Unilever Pakistan Review - The name you can trust on

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Unilever Pakistan Review - The name you can trust on


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 12 Feb 20

Unilever is undoubtedly the best franchise of fast-moving consumer goods in Pakistan.

Let's have a look at what Unilever has for us all.

Unilever has a product line of twenty-six different brands with various categories. The brands are:

  • Close up
  • Paddle pop
  • Comfort
  • Dove
  • Knorr
  • Lipton
  • Lux
  • Magnum
  • Ponds
  • Clear
  • Fair and lovely
  • Sunlight’
  • Surf excel
  • Tony and guy
  • Vim
  • Pearl dust

The franchise that holds marvels!

There are a dozen of products that come under each category. Now imagine what a big chain it is and how well does it handle all this. With twenty-six brands and its categories to manage, UNILEVER is definitely the best fast-moving consumer goods franchise.

Close up

Close up is a brand that has micro whiteners as its top products. Close up has toothpastes and mouthwashes that it delivers with the help of UNILEVER around the country.


Talking about the dove, it is one of the best hair care brands. It has a diversified range of products that deal with hair care, namely, conditioners, shampoos, and serums.


Knorr is a trusted food brand. It is all about soups, seasonings, stock cubes, and bouillons. It sells in more than eighty-seven countries, and UNILEVER ensures that it gets delivered in time and properly.


Lifebuoy has evolved over the years and has emerged as a trusted brand for hygiene, now producing a wide variety of germ protection hand washes and soaps.


Lipton, taking the name from its founder THOMAS LIPTON is leading brand in beverages, producing teas of flavors that the world yet has to discover.


When it comes to lux, it has the best-fragranced soaps and washes. Added to this, it has conditioners and shampoos, which are its specialty.


Who doesn’t love magnum? It is the first hand-held ice cream brand that gives some amazing ice creams.

Unilever products in Pakistan


PEPSODENT is the leading oral care brand which has also collaborated with various organizations to help get the underprivileged children educated. It is largely benefitting from UNILEVER’S research and development sector.


Ponds is one of the oldest skincare brands with an affordable price bracket, which is the basic reason for its success, coupled with its amazing and chemical-free products.


SUNSILK is a household brand when it comes to hair care. Being the largest conditioning brand and the second-largest shampoo brand SUNSILK has definitely evolved over the years. SUNSILK has a great range of shampoos and conditioners for women.

Brooke bond supreme

Supreme has served as the major tea brand over the years. Suited to all occasions and ceremonies, broke bond is a viable tea brand loved by many.


By introducing its NUTRIUM 10 formulas clear has shown what it is capable of and why it is better than others. Clear is a household brand of shampoos and hair conditioning.


Famous among children and elders, both CORNETTO has the best wafer ice creams with the perfect ends to give a treat to your taste pallets. From the first to the last bite, CORNETTO takes its consumers on a treat they love to en-route.

Unilever products


DOMEX is a bleaching brand associated with UNILEVER for years now, providing its cleaning services to its valued customers.

Fair and lovely

Who doesn’t know fair and lovely? It is the leading fairness cream brand now introducing its BB cream and CC creams as well.


FRUTTARE, as the name suggests, is believed to be less on calorie and more on fruit brand associated with UNILEVER for a very long time.


RIN is a clothing brand or, more precisely, a laundry brand with a wide variety of detergents, laundry soaps, and cloth whitening liquids.


You might not know, but sunlight is counted amongst one of the firsts associated with UNILEVER. It was also one of the firsts packaged soaps.

Surf Excel

SURF EXCEL is a well-known name when it comes to laundry products. Associated with UNILEVER from years now surf excel is a laundry brand with detergents, washing capsules, and soaps as its major and distinct products.

Tony and Guy

Originally a hairstyling salon, tony, and guy have now become a brand name by inclusion of hair care products ranging from shampoos to conditioning gels.


Vim is a dishwashing brand using natural ingredients like lemon to enhance its usage as a washing brand. It is still evolving and is predicted soon to be a leading dishwashing brand.

Paddle pop

The famous kid brand focused on providing iced desserts to kids in the form of some yummy ice creams is what paddle pop is all about. It has been partnering with UNILEVER for many years now.


Walls are among the first few brands to partner with UNILEVER. It despite being the oldest, is still the best when it comes to providing the best packaged and made ice creams. All thanks to UNILEVER.

Unilever products


GLAXOSE-D is vitamin laden energy drink brand in Pakistan. It is well known for using glucose as its primary energy drink component.

Pearl dust

Pearl dust is among the subsidiary unit to the BROOKE BOND beverages. It also provides tea and is a promising partner of UNILEVER.


Last but not least is RAFAN. RAFAN is a quality brand producing corn oil, custards, and other food items. One of the major partners of UNILEVER, RAFAN is a household FMCG product.

All about toiletries

Toiletries basically comprise of all the skincare and personal care products that boost and enhance your skin and work as an aid to your personal care routine. These could range from skin-boosting serum to hair care products to body moisturizing lotions. Toiletries are everything that helps you nourish and reconstruct your life by providing you with necessary serums and solutions.

Because of Unilever care


  • Close up
  • Dove
  • Lux
  • Pepsodent
  • Ponds
  • Sunsilk
  • Clear
  • Fair and lovely
  • Tony and guy

These nine brands fall under the category of toiletries associated with UNILEVER. UNILEVER has been proudly serving 2.5 billion people all over the globe and is one of the leading fast-moving consumer goods franchise and has promised to deliver its customers with the best products that they can ever have. Talking about toiletries specifically UNILEVER covers all the areas of personal care.

Close up provides oral hygiene, Sunsilk caters to all areas of hair care, clear too is a haircare brand, dove makes sure our skins are moisturized, and our hair is nourished, ponds is a face care brand, fair and lovely adds radiance to the skin, lux is a face care brand providing the perfect solutions and fragrances to all the skin and facial problems, pepsodent deals with oral hygiene and tony and guy is a hair treatment franchise.

Why Unilever?

Here comes the biggest question that we will address. Why is UNILEVER the best Fast-moving consumer goods franchise? Why not? The proof of it being the best franchise in business is that it serves 2.5 billion people all around the globe. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the basic reason behind turning just brands to leading brands.

Hence UNILEVER because it says

“Feel good, look good, and get more out of life".