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The best price of Infinix Note 8i in Pakistan is Rs.45,154 and the lowest price found is Rs.25,000. The prices of Infinix Note 8i is collected from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as, and . The collected prices were updated on Sept. 26, 2022, 11:25 a.m.

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    Infinix 6.6 inches 4GB+128GB Smartphone Note 7 Lite

    Rs. 25,000


    Infinix 6.6 inches 4GB+128GB Smartphone Note 7 Lite

  • ratingDelivering
    Infinix Note 12 G96 128GB 8GB RAM Dual Sim Snowfall

    Rs. 49,999

    rating 5-10 days

    Infinix Note 12 G96 128GB 8GB RAM Dual Sim Snowfall

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    Infinix Note 12 G96 128GB 8GB RAM Dual Sim Force Black

    Rs. 42,966

    rating 5-10 days

    Infinix Note 12 G96 128GB 8GB RAM Dual Sim Force Black

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    Infinix Note 11 Pro 128GB 8GB RAM Dual SIM Mithril Grey

    Rs. 62,650

    rating 5-10 days

    Infinix Note 11 Pro 128GB 8GB RAM Dual SIM Mithril Grey

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    Infinix Note 8i Price List - January 2022

    Product Name Store Price
    Infinix 6 Inches 4gb 128gb Smartphone Note 7 Lite Rs. 25,000
    Infinix Note 12 G96 128gb 8gb Ram Dual Sim Snowfall Rs. 49,999
    Infinix Note 12 G96 128gb 8gb Ram Dual Sim Force Rs. 42,966
    Infinix Note 11 Pro 128gb 8gb Ram Dual Sim Mithril Rs. 62,650

    Infinix Note 8i Overview

    Infinix is one of the most loved smartphones all around the world. Infinix is a Hong Kong manufacturer company that provides the best smartphone of your choice. Infinix is a well-known company in making camera phones and other technological products. They had set their level that no one could ever reach. Day by Day, they are working on their cameras and their products and making mind-blowing mobiles that can be used in our lives.

    About Infinix Note 8i:

    There are a lot of pros in Infinix Note 8i that are described below:

    • Launch
    • Body
    • Display
    • Platform
    • Memory
    • Camera
    • Sound
    • Features
    • Availability and colors
    • Battery

    Specifications And Features:


    Infinix Note 8i 2020 was launched on 15th October 2020, and it was officially available in the market from 15th November 2020. It comes from the Infinix Note 8 generation. That’s why it has some similar features as that of Infinix Note 8. The main thing about Infinix Note 8i is that it is quite economical. And can be afforded by anyone having all the best feature that is required in a smartphone.


    Infinix Note 8i is known as a unique looking smartphone that has the dimension of171.4 x 77.7 x 8.9 mm (6.75 x 3.06 x 0.35). That makes it look like a pretty longer phone. It is unique in styles having curves on the corners. With only two buttons on the right side of the phone. The upper one is for volume, and the lower one is the power button. It has a small camera on the top left corner that makes it look more unique. It has Dual Sim (dual-sim and dual standby). It has all the features which the best smartphone has.


    Infinix Note 8i has an amazing IPS LCD with 6.78 inches display. It has an infinity-O Display that means that the layout is not interrupted by anything and anyone can watch movies or play games without having any distractions on the screen. It also has a great resolution of 720 x 1640 pixels that means the focus and the zoom play their role best in this regard. And for protection, there is special gorilla glass at the corners of the smartphones that helps to protect the phone even if it falls.


    • Infinix Note 8i has an operating system of Android 10 that makes infinix note 8i easier in working because in the operating system of Android 10 the advantage is that it gives you the best WiFi connection even the server is a bit slow and also it gives a powerful connection even the Bluetooth of the other device is a bit far away.
    • For the chipset, itis ofMediatekHelioG80 it is known as an ideal processor for gamers and is best for playing games without even hanging for not even for a second.
    • It also has an Octa-core CPU and Mali-G52 MC2 GPU. It gives more performance to the phones that make it work even if there are a lot of things going on in the phone.


    Infinix Note 8i has amicroSDXC dedicated slot that can be filled with an external capacity of up to 512 GB, and internal memory or ROM is 128GB and 6GB RAM. That gives it a huge internal space that can be used in any regard concerning the data.


    Infinix tries to give its best-regarding cameras. That’s why in their Note series they levelled up their cameras and took a risk and got a hit. Here is an explanation and types of features in Infinix Note 8i Cameras:

    Back Camera:

    Infinix Note 8i has a quad-camera of 48mp wide and 0.8 aperture. Macro and depth cameras are also of 2mp. These cameras also have some unique features like Quad-LED flash and video is of 1440pand 30 fps (frame-rate per second). It also has a feature of Slow motion that also helps to make some aesthetic and cool looking slow motion with. It has autofocus eyes tracking feature that helps to focus on the face to take a perfect shot.

    Selfie Camera:

    The selfie camera is of 8mp, and a Dual-LED flash system and the video is of 1080p and 30 fps (frame-rate per second). It also has an option of Algorithms for Videos that helps to beautify the videos without even making the pixels disturbed. And it also has panorama and portrait features to take wide and ultra-wide pictures. It has a night quad-camera that helps to take pictures even if it is dark around.


    Infinix Note 8i has the best sound system. It also includes the best loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack. It has DTS Audio processing that forms an echoing sound for music and other sounds that makes the sound better to sound without making the speaker and phone to vibrate. It also has a sound recorder in which anyone can record their vocals as they wanted to.


    Infinix Note 8i has a lot of special features those include:


    • Fingerprint sensor (side-mounted), the fingerprint sensor means that you can just lock and unlock your smartphones just by your fingerprint. This sensor helps to unlock the phone just by touching the power button.
    • The second one is the face Recognition sensor helps to unlock the phone just by putting the face in front of the face it recognizes it and opens the phones in just a second.
    • The third one is the accelerometer sensor that helps you to find out that what is the acceleration of your phone is going is too fast or too slow or is it neutral.
    • The fourth one is the proximity sensor that helps the phone to do some kind of action if something happens to the phone. It is for the protection of you and your phone.
    • Then comes the last but not the least the Compass Sensor it is used to take the right direction to reach the destination.


    Infinix made it much easier to take a screenshot on Infinix Note 8i that you just have to press the power button and the volume down button together simultaneously to get the perfect shot even from a video it wouldn’t distract the pixels and give a clear shot.

    Screen Recorder:

    It also has an option of screen recording that can be used by just pressing the volume up and power button together, if it would work then slide down the bar there is an option in the front bar of the screen recorder. That can be used to record the screen.

    These are some feature that people require to have in their desired smartphones to use it for work and to play games. It is like getting everything in a single smartphone.

    Availability and colors:

    It is a bit expensive, but it is worth it. Anyone can buy it. It is available in the market in Blue, Green, and Gray colors. You can buy it online as well as from the mobile shop. You can buy it online as well as from the mobile shop.


    Infinix Note 8i has the perfect non-removable battery, which is Li-Po 5200 mAh, and it plays a very important role in fast charging. It gives the battery timing of at least a day or two and also it gives talk time of almost 15 hours straight without a stop.

    Infinix Latest Smartphones:

    The latest smartphones of Infinix from Hong Kong are:

    • Infinix S6
    • Infinix Note 6
    • InfinixNote 8
    • Infinix Zero 8i
    • Infinix Hot 10 Lite
    • Infinix Hot 8
    • Infinix Zero 8
    • Infinix Smart 5
    • Infinix Smart 4 Plus
    • Infinix Hot 9 Pro

    Pros of Having Infinix Note 8i:

    It is easy to handle easy to use, and it is totally user-friendly. Anyone can use it easily. Can make an account it also the company gives a warranty of 6 months to a year for if the phone has fallen or the screen has broken. The company itself recovers it and handover the phone back to its customers as a new one with all of their data safe and sound. It also has dark modes in the apps that make it look more attractive.

    Cons of Having Infinix Note 8i:

    There are not many disadvantages or cons of having aninfinix note 8i most of them are advantages. So, it has some cons that if anyone broke their screen after if it is fallen or anything company will fix it, but it takes a lot of time like the person would have to live without their phone for about a month or 2 and that's a long period of time. Also, the invert color option makes the colors go opposite that makes the image go violent, which is not a good thing.