Most Popular iPhone in Pakistan at the beginning of 2020

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Most Popular iPhone in Pakistan at the beginning of 2020


Bilal Jamil

time published 10 Jan 20

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone X Pro is considered as the most selling and high rated phone at the start of 2020. Let's have a look what these Smartphones has to Offer.

Apple is a brand that has over the years excelled in the science of smartphones. Apple is considered the most trusted brand when it comes to its iPhone. iPhone is the world’s most selling and demanded smartphones.

Every year people wait desperately for the new model introduced by apple and every year the company brings forward something new and improved. iPhone has evolved a lot since the time it was first released in every aspect.

No quality compromises

Apple has never compromised on the quality and performance of its products and that is why their products are considered reliable around the world. Apple has really changed the game of smartphones by introducing many smart and intelligent features in their smartphones. Some of the latest smartphones introduced by apple are as follows:

iPhone 11 Pro


iphone 11 pro in pakisan

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The iPhone 11 pro has been recently launched by Apple; the phone gained tremendous attention all over the globe as soon as it was released. Many were waiting to see what the brand was going to introduce new in the world of smartphones.


iPhone 11 pro has an enormous 6,7 inches wide display, the phones look exactly like its predecessor the iPhone XS but are slightly thicker and heavier than before.

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The front and back glass has been made stronger than before so that it can resist any falls or accidents, the back of the phone is glossy and the camera bump has a frosted matte finish. The iPhone 11 pro is highly waterproof and dustproof. The design of the phone is very sleek and appealing to the eye.


iPhone is known for its high-quality cameras and apple has a lot at stake when it comes to delivering the most outstanding camera to the consumers.

Main camera

There are three cameras in the new iPhone 11 pro, 12 megapixels telephoto camera, the other is the 12-megapixel main camera and the last is the 12 megapixels ultrawide camera which is twice wider than both the main and telephoto camera. iPhone has introduced advanced portrait mode with bokeh and depth control.

Night Mode

There is a night mode in the phone for capturing incredible photos even when the light is dim, the phone automatically adjusts the lighting on the picture for better results.


High-quality video shooting resolution

The new iPhone 11 pro has a 4k video shooting resolution, the video shooting modes and editing options have also been enhanced and allows the users to add effects into the videos and edit it without any problem. iPhone 11 pro captures everything in its natural beauty and detail, the video shooting process has been made smoother and better than before. The portrait mode of the phone is highly advanced and allows users to control the intensity of the light to make the desired object stand out.

Front Camera

The other amazing feature introduced is the slow-fie feature, with the incredible 12-megapixel front camera the users can now make slow-motion videos of themselves and play around with this fun feature.

Super-quality display

The iPhone 11 Pro has a super retina XDR display for better color contrast and levels of brightness. The phone has different modes for different lighting there is a new night mode for using your phone at night without irritating your eyes with a sharp and bright screen, the phone has also introduced sunlight feature that allows the users to use their phones in sunlight.

iPhone 11 pro chipset

The chipset of the new iPhone 11 pro is faster and better than ever before, the new custom-built A13 bionic is faster, more efficient and smarter than ever, it is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone.

Ultimate Gaming experience

The new Apple iPhone 11 pro provides the user with the ultimate gaming experience with its lightning-fast processor the phone can run all the games without any disturbance or lagging.

The battery timing of the new model has also been improved than all the previous models of the iPhone.

All in one

The iPhone 11 Pro is here to impress the consumers with its fast speed, mind-blowingly amazing camera and overall better experience of using a smartphone. iPhone is a luxury high-end product so its price around the world is very high and even in Pakistan iPhone 11 pro is one of the most expensive smartphones in the market. iPhone 11 Pro Max also belongs to the Apple flagship family and is readily available on online stores in Pakistan.

iPhone XS Max

iphone x max price in pakistanThe other latest phone introduced by the iPhone is the iPhone X max, the phone is very smart and innovative. It was the most highly demanded phone last year and was a huge success for the company.


The iPhone X max for the first time introduced the infinity display with no home screen buttons and the design itself gained a lot of praise from the consumers all over the world. The display is comprised of 6.5 inches screen, bigger than any other iPhone.


The front and back of the phone have a glass covering and that gives the phone a very smooth, glossy and elegant finish. The glass and the screen are both scratch-resistant because of the oleophobic coating. The iPhone X max is water, splash and dust resistant which means it can be used in any weather it might be raining or it might be windy the phone is efficient to work in all conditions.


Main camera

There is a dual rear camera on the phone, the main camera is 12 megapixels it has a 26mm wide lens with F/ 1.8 aperture so that it can capture much more light. The second camera is the 12-megapixel telephoto camera with a 52mm lens and an F/2.4 aperture.

Optically optimized camera

Both the cameras are optically stabilized and now they have twice the number of autofocus pixels so the focus and speed are even faster than before. There is also a QUAD-LED dual-tone flash that enables the phone to take pictures in very low lighting conditions. You also get various portrait lighting modes that add many different effects to your shots and you can also adjust the amount of blur in the pictures. Now the users can also shoot 4K videos at super-fast speed and all of these videos can record stereo audio.

Front Camera

At the front, you get a 7-megapixel two depth camera with F/2.2 aperture. The advanced camera in coordination with super-smart software is capable of delivering great professional results. 

The camera of the new iPhone X max allows more light in the lens and catches every single detail of the scene to add more life to the photographs.

Smart HDR

The smart HDR is one of the best additions to this new iPhone, it offers some amazing dynamic ranges, now the user can get clear and detailed results even while shooting in bright sunlight conditions.

Night Mode

There is also a night mode in the phone for taking pictures in very dim light, the phone automatically adjusts the light and gives the best results possible.


The iPhone X max is installed with the iOS 12 operating system.

Storage and RAM

The phone offers up to 512GB of built-in memory and 4GB RAM. The speed of the phone is very impressive the users can multi-task very easily. The setting and access to applications have also been made more convenient for users. The battery timing of the new iPhone X max, however, fails to impress.


The new iPhone X max has been launched all over the world and is also widely available in Pakistan. You can check out the lowest prices of iPhone XS Max across online stores in Pakistan. The iPhone X max has gained a lot of positive reviews from the consumers as compared to iPhone XS, though, iPhone XS is available at cheaper prices in Pakistan.


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