Haier LED TV in Pakistan - The Innovative Legacy

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Haier LED TV in Pakistan - The Innovative Legacy


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 12 Feb 20

Haier has never failed to amuse its customers, by bringing innovation to their fingertips. It has always been the number one in Pakistan, whenever it's been about innovation or technology.

For years now, it has been continuing its legacy of not only being the trendsetter but also by providing its customers with an innovative experience they have never even imagined.  It has successfully won the loyalty of its customers by providing them with first-hand experience in innovation and technology.

We cannot deny that this specific ability of Haier throughout has been the reason for its highest market share. Not only that, but the brand has embarked on its name in the world of science and technology.

It has won the hearts of millions of its customers by giving them a lifetime experience. Haier has always encouraged its customers to live a better and more comfortable life, a life where you control your appliance rather than controlling you.

Where the brand has been leading the entire tech market with its leading technologies and innovative designs, it has also taken over the market of LED TV like a storm. Once again, it has made its name in being the best you could wish for your home.

Are you Tech­-Savvy?

Haier has made its place in the minds of hundreds of tech-savvy people out there.  It has been an inspiration for people to live a better life. With its easy to use interface, designs, up-to-date technology, long term warranties, and specialized styles with affordable prices, it has inspired thousands of people out there to live a SMART LIFE. All these things have always given Haier a competitive edge over the others and have helped in developing its image as the most reliable home electronics brand.

Latest Technology being used in Haier LED TV

Haier is back with a bang by being the first one to introduce such high technology in home appliances. These new models of Haier LED TV help you to connect to your home in a smarter way. The new LED TV has been revolving around world-class technology such as IoT control, Bluetooth remote, Google play store, HDMI/ USB ports,  Android 9 pie,  Big High Power Stereo, 4K UHD, HDR Decoding, LED Backlights, Auto Volume leveler and much more. In short, it gives you more than what you can think to have on your LED TV.

IoT Control

The new Haier LED TV are IoT enabled, this technology helps them to connect with any other SMART HOME appliances of Haier. These smart appliances include Haier Indentation force detection Inverter Refrigerator, Haier puri inverter air conditioner, Haier smart 4k UHD LED TV, Haier single touch storm washing machine, Haier kitchen apparatuses which are super safe to use, and Haier 100 hour cooling industry deep freezer.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Haier LED TV has rephrased the definition of visual entertainment by taking it to a whole new level. Once again, the brand has been the first one to introduce the idea of Bluetooth remote control with LED TV. These new features have brought more ease to the users because it can be operated through a considerable distance and from any angle.  Not only that, but the Bluetooth remote control also gives you voice control. Wha-WHAT? Did you say VOICE CONTROL?

You heard it right, the new Bluetooth remotes with HAIER LED TV gives you a voice excess to your LED TV. You can simply change the channels through its voice detectors. All these Bluetooth functionalities are included in the primary price of your HAIER LED TV. This voice control also gives you access to other features of the LED TV.

Keep scrolling Haier has more surprises for you.

Google Assistant

Yes, the new LED TV by Haier also gives you access to your google assistant. With the help of this feature now, you don't have to miss on any of your favorite blockbuster movies. You can also dim the lights and know the scores of your favorite games by simply speaking. Isn't it amazing?  You can now talk to your LED TV, and it'll listen and follow your instructions. No one would even have thought about it, but they also have an app. Well, the brand never wishes to fail any of the chances to surprise its customers and once again has taken the lead by introducing its app. Now you can take over the control of your LED TV by giving it instructions from the app, the instructions could be both oral and through inputs.

If you are one of those who wouldn’t miss out any of the seasons or is always keen to know the latest trends then the remote has an interesting feature specially designed for you. It has two special buttons one for Netflix and the other one is for YouTube respectively. This allows you to access your favorite app with just one click of the button.

Google Play Store with Android 9

To give you more effortless user experience, LED TV has the latest Android 9 pie. Along with all your other favorite apps like HBO, Netflix, Youtube,  Android games and much much more can be easily accessed with the new Haier LED TV.

Featuring the latest Android 9 Pie, install the latest Google Play apps and enjoy effortless user experience. Your favorite apps from Google Play store like YouTube Netflix, HBO, Android games and more are easily accessible.

The new Haier Smart AI-LED TV is the perfect companion for the smart home of the future. Snap up the posh lifestyle and take your LED TV entertainment to the next level with Haier Smart AI-LED TV.

Haier series of innovation

Haier through its journey of making your LED TV as real, as could get has categorized its LED TV into five main categories. Each category has its specs and specializations. However the Smart Series, UHD-Smart Series, and UHD Android Series are the latest series that have been recently added into Haier LED TV. All the LED TV under the categories are the best any tech-savvy person could wish for. These designs are not only innovative but also enhance the beauty of your interior. These beautiful well designed LED TV will compliment your smart home interior by giving you complete control on your appliances.

Haier Smart Series                     

This series is consists of 2 categories based on the specifications

4K UHD Smart Android

Smart Android TV in Pakistan

Under this category, it has two model numbers based on their sizes.

  • LE50K6500UA (50 inch)
  • LE65K6500UA( 65 inch)

4K UHD  HDR Decoding Big High Power Stereo

Decoding Big High Power Stereo LED TV in Pakistan

Under this category also come two elegant models differentiated based on their sizes

  • LE50U6700UA( 50 Inches)
  • LE55U6700UA (55 Inches)

Its 4K quality has been able to get the maximum reviews in favor because it allows you to view with four times more picture resolution than the ordinary 1080p in HDTV. Moreover, it lets you upscale the content nearly to ultra HD. This exciting feature adds up the thrills in your movies.

It also gives you access to share your data with the trusted devices, along with keeping you connected with other devices. It also lets you download and enjoy all the new and interesting android apps you wish to have on your TV screens.

UHD Android Series

Haier UHD android TV

The Series comes in three exciting sizes which will be a perfect addition to your homes.

  • LE65U6900UG (65 Inches)
  • LE55U6900UG (55 Inches)
  • LE50U6900UG (50 Inches)

It is available in black color and has a resolution of 3840*2160.  Moreover, this series consists of three UHD Android LED TV sizes. The latest design of this category not only inspires your day to day life but also reduces your work. The specifications of this category include Google assistant and chrome cast. It is a must add to your homes because only a tech-savvy could know the pleasure of being surrounded by world-class technology. Not only can that but having such effortless innovation under your fingertips only be experienced by Haier LED TV.

UHD Smart Series

Haier Smart Series TV

LE75H9100UA is the model number of this LED TV. It is the only model under this category. It is the biggest LED TV by Haier. The size of the screen is 72 inches.

This UHD Smart LED TV consists of combined qualities of all the other series of Haier. Whether its 4K UHD Resolution, Google Assitant, Chrome Cast, Andriod, or any other feature every introduced by Haier the UHD Smart LED TV has it all.  It has SLIM-BEZEL design which makes it the thinnest LED TV.

You can call it the best of what Haier has ever made.