, what do ladies do then? They lower the flame of P-303 (puma gas heater) and quiet conveniently place the roti on top, so that it instantly gets warm.

The heater does not only

  • Warm up the room instantly, but also causes
  • Pretty less suffocation

Even if all the windows are closed. 

Best LPG Heater

As the needs of the people are rising, likewise a lot of innovative home appliances are also in the making. 

The world is now making LPG heaters because the cold cannot be tolerated and something new and productive was to be offered in the market.

Rinnai Gas Heater

Japan-based gas heater company which gives you the option of using a heater with either gas or LPG is a rare innovation many other companies are doing.

  • The company promises to consume 50% less gas, so the customers certainly do not have to worry about their gas bills anymore.
  • No smell and no noise is the basic mantra of these safe gas heaters while still providing the customers with their desired warmth and comfort.
  • The heaters are energy efficient and come with a 6-month warranty
  • People who face issues of low gas pressure got the perfect solution
  • One of the biggest plus points is that it works completely well on UPS as well.

rinnai gas heater

Rinnai Avenger LPG Heater

This product is ideal for medium-sized households in Pakistan. Comes with the

  • Remote control accessibility so the desired temperature can be achieved without moving from your place
  • Functions perfectly in two modes, i.e. Eco mode and has plugin convenience too.
  • The heater is worthy of sustaining steady temperatures in areas of up to 97sqm, making it an excellent alternative for large, open-plan living conditions.
  • Saves up electricity and makes it sure the electric bills do not increase especially in the cooler months.

Rinnai Cosyglow Unflued LPG Radiant Heater 650SL

The compact designed Cosyglow gas warmer doesn't take up a lot of space of anyone’s home and there are formed handles along the edges that assist people so that they can move the heater from one place to another as and when required.  

  • Is more suitable for smaller rooms
  • Comes with beautiful small flour plate designs
  • The Rinnai Cosyglow heater functions by the help of manual switches comprising of the on-off switch, and the slider for half and full heat

The company has designed this model so that it can be connected easily to an LPG bottle; however, a similar model with almost the same kind of specs is available for the natural gas connection.

So, Which One To Choose?

The debate just cannot be concluded with which type of heater is the best because with the rising demand and value for money the industry has also started designing “solar heaters” which would be the next big thing in the coming years.

People in Pakistan, however, have started believing that LPG heaters suit them the best in terms of everything and in near future most of the people are looking forward to LPG heaters as compared to the old gas ones or even the electric heaters.



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