Always Sanitary Pads In Pakistan- Your Life Saviour With A Wide Variety. Check Out All The Latest Products!

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Always Sanitary Pads In Pakistan- Your Life Saviour With A Wide Variety. Check Out All The Latest Products!


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 19 Mar 20

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon. Women and young girls around the globe go through this cycle every month. Menstrual hygiene plays a very important role in women's health.

Generally, women feel extremely uncomfortable these days and they constantly have a fear of getting stained but now many brands have introduced many solutions to make sure that women don't have to face this fear anymore.

Always is one of the world's leading brands when it comes to sanitary pads for women. This brand has come forward with a wide range of products to cater to women with different needs.

Always is an international brand and they have always kept in mind all the requirements of women when it comes to menstrual hygiene. Always sanitary pads are easily available all across Pakistan. Some of the best products introduced by always being

Always Maxi Thick

Some women experience really heavy flow during their menstrual cycle and that gives them not only cramps but also the constant fear of stains.

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This fear bounds women to walk or do anything comfortably. Always maxi thick has been designed, keeping in mind the needs of such women. The shape of the sanitary pad is so that it doesn't let you feel wet; it brilliantly absorbs all the liquid and lets you do whatever you want without any worries.

The wings help the pad stay in place all day. The thick maxi pad has extra cotton to make sure that no matter how heavy the flow is, all the liquid gets absorbed. One pad can last up to 8 hours. Always is the best brand in Pakistan for women.

Always Ultra-Thin

Some women avoid wearing thick sanitary pads because it makes them uncomfortable and uneasy and they want to instead use something light and easy.

For such women always have designed the Always Ultra-Thin sanitary pads, these pads are long and super airy. It makes sure that the moisture stays in place and it keeps you dry all day.

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The edge to edge glue under the pad makes sure that it stays in place all day. No matter how much you walk or even if you play sports, the pad will stay undisturbed. So now the cycle won't stop you from doing whatever your heart desires.


Always Radiant

The monthly cycle exhausts women around the globe and it makes them lose their radiance and shine during those painful days.

But not anymore, the new always radiant makes sure that 100% moisture is absorbed instantly and women glow every day. The new always radiant sanitary pads are available in scented and unscented ranges.

Some women are very conscious of smelling bad in those days so for them. The scented sanitary pads solve the problem. The scent of the sanitary pads eliminates any bad odor that women might experience in those days.

The always radiant sanitary pads are available in many different sizes and density some of the best products in this range are always ultra-light scented sanitary pads, always radiant overnight pads, always regular radiant pads.

There are total size different sizes of these sanitary pads made to cater to all the different requirements of women around the globe.

This range is designed with love for women who want to look and feel their best during their cycles. The objective of the brand is to make sure the women are comfortable and safe in their products.

always in pakistan

Always Overnight

Sanitary pads sleeping comfortably during the cycle is never easy for women as the constant fear of the pad getting disturbed from its position or getting stain never lets women sleep carefree.

Always has worked and researched to bring forward a product to eliminate this problem and to make sure that women and girls can sleep without a worry.

These sanitary pads are made from cotton and are soft on the skin, they let air pass through it and the wings help to keep the sanitary pad in position all night no matter what way you sleep.

The glue beneath the pad is very strong and it makes sure that the pad is properly fixed. The cotton inside the pad absorbs all the liquid and never any moisture gets leaked anytime.

This is one of the most innovative and effective products by the brand. The always overnight pads are available in size different sizes so that women can choose the suitable size for themselves.

The always overnight pads are available in different packaging and price ranges.


Always Sensitive Sanitary Pads

Always has recently launched a whole different range of sensitive sanitary pads for women.

Some women have really sensitive skin types and they can get rashes from using the sanitary pads.

For such women who prefer extra protection and light products, the always sensitive range is very suitable.

This range has a wide variety of products and women can choose the best sanitary pad easily for themselves according to the flow and sizes. The sanitary pads are always available both with and without wings.

There are also distinctions between the scented, unscented and odour neutralizing pads. The always sensitive sanitary pad range is designed that the texture is ultra-soft and easy on the skin.

The pad is light lets air pass through it to make sure the skin doesn't get irritated. Such diversity shows how much the brand cares about customer satisfaction and always works to make sure that women get the best products for their menstrual hygiene.

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Always Platinum Sanitary Pads

The latest range of sanitary pads launched by always is the always platinum pad range.

This range is more advanced and efficient than ever; all the products in this range promise better protection than any other sanitary pads. The always platinum sanitary pads have 1000s of micro cushions in it to make sure that all the moisture is locked inside and not even the tiniest bit gets leaked.

The ultra-soft wings make the sanitary pad more comfortable for women so that they can conveniently and carefreely carry all the routine tasks without any worry. The ultra-absorbent core of the sanitary pads keeps the moisture away from the skin so women don't feel wet or any sort of discomfort. It is available in a lot of different sizes for women to choose from.

Always is one of the most diversified brands in the world when it comes to sanitary pads; they make sure that women with different requirements are being catered with the best products.


Bodyform Sanitary Pads

The body form is also a well-known brand for sanitary pads and other products related to menstrual hygiene. 

The main objective of the brand is to make products for women to make them feel better and comfortable during their menstrual cycle.

All the products launched by the brand are unique and specifically made for different requirements of women.

Some of the most famous and latest products launched by the brand are body form ultra neo fresh, body form ultra goodnight wings, body form maxi long, body form pure sensitive, body form ultra-long wings and body form maxi normal. 

All of their products guarantee no stain and absolutely full protection all day.


bodyform pads in pakistan

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