Huawei P40 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S20 – Full Camera Comparison

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Huawei P40 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S20 – Full Camera Comparison


Abdul Rehman

time published 28 Nov 20

HUAWEI P40 PRO and SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 are new camera phones that have taken the world by frenzy. Remarkable features, impressive specifications, outstanding lens, magnanimous pixels, and great designs are definitely the terms one would use to describe these pieces of sheer elegance and perfection.

What’s better?

The camera is a very important part of the smartphone and is one of the things that help one decide if the phone's worth buying or not. Let's compare two of the superpowers in the world of smartphones.

Talking about Samsung S20 Vs. Huawei P40 Pro, if you are uncertain about what you should have, then don’t worry. We would help you make up your mind. This article has got you all covered, exploring the camera features of both the phones in detail.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a triple-camera. A 12 MP26mm wide camera with an aperture of f/1.8, a 64 MP 29mm telephoto camera with an aperture of f/2.0, 1.1x optical zoom and 3 times hybrid zoom, a 12 MP 13mm ultra-wide camera supporting an aperture of f/2.2, which gives you the perfect video shooting experience and that too in 8K!

When it comes to video shooting, the triple rear cameras add a unique perspective to the videos. The camera works great even then. The ultra-wide camera has a great video shooting exposure in 8K and 4K, as promised. The 10 MP selfie camera also exhibits 4K resolution.

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In short, every picture captured by the Samsung Galaxy S20 turns out to be amazing as the camera makes excellent use of daylight and works equally well during the night. Now isn’t this amazing? Not every phone can deliver this much, and don’t we all agree.


Make sure you get to stun the world by flaunting this beauty because it's not only a fashion statement, but there is more to this beautiful mobile than what meets the eye. This is an all in all deal that has the power to change your perspective and give you a global eye.


Huawei P40 Pro is basically a camera phone with a brand new has Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera. The rear camera includes; a 50 MP Ultra Vision camera, a 40 MP Cine camera, 12 MP Super Sensing Telephoto Camera, and a 3D depth sensor camera, which means while taking a picture, the camera emits infra-red light signals to measure the accurate distance so that you get the perfect picture. It works especially well in the daylight.

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An additional night detection mode is also available. The camera makes you fall in love with the night sky. Moreover, the background-object separation is pretty great and a bokeh mode, so the blurring feature works seamlessly too. 

The front camera includes a 32 MP Selfie camera with 4K video recording and a depth camera. Not only can you see the pictures taken by your phone, but now all thanks to Huawei P4 Pro, you can hear them as well! Zoom into any object that you want to hear and zoom more to hear louder.

Video shooting in Huawei P40 Pro camera is characterized by 4k exposure. Apart from the slow-motion technique and time-lapse, now experience the novelty of 4K video shooting from your rear camera. Well, that's all about the Huawei P4 Pro camera.


In Samsung S20 Vs. Huawei P40 Pro, while Samsung galaxy S20 supports a triple camera, Huawei P40 Pro has quad cameras. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has a resolution as high as 8K, Huawei only has 4K. the video shooting seems to be better in Samsung. Where Samsung focuses on its telephoto camera, Huawei has worked on its wide camera. Overall Huawei P40 Pro camera has shown greater innovations as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20 camera.

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