Latest oppo mobile phones in Pakistan you can opt in 2020

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Latest oppo mobile phones in Pakistan you can opt in 2020



time published 06 Jan 20

Top The Oppo Smartphones you can buy in 2020 and their specs, camera, memory, battery and Display Comparison. All three are available in Pakistan.

Oppo is a Chinese technology company that has gained quite a lot of popularity in the past couple of years in Pakistan due to its incredible efficient smartphones. 


Customer Satisfaction

Oppo as a brand believes customer satisfaction and bringing something, so mostly their smartphones are unique and very highly advanced. The quality and performance of their smartphones are also quite commendable. Their smartphones initially gained attention because of the matchless selfie cameras.


Over the years oppo has launched some very famous smartphones including oppo F7, oppo F5, and oppo A71. in Pakistan Oppo is a very well recognized smartphone brand and it is also very trusted by the masses.

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Oppo reno2 F

Oppo always introduces the latest technology and innovation in its phones. Oppo reno2 F is the latest smartphone launched by the brand. This phone is highly efficient and intelligent and the specifications of the phone allow the users to think beyond the limits.


The brilliance of the oppo reno2 F can be judged by its unique design the body of the phone is inspired by nature the glossy finish to the body has a neon effect that reflects light and looks stunning. 


The display of the phone has a corning gorilla 5 screen, the screen of the phone is very strong and can easily survive any falls.

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The quad cameras of the phone are the reason why this phone is making headlines.

Main Camera

The main camera is the 48 megapixels ultra-clear camera that help to capture super clear and high-quality pictures, this camera allows the users to take their photography skills to the next level.


The Other wide-angle lens is 8 megapixels for a wider view, it is perfect for capturing landscapes and sceneries into your phone. 


Next is the 2-megapixel mono lense and last is also a 2-megapixel portrait lens perfect for portraits. These cameras are also very efficient in recording HD quality videos.

Front camera

The front camera is also very interesting as it is a motorized pop-up selfie camera which is 16 megapixels, it takes the perfect selfies under every lighting condition.

Processor and OS

Oppo reno2 F has an android 9.0 (oreo) operating system, an octa-core processor.

RAM and Storage

The memory of the phone is also quite impressive with 8GB RAM and 128 GB built-in. The users can easily multitask on the phone without slowing down the phone and also enjoy unlimited games without any interruptions.


The battery timing is also good, the 4000mAh battery can last all day.


Oppo reno2 F has been launched in Pakistan. The competitive price of Oppo Reno2 F  leads to quality measures for the company.

Oppo A9 2020:

Oppo is a brand that launches smartphones keeping the public needs and wants in demand, they launch smartphones ranged reasonable enough for most to afford.

Oppo A9 2020 is a very brilliantly designed smartphone, it has all the features to make it stand out from all of its competitors in the market. The design of the phone is one of its biggest quality.

Design and Colours

The ultra-leek and slim design make the phone lightweight and convenient to carry. The glossy light reflecting the body of the phone is also quite appealing to the eyes. The phone is available in interesting colors, for the customers to choose from.


The quad rear cameras are the main of the most prominent features of the phone. Every camera is made for a different occasion. 

Main Camera

The main 48 megapixels camera is best for capturing everyday moments in high resolution, this camera provides the clearest and captures the tiniest of details in the pictures and even HD quality videos can be recorded through this lens.


There is two 2-megapixel cameras in the phone for taking breathtaking portraits this lens makes it possible for the users to take professionally captured photographs through their phones.


And lastly, there is an ultra-wide camera that captures an angle of up to 119 degrees, it captures the whole landscape in one picture just seen by the naked eye.

Front Camera

The front camera is 16 megapixels and it works in sync with AI beautification, now the users can add beautifying effects on the pictures before even capturing it, the light can also be adjusted on the selfies to look fresher and radiant in the selfies.

Night Mode

The phone has a night mode 2.0 installed which means now the users can enjoy recording videos and unlimited photography anywhere and anytime. Even when the lights are dim the phone automatically adjusts the light and captures the best quality pictures. There is also a flashlight installed for night time photography.

Video Stability

The oppo A9 2020 has video stability features for recording videos when the object is not stationary, it maintains the focus of the object and records a very clear and precise video.

Processor and OS

It has an operating system of Android 9.0(pie), there is a Qualcomm and snapdragon processor installed in the phone for faster operations with minimum energy consumption. The processor is powerful enough to run unlimited games without lagging or any distractions.

RAM and Storage

This phone has an impressive memory as well with a built-in of 128GB and 8GB RAM. 


The battery timing of the phone is incredible, it has a powerful battery of 5000mAh that can easily last all day.


The new Oppo A9 2020 has been released this year worldwide. Buy Oppo A9 2020 online at modest prices in Pakistan.


Oppo Find X:

Oppo as a brand has come up with many interesting features in their smartphones. The new Oppo Find X is a phone full of fun features and up to date technology.

High-Definition Display

The edge to edge arc panoramic screen provides the user with a wider display than ever before. The smooth and wide view of the screen makes it possible for the users to enjoy all of their videos and movies without any interruptions.


The body of the phone is designed very intelligently the different angles of the back cover reflect different colored lights and gives a gradient effect. The overall look of the phone is very elegant and chic, it is 93.8% screen which is the widest screen area offered by any other smartphone of its competition.


Oppo has been quite famous as a brand because of its efficient and high-resolution front camera.

Front Camera

Oppo Find X the front camera of the phone has gained quite a lot of attention as the resolution of the lens is quite impressive the 25-megapixel front camera helps to take the perfect selfies, the artificial intelligence automatically senses the features and beautifies the selfies before its captured and the 3D lighting technique also adds a brilliant effect to the selfies. 

Back Camera

There are dual rear cameras the first rear camera is 20 megapixels and the other is 16 megapixels.

Processor and OS

There is an android 8.1 (oreo) operating system installed on the phone with a Qualcomm and snapdragon processor.

Ram and Storage

Internal memory of 128GB and 8GB RAM. the phone is capable enough to multitask without slowing down the performance.

Face unlocking system

The phone also has an advanced face ID unlocking system, the phone carefully scans the facial features and also scans the iris for 100% authentication.


The new Oppo Find X has been launched all over the world and is now available at all the official retailers and franchisers of Oppo in Pakistan. Check out the prices of Oppo Find X in Pakistan at the shoppingum.


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