Best Quality Electric Kettle Brands In Pakistan - Make Instant Hot Beverages!

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Best Quality Electric Kettle Brands In Pakistan - Make Instant Hot Beverages!


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 25 Feb 20

Winters are a nuisance if keeping oneself warm becomes an endeavor. But when you have brand new Pakistani kettle to make you hot and delicious beverages then there's nothing to worry about.

It is time to beat the winter's cold with these amazing Anex kettles and keep it all cozy and warm.

Pakistan has a wide variety of kettles with some amazing heating technologies and techniques to keep your beverages hot and fresh for up to several hours.

When talking about the best quality and economical prices of Electric kettles in Pakistan, Anex is the first name that comes in mind. Anex has become a household name and is satisfying its customers with its amazing quality and new designs for years now. With two years warranty and shipping at the doorstep, Anex has become the first choice in kitchenware in Pakistan.


If you are looking for an amazing kettle brand that is affordable and keeps the liquid inside it hot and fresh then Anex Products are perfect, you should definitely try. Anex is undoubtedly one of the leading kettle brands in Pakistan that provides you with multiple designs and styles with amazing specifications so you can pick the one that suits your requirements.

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Anex AG-753 Deluxe Electric Kettle

This Anex deluxe electric kettle is the latest introduction to the Anex family. It has the capacity to hold up to 4 cups of liquid and keep it warm for four to five hours. Its built-in heat retention helps in retaining most of the heat keeping the liquid within fresh and hot for hours. It has noxious activated pp. material body and a double casing that helps in keeping the liquid inside fresh and drinkable. And with all these features AG-753 electric kettle price in Pakistan is affordable and within the reach of everyone. It doesn't consume much power and is functional within the range of 220-240 Volts. In the case of a short circuit, it automatically cuts down the power supply and safely switches off. Added to this it has a removable strainer which makes it the top priority in kitchenware. Hence reach your nearest store to avail of this amazing Anex electric kettle and prepare the best beverages this winter.

Anex electric kettle in Pakistan


Second to the list is

Anex AG- 4016 Electric Kettle

Ag-4016 is a kettle suitable for all types of beverages. It has a capacity to store seven to eight cups of liquid and is lightweight so it could be carried anywhere with ease and doesn't require a lot of space. It is specifically made for travel purposes and comes in some amazing colors and designs. Its power consumption ranges from 1850 Watts to 2200 Watts. It has a power indicator and detailed description that makes this up to date kitchenware easy to understand and use for a layman. It is available at affordable prices in Pakistan. Now you can carry this amazing kettle that is available all over Pakistan and prepare the hottest beverage to keep yourself cozy.

Anex AG-4017 Electric Kettle

Ag 4017 is also an electric kettle introduced by ANEX. It uses ultra-heating technology to keep the liquid inside hot and fresh. Its availability in different styles and designs has already made it the choice of every household. If you are looking for a kettle that serves all purposes - keeps the beverage hot and is available in multiple designs and colors - then AG 4017 should be your first priority and choice.

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Electric Kettle in Pakistan

Anex AG-4019 Electric Kettle

Ag-4019 is the latest introduction to the AG 400 series and since its inception, it has become the first choice in the kettle. It is lightweight, portable, has some amazing designs and is available in multiple sizes. It keeps the liquid inside fresh and hot for up to eight hours. Its price in Pakistan is affordable and within the reach of every individual. It has the capacity to hold up to two liters of liquid and only consumes 1850 Watts of energy. Added to this it has a cordless jug with a three-sixty rotational base which makes it unique and desirable. In case of exceeding power supply, it cuts out switch to avoid overheating and boiling dry. So if you are a hostelling and want an all-purpose kettle to get you eggs boiled, noodles spiced and tea tried then hurry to your nearest stores and grab this lightweight portable kettle and carry it with you to make your winters amazing.

Anex AG-4020 Electric Kettle

Ag 4020 has been introduced with a little modification in the AG 4019 model. It has a filter inserted that very effectively filters the beverage and acts as a strainer. This filter can be easily removed and inserted when required. It has a metallic body made up of stainless steel and cased from outside. It can hold up to 1.7 liters of liquid and consumes 1850 Watts of energy. It too has a cordless jug with a three-sixty rotational base and a water level indicator as well. Its fast and ergonomic heating makes it unique amongst others. Anex AG-4020 Electric Kettle price in Pakistan is reasonable. It is available in more than twenty-five colors and four unique designs. So dash towards your nearest store and add some color to your kitchenware.

Anex products in Pakistan

Anex AG-4022 Deluxe Electric Kettle

ANEX Ag 4022 has just been introduced in the market and its sales have seen an amazing increase in the recent past. Its ability to boil water fast by using 220 volts to 240 volts makes is the best available choice. It uses the frequency between 50 hertz to 60 hertz to function.

Furthermore, it has a power auto cutting system that enables it to cut down the power supply in case of electricity shortfall or excess. It has a filtration strainer inserted at the clearing of its lid which could be easily removed and inserted when required. Its specialty is its indicator light placed closed to the on and off switch. The light turns red when the liquid is boiled and ready to be used. It remains green when liquid is cold and turns yellow when the liquid is semi-heated.

Added to this it has non-slip rubber feet. It firmly sticks wherever it is placed and doesn't slip. Its specifications include the capacity to hold up to 1.7 liters of liquid with a standard power consumption of 1850 watts to 2208 watts.

Lastly, despite being serving all purposes it is within the economical range. This electric kettle price in Pakistan is within the available and normal range of kitchenware. So if you require a kettle that serves best and has a warranty of two years than AG 4022 is what you need. It is available in three eye-catching colors and three amazing designs and new styles.

Anex AG-4027 Deluxe Conceal Element Electric Kettle

ANEX has yet again proved with its deluxe conceal element electric kettle model Ag 4027 that it provides the best quality to its customers with minimal Anex AG-4027 electric kettle price in Pakistan. This deluxe conceal kettle has a concealed heating element and overheat protection that doesn't wither even when heated up to 125 degrees. It can hold 1.5 liters of water easily and has an external water level indicator with a detailed manual to make its use easy for a layman. It functions in 50 hertz and requires 220 volts while consuming 1850 watt of power. It is available in three designs and seven amazing colors.

Some recent models introduced in Ag-400 series are

  • Ag-4022
  • Ag-4023
  • Ag-4024


Meanwhile, Haier, Kenwood, Philips, and West-point have also been producing some good quality kitchenware in affordable ranges and new designs. Haier has introduced its new kettles with turbo quality and stainless steel structure. The recent best quality kettle models of Haier include; 

  • Haier HKT-1151 Electric Kettle
  • Haier HKT-1151B Electric Kettle
  • Haier HKT-1238 Electric Kettle 

Anex Kitchen appliances in Pakistan

Kenwood, West-point, and Philips 

  • Kenwood is a leading kitchenware brand and provides some amazing kettles with stainless steel and mesh filter. It has a flip-top lid which keeps the liquid from evaporating. It has a power window and illuminating power switch which makes it unique from other brands.
  • West-point is famous for its lightweight and plastic body kettles. Having the capacity to hold up to 1 liter of liquid and a dishwasher safe, compact body west-point has surely become one of the best quality kettle brands available in Pakistan.
  • Philips is a trusted kitchenware brand. One of the oldest kettle brand, yet still preferred by a wide majority in Pakistan. Philips kettle has a double body boil protection, cordless and cord storage, ergonomic grip and wide base. Philips kettle has a three-year warranty and unique designs.


  • Kenwood SJM290 Electric Kettle
  • Kenwood SJM020A kMix Coconut Jug Electric Kettle
  • Kenwood SKM110 Traditional Electric Kettle
  • Philips HD4677/20 Viva Collection Electric Kettle
  • West-point WF-989 Electric Kettle
  • West-point WF-3116 Electric Kettle                                                
  • West-point WF-3117 Electric Kettle


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